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Top 10 beautiful motorhome destinations in the UK

With the Lake District, Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and The Fylde Coast in the North to the Cotswolds, Isle of Wight, Norfolk and Stratford Upon Avon in the South. The United Kingdom has some of the most historic and picturesque locations in the world, yet we often forget about all this beauty located right on our doorstep!

There are plenty of ways to explore Great Britain’s lush green landscapes but one lovely way is to take your time by driving a motorhome. A motorhome makes discovering the UK easy as you’ll get to experience the joy of the open road without having to worry about the expense of accommodation every night (or trying to find it)! A much more comfortable alternative to camping you can move from destination to destination with perfect freedom and ease – as long as you remember the Sat Nav and avoid peak travelling times! Below we’ve teamed up with Amber Motorhomes to outline the UK’s Top 10 destinations and attractions to visit if you rent a motorhome or take your own. So what are you waiting for? Hit the road and see what the UK has to offer….


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