Top 15 of the most beautiful walks in the UK

If you are looking for new walking adventures, there are plenty of beautiful paths across the UK. From rugged coastline, wildflowers, cliff-sides and peaks – you are spoiled for choice! All you need is your sense of adventure, a map and some walking shoes. Here are the most beautiful views in the UK…

Wainwright’s Coast to Coast path

Wainwright coast to coast walk

The Whitehaven Colourful Coastal Walk begins at a historic 17th century harbour and joins Wainwright’s Coast to Coast path. You will find remote beaches as well as Saltom Pit, the Haig Colliery Mining Museum and Fleskwick Bay. This walk is probably best in the springtime where you can find cliff tops of wildflowers! Distance: 11 km Level: Hard

The cliffs of Rhossili Bay

Rhossili Bay

Taking you along one of Wales’ most famous cliffs, this walk offers breathtaking views of the golden sand of Rhossili and the limestone rocks on the Gower coast. Enjoy this beautiful Great Britain walk in the spring and summer with a stunning carpet of colourful bloody cranesbill and thrift lining the way. Distance: 5.6km Level: Moderate

From Mousehole to Kemyel from Lamorna Cove

Lamorna Cove

This walk begins at Lamorna Cove, a hotspot for artists. This challenging walk offers plenty of ups and downs along with some trees at the Kemyel Crease Nature Reserve. Enjoy passing the remains of over 100 Victorian market gardens referred to as ‘quillets’. Distance: 8.5 km Level: Difficult

Trekking the Peak District on the Roaches

Peak District walks

Enjoy a circular walk from Roach End to Lud Church and High Forest Ridge. Easily one of the most beautiful places to walk in Britain here you can revel in one of the most dramatic landscapes England has to offer. The contrast between large rock summits, gorges, woodland and ridges cannot be missed. Also, check our blogger friend’s awesome suggestions for Peak District walks. Distance: 4.8 km Level: Moderate.

Across rolling hills at Dunstable Downs


Begin at the Chilterns Gateway Centre and head into Whipsnade Village. Enjoy healthland, chalk grassland and downland. There is even a tree cathedral in Whipsnade, a garden of trees forming a cathedral of grass avenues. Distance: 7.2 km Level: Moderate

On top of an ancient hill fort at Castle Crag


The Borger Dalr Geology Walk in the Lake District begins at Grange. This challenging walk takes you up a gradual ascent to the top of a summit that is believed to have been an ancient hill fort. This peak offers views down into the valley and the lake below. Take your lunch and a friend. Distance: 4.5 km Level: Moderate

Around the peaceful lake at Derwent Water


This lake in Keswick offers stunning scenery and enormous trees. If you go too far, there is always a boat taxi you can meet at any point along the lake to take you back to the car park. If you get tired of walking, there is always canoeing, sailing, fishing and swimming! Distance: 13 km Level: Easy

From Manningtree to Flatford

Stour Valley

The Flatford and Constable Country walk takes you through the Stour Valley and Dedham Vale. These landscapes were made famous by John Constable’s landscape paintings in the 18th-century. He once said to a friend, “The sound of the water escaping from Mill dams…Willows, Old rotten Banks, slimy posts, & brickwork. I love such things.. As long as I do paint I shall never cease to paint such Places….” Distance: 6.4 km Level: Moderate

Ashridge Estate

Ashridge Estate

A visit to Ashridge Estate in the autumn is magical with the changing colour of the trees. Not to mention the wildlife that can be spotted through woodland, meadows and parkland. At the end of the walk you can stop into the historic Ashridge Estate, a country estate owned by the National Trust. Distance: 9.5 km Grade: Moderate

Discovering the ancient City of London

Tower Bridge London

If you love history, then you can explore nearly 2000 years of London’s history with this walk through the capital. Find gardens, Roman ruins, old churches and the famous Postman’s Park. This walk starts at St. Paul’s underground station. You can find more details for this walk on the London Gardens Trust website. Distance: 2.4km Grade: Easy

Elie Chain Walk

Elie Chain Walk

This walk in Scotland is known as a coastal secret. It requires a true adventurer since it involves climbing and crawling along the way. Chains are literally built into a section of the cliff west of Elie village. Steel chains and footholds create security as you embark on this challenge. Just take extra care! Distance: 3.51 km Grade: Easy rock clambering

In the path of artists on Alfriston downs

Alfriston downs

Another very pretty place to go walking in the UK – Alfriston Clergy House countryside walk allows you to literally walk in the footsteps of famous artists and writers of the Bloomsbury group. Go past a 600-year-old Alfriston Clergy House and enjoy views of the downs. Distance: 6.4 km Grade: Moderate

Compton Bay, Isle of Wight


This beautiful coastal walk on the Isle of Wight takes you along a chalk ridge running through the middle of the island. Find Adonis blue and chalkhill blue butterflies! Enjoy moderate slopes and panoramic views out to sea. Distance: 8 km Grade: Moderate

Alongside the canal path at Lapworth

Baddesley Clinton

Another truly beautiful place to walk in the UK here you should start at the Navigation Inn, the Lapworth Loop is a easy canal-side walk with woodland paths, farmland and roadside paths. You will pass two National Trust properties at Packwood House and Baddesley Clinton, offering historic places to explore along the way. Distance: 17.7 km Level: Easy

On a two day walk in Exmoor National Park


On day one this walk takes you through Allerford with views across the Bristol Channel. The second day takes you into Horner Wood, one of the United Kingdom’s largest ancient oak woodlands. Finally, this picturesque UK walk takes you to Dunkery Beacon, the highest pinnacle on Exmoor. You can find detailed route details on the National Trust website from environment and travel journalist Mark Rowe. Distance: 38.6 km Level: Moderate

The UK is full of beautiful walks, so get your hiking boots on and enjoy the best countryside Great Britain has to offer! See our other post on the most beautiful places to visit in UK.

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