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6 reasons why you should visit Brazil

FIFA World Cup, the largest football event competition, started in Brazil. But besides the major sporting activities, the country is also a top tourist destination known for zest for life and astonishing natural beauty. You don’t need to wait for another world cup competition for you to travel to this largest city in South America. The country is also full of terrains and has some of the world’s famously stunning beaches. Brazil is especially well known for the mighty Amazon, the longest and widest river in the world and its warm temperatures. So what are you waiting for? Arrange your Brazil eVisa now and start your amazing journey to explore the country! Here are 6 beautiful reasons why everyone needs to visit in their lifetime…

The Rio Carnival

Rio de Janeiro carnival, Rio de Janeiro on

The world famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival is one of Brazil’s largest and most popular attraction. This is an adult decadence festival exclusively organized in Brazil. If you are a first time visitor, be warned about pickpockets who use the festivals as a perfect opportunity to pinch. It is also important for you to have travel insurance before travelling to the Carnival, and don’t forget to be extra careful when enjoying the party! But warnings aside, this carnival is a whole lot of fun and I maybe be biased but I think everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime!

The Amazon region

Amazon, Brazil - beautiful places to visit in South America

This incredible 4,400-mile river drains rivers and streams in no less than eight countries (Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname), as well as French Guiana. The Amazon is easily among the most amazing places to visit in Brazil and is especially awesome for the adventure-seeking travellers. Trekking and ziplining are some of the activities you can participate here. I would also recommend booking a boat tour (the safest way to explore) to view the wonderful scenery and wildlife and perhaps even meet some of the native tribes that also reside there.

The beaches (of course)

Brazil Beach

Besides being popular and ultra-beautiful, the beaches are also part of the Brazilian culture. Brazilians like having fun, and most of the time, they are seen eating, drinking and making merry in the country’s tropical beaches. While in Brazil, you should also plan to join some of the locals at the beach. Some of the renowned beaches in Brazil include Fernando de Coronha and Alter do Chao both located in Para.

The incredible wildlife

Brazil boasts of being the home to the magnificent Amazon rainforest, which is home to a hugely diverse range of wildlife. Some species you probably may never want to encounter firsthand, others you’d be very honoured to meet, but they are all equally fascinating. The list of animals found in the Amazon includes the great Anaconda, Pinhara, Jaguars or the adorable South American coati (pictured above). Some of the species are relatively harmless, include the beautiful pink dolphins which are always seen playing in the Amazon River.

The music

Rio de Janeiro carnival, Rio de Janeiro on

Everyone likes music and in Brazil and after spending just a few days in Brazil you’ll see just how much music is part of our lives and culture here. Our 500-year history has developed some unique and original styles like Choro, Frevo, Bossa Nova and of course the world-famous Samba.

The nightlife

Rio de Janeiro carnival crowd, Rio de Janeiro on

Brazilians are beautiful people, and full of life. They take nightlife seriously here, drinking and dancing well into the early hours. Brazilian clubs, and especially in Rio are open all day and night, making them a great socializing spot! Make sure you explore and enjoy them!

Brazil is among the best destination for travellers to visit and learn more about the Brazilian culture. When travelling to Brazil, it is prudent to ensure that your luggage is safe. When you are out, ensure to lock the hotel room for safety. If you plan to visit the Amazon, it is also important to confirm that you are the vaccinations as part of the requirement by the Centre of Disease Control in Brazil. Have a fantastic time in the place I’m honoured to call home!

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