best dog friendly restaurants in Austin

Top 10 Dog-friendly restaurants in Austin

In the modern era of crazy traffic and long intensive working hours, most dog owners cannot spend quality time with their pets. That said, any chance they can get to exercise, play, and hang out with them is precious, hence the need for dog-friendly restaurants.

Where to Dine With Your Puppy in Austin, Texas

Florida can pride herself in having paved the way for enacting a law on dogs in restaurants – this was back in 2006. Today, approximately 17 states allow dogs within their premises, and Texas was not left behind. Austin, in specific, is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US. If you’ve often missed out on dining out with your friends because you didn’t find a dog-sitter in time, here’s a list of ten restaurants you can visit with your pup.

Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden

Dog friendly eateries Austin

As a dog owner, you don’t always want to have your pup on a leash. Sometimes you want to let your furry friend run around and play without any inhibitions. Well, if this sounds like your kind of fun, then Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden is where you need to go next. They have a wonderful garden where your pup can play in, as you listen to music and sip your worries away on their vast beer selection (over 100 beers).

Moreover, they also host popular events like Mega Mutt Monday, where your dog can enjoy treats from various vendors while you indulge in an all-day happy hour. How much more enjoyable than this can it get?

Bouldin Creek Café

Best dog friendly restaurants Austin

Vegan and vegetarian dog owners have not been left behind. Bouldin Creek Café creates their dishes from scratch while incorporating great flavor and creativity on each plate. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at this dog-friendly restaurant on the well-covered patio as your pooch nibbles on doggy bones. The staff even offer bowls of water, so your furry friend will stay refreshed the whole time.

Cedar Door

Dog friendly eateries

Located in downtown Austin, Cedar Door is a local’s favorite restaurant. Although this restaurant has moved locations four times, it currently sits within walking distance of Lady Bird Lake, the Austin Convention Center, and some of Austin’s best hotels. Its casual ambiance gives a much-needed alternative to the contrasting high-rising structures around it.

Whether you’re a bypassing tourist or regular local, you and your pup can plop yourselves on the expansive outdoor deck as the sunny afternoons melt away. Sports fanatics can also enjoy watching their favorite teams playing on the large screen TVs, as their pets take in the friendly atmosphere.


Dog friendly cafe Austin

If casual is a theme that you whole-heartedly stand by, then you’ll love Contigo. Located on Austin’s Eastern side, this upscale joint offers a welcoming atmosphere perfect for social dogs and patrons alike. Their bench seats and open plan setting make them a prime location for large groups looking to catch up and unwind. They also have offers on certain days of the week, making the experience all the more exciting. Whether you’re having dinner with the family, or happy hour with your special person, Contigo offers an unforgettable experience for you and your furry friend!


Dog patio Austin

If you’ve ever been to downtown Austin, then you must have seen or heard of Cenote restaurant. This history-rich structure was first built in 1887. Although it has gone through renovation over the years, history lovers are sure to appreciate its heritage. Today, they are known for their excellent coffee, a wide selection of beer and wine, and tasty meals made from some of the best ingredients locally. Their large patio circumnavigates the property, giving you ample space to relax with your four-legged companion after a pleasant morning stroll.

Spider House

Spider House Austin

Established in 1995, the legendary Spider House Cafe has been a hotspot for many people, especially the students at the University of Texas. Their expansive and shaded patio, combined with an artisan-inspired menu, makes them a prime location for their loyal clientele. Dog owners can now join in on the merry-making and bring out their canine friends to enjoy as well. Your pup will enjoy socializing as you take in the eclectic ambiance. It’s a win-win!

Kerbey Lane Café

Kerbey Lane Café Austin

If you’re looking for an all-day breakfast restaurant, then look no further than Kerbey Lane Café. This restaurant has been in existence since the 1980s. Today, you can find them in seven prime locations in Austin, six of which are popular among dog owners due to their well-shaded patios. You can enjoy tons of gluten-free options in this casual restaurant, as your pup relaxes right by your side.

The Liberty

Dog friendly bar Austin

If street food is more your thing, then The Liberty is where you need to be. Located on East 6th Street, this dog-friendly bar offers quality and affordable drinks and Japanese street food. They have an indoor area where pool players can have a ball and a large outdoor setting with numerous picnic tables suitable for patrons and their beloved furry companions. Since they open until late, you have no excuse not to take your pup along as you attend the next work hangout.

Home Slice Pizza

Dog friendly restaurants in Austin

Another top casual outdoor restaurant on our list is Home Slice Pizza. What better way to treat your east coast cravings than with an authentic New York-style pizza from this dog-friendly restaurant? The staff are super friendly and will cater to your needs as your pup soaks up the outdoor ambiance. What better way to cool off and socialize your dog than at Home Slice Pizza?

Cheer Up Charlie’s

Best dog friendly restaurants in Austin

The last but not least entry on our list is Cheer Up Charlie’s, a vegan and LGBTQ fan-favorite located on Red River Street. Its colorful cabin and expansive outdoor setting make it a perfect spot for dog owners looking to have fun! You and your friends can sip on biodynamic wines and organic juice cocktails under the parachute-shaded patio, with your pup right at your feet. If it’s your lucky night, you can also enjoy movie screenings and storytelling to perfectly end your evening.

Celebrate With Other Dog Lovers

Now that you know all about the cool spots for you and your pup, say goodbye to dog-sitter bills and hello to fun-filled evenings and weekends. Enjoy more time with your friends and loved ones without compromising on your quality time with your furry friend.

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