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Halloween Boat Party London

Cool and unusual Halloween events in London 2021

During Halloween, London turns into a mysterious fairy city, filled with eerie and amusing entertainment for both children and adults. Even if you are not a big fan of ghosts, witches, and other mystical creatures, London festivities won’t leave you indifferent. Not sure where to spend the All Saints Day? Here are some of coolest and quirkiest way to spend Halloween in London this autumn…

Sleepy Hollow cocktails at Skylon Bar

If you want to know how Halloween tastes like, you should definitely visit one of the restaurants or bars that create special “scary menus”. My recommendation number one is Skylon, which can be found on the first floor of the Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre. The restaurant is famous for its spectacular views of the Thames and exquisite dishes of modern British cuisine. Incredible cocktails that are made right here, in the bar of the restaurant, have become the hallmark of this place. Especially for Halloween, Skylon offers an eerie but unbelievably delicious Sleepy Hollow cocktail. The fans of unusual stuff will appreciate this dark red and green swill that combines pigeon rum, apple juice, lime, cucumber, and elderflower cordial.

Halloween at the Montcalm Royal London House

Montcalm Royal London House throws an annual grand party for the capital’s guests. The hotel – which is also one of the best choices for Finsbury Square restaurants – begins its transformation on Halloween eve to share the ultimate holiday experience with its guests on the weekend of October 28. The venue is going to be dressed in awesome yet tasteful decorations to create an atmosphere of mystery and fun. Montcalm Royal London House treats all the guests with welcoming toffee apples along with the original tipples served in light bulb glasses. Do not forget to try their famous Apple Mimosa, a fabulous mix of apple cider, caramel vodka, and champagne with a thimbleful of caramel and cinnamon sugar. Guests who book accommodations on the Halloween weekend will be able to enjoy complimentary fruits, mineral water, and Bloody Mary cocktails delivered right to their rooms. Thanks to the lightning-fast Wi-Fi and the latest amenities, you can stream your favourite horror movies or keep your finger on the pulse of events.

Movies Night at the Museum of Natural History by the Luna Cinema

Horrors take on a special meaning on the Halloween night, especially if those are cult movies shown in an iconic place. The Natural History Museum opens its doors for the thrill-seekers on the Halloween weekend from October 28th to 29th. Halloween screening is a great opportunity to enjoy your favourite horror movies and thrillers in an unusual setting. The event program includes Blair Witch Project, The Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, as well as Ghostbusters for the family pastime. As a bonus, every visitor gets complimentary popcorn and a ticket to the “Life in the dark” exhibition.

Ghost Tour at Hampton Court

What could be better than celebrating Halloween in a place teeming with ghosts? The former residence of the English kings Hampton Court is known for its paranormal activities far beyond the country. Most of the terrible stories of Hampton Court are related to Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of King Henry XVIII. In 2003, CCTV captured a ghostly figure of a woman who was recognized as the monarch’s wife. In 1541 she was executed for adultery. Catherine Howard was placed under house arrest but managed to escape from the guards and ran to a chapel where the king prayed. She screamed and pounded at the door but Henry XVIII ignored her pleas. Now the ghost of Catherine Howard, also known as the Screaming Lady, lives in Hampton Court. Visitors often notice that the ghost knocks on the doors. Perhaps, you will be lucky enough to see the ghost during the Halloween Ghost Tour.

Belle Epoque Dark Circus Halloween Ball

Are you looking for something exciting, surreal, exotic, and at the same time, entertaining? Then, the world-famous Dark Circus Halloween ball is waiting for you! The party will take place at an abandoned circus on 27th October 2018, 9pm – 3am. You will be absolutely amazed at the best acrobats giving staggering performances right above the heads of the audience. The stage of the circus, in the meantime, will be hosting otherworldly creatures involved in spectacular theatrical happening, while splendid artists breathing fire and swallowing swords will become the icing on the cake. Thematic cocktails will flow like water, so do not forget to taste fantabulous Ringmaster’s Poison or the Circus Royale. You can immerse yourself in this bizarre and enchanting atmosphere blending elements of theatre, circus, Mexican rituals, and dances till you drop, too. Dress code is mandatory!

Halloween Boat Party

Where do Halloween parties normally take place? At nightclubs, restaurants, castles or abandoned factories? Halloween Boat Party will prove that you can tear it up not on the water as well. On October 27, 4 incredible hours of fun and excitement are waiting for you at one of the most popular party boats, Jewel of London. A live DJ set, breathtaking dances, a sea of cocktails, and ominous creatures, as if coming from the screen of horror films, are waiting for you. At the party time, the boat turns into a haunted castle full of cobwebs, bats, and, of course, eerie evil spirits. A huge dance floor and funky beats will not let you get bored. Plus, you will be wowed by the incredible views of the night London. Hit the ride and make sure for yourself that Halloween Boat party rocks!

Fortnum & Mason Pumpkin Carving Classes

Halloween without a pumpkin is not a real holiday! If you are curious to know how to make a unique lantern out of this squash plant, then you have to check out the Cookshop Events Kitchen taking place in the Fortnum and Mason store at Piccadilly Circus. Here, in a friendly atmosphere, you will learn to create the main attribute of Halloween. Classes are designed for children and adults. Pay 20 pounds, take a pumpkin and knife, and get cracking! If you manage to carve the most beautiful pumpkin-lantern, you are sure to get a nice prize.

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