The best dog friendly restaurants in Chicago

The best dog-friendly restaurants in Chicago

With some fabulous outdoor attractions, dog parks, awesome pet-friendly hotels the windy city makes a surprisingly pooch-friendly city destination. Feeling a little peckish? Here are the best pet-friendly hotels to check out in Chicago

Octavio Cantina & Kitchen – a fantastic dog-friendly restaurant in Chicago

Octavio Cantina & Kitchen - dog friendly restaurants in Chicago

When it comes to eating out with your furry companion the Octavio Cantina & Kitchen is the perfect dog-friendly location. This Andersonville eatery pays homage to rustic Mexican cooking with some truly spectacular dishes on their varied and seasonally inspired menu. The 20-seat patio with its large red umbrellas, planter boxes and garden lights is the perfect place to sit with your pooch and enjoy a meal. Whilst you are tucking into a plate of tacos washed down with Octavio’s signature sangria your furry BFF will be treated to water bowls and plenty of tasty snacks.

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The Moonlighter – dog friendly with a great vegan selection too

The Moonlighter - dog friendly restaurant Chicago

A fabulous dog-friendly place to eat on Logan Square, The Moonlighter specializes in bar food. So if you are in the mood for nachos, burgers, waffle fries and all of those other tempting bar snacks then head on down. Whilst the food is certainly one attraction that is likely to draw you to The Moonlighter, they have a huge outdoor space as well, making it a perfect dog-friendly eating establishment. The expansive patio is a great place to come for a little something to eat especially if you have been strolling on the nearby 606 trail with your canine companion. There are plenty of umbrellas on the patio to offer your dog a cool space to rest and of course water bowls aplenty. The Moonlighter boasts a diverse menu, in addition to all those tried and tested bar foods they also have a very good selection of veggie and vegan eats available as well.

Big Star – a fun and trendy pet-friendly eatery in Chicago

Big Star - a fun and trendy pet-friendly eatery in Chicago

Continuing a theme, if tacos are high on your food choice list, and who doesn’t love a good taco, then head on over to Big Star in Wicker Park. The team at Big Star loves man’s best friend and they are more than happy with their well-behaved owners as well. The 80-seat patio is the perfect place to eat with your dog, although it should be mentioned this is a rather popular seating area in this particular eatery. The menu has plenty to choose from with tacos, whiskey, cocktails, and beer. The vibe is welcoming and with aa curated rock playlist you may just find your self tapping your feet in tune to the beat! From the outside, this location may seem a little unassuming but don’t let that fool you.

Spoke & Bird

Spoke & Bird - dog friendly restaurant in Chicago

If you are looking for a restaurant that can offer you that little bit more, then Spoke & Bird which is located near South Side is the place to head for a few hours with your faithful companion. Whilst this location might only boast a small restaurant, café and bar what really draws dog owners to the area is, in fact, the fantastic dog park that is just a few blocks away – so after you have spent a few hours here with its many obstacles, pools, tracks and even toys there is no better place to relax and enjoy some food. The food is all locally sourced and prepared on the premises using fresh in-season produce. There is a good-sized patio where dogs are always welcome.

Siena Tavern

Siena Tavern - dog friendly eatery Chicago

For some dog owners and their canine companion’s water bowls and doggy treats simply aren’t enough to make somewhere dog-friendly. If you fall into this category, then the Siena Tavern should be placed very near the top of your dog-friendly restaurant list. The Siena Tavern have their own separate patio menu for canines, so whilst your pampered pooch is tucking into chicken breast cooked in olive oil you can relax with some of the best Italian food around, secure in the knowledge that nobody will be making puppy dog eyes at you, just waiting for you to share a tasty morsel off your plate.

Mott St

Mott St - pet friendly attractions Chicago

Some dogs are a little on the shy side, preferring somewhere a little quieter and away from noisy traffic when out and about if your canine is on the timid side then Mott St on Noble Square is the place to be. There is a fantastic large fenced-in patio where your dog will feel more at ease. This is a quiet restaurant offering a fantastic menu of Asian fusion food dishes to delight the senses – everything from catfish claypit to kimchi empanadas. The atmosphere is serene and an ideal place to head even if it is just the two of you.

Paradise Park

Paradise Park - places to eat with a dog in Chicago

If Pizza is what you are after, then Paradise Park will be a huge hit with your canine. This trailer-themed pizza spot is quietly unpretentious, serving pizzas just as they should be.  There is a spacious private patio as well as an outdoor seating area, with fake grass. Diners are offered a variety of different seating options from tables and benches to rocking chairs. However, there are also plenty of floor cushions so you can join your pooch at floor level and relax whilst eating some of the best pizza around – a home away from home.

Parsons Chicken & Fish

Parsons Chicken & Fish Chicago

For American and Southern-style food then you really can’t beat Parsons Chicken & Fish on Logan Square. This is a casual lunch spot that serves, as the name would suggest, chicken and fish. However, the fare on offer is more varied than you might imagine with raw oysters, ceviche and sides on the menu, plenty of beverage options and pie by the slice. The patio is the perfect place to lunch with your furry friend and the oversize umbrellas offer plenty of shade to protect you both from the midday sun. There are plenty of large picnic tables available however be warned this is a very popular eatery with visitors of both the two and four-legged variety so at weekends you should factor in waiting time because it definitely gets busy. There are plenty of water bowls available for canine diners and ample snacks. This is casual dining at its finest, the atmosphere is unapologetically casual backyard BBQ with friends, making it a very dog-friendly location.


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