Top 15 best dog shoes:paw protectors

Top 15 best dog shoes/paw protectors

If you own a furry baby, you would know that they need a little extra care at times. Your dog’s feet are pretty tough naturally; however, they can use protection when it comes to walking rough terrains or walking in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Apart from serving as a means of protection from stones, mud, etc., paw protectors or shoes can also serve as a fashion statement as dog shoes come in multiple designs, shapes, and colors. Who doesn’t like a cute-looking dog?

All of this being said, there are a plethora of options out there in the market, which makes it difficult for a person to decide on one. Thus, we have a breakdown of the best dog shoes and paw protectors in the market, along with some additional information on how to buy the right shoes for your pet. You may also be interested in best dog travel bags.

Things to Consider before buying dog shoes/paw protectors:

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To make it easier for you to choose the perfect product for you, here are all the factors you need to consider before buying. These will help you pick the perfect pair for your dog.

Are they fit for the purpose?

Look for shoes that are built to serve the purpose you need them for. Not all dog shoes are the same; thus, all of them won’t be fit for walking in the snow, hiking up in the mountains, or suitable for walking on hot pavements in the scorching heat. Thus, look for materials that can withstand such adversities. Furthermore, if your dog is suffering from any injury, you would want dog shoes that take that into consideration. Many seniors use dogs or walk assistance as walk partners; thus look for a product that is suitable for that purpose as well. And overall, the aesthetic of the product should also be taken into consideration, which includes the design, the color scheme, and the styles of the product.

Are they easy to clean?

Dogs love to run around, play, and get themselves dirty, and they shouldn’t be stopped from doing that; however, the shoes they wear should be easy to clean. This could particularly be useful during the fall time when it’s pretty muddy all around, and your dog walks in the house, making footprints with those shoes. Generally, the dog shoes you buy should be easily washable and preferably soap-friendly. This will allow you to keep the product hygienic and healthy.

Are they durable?

Naturally, you wouldn’t want the shoes you buy for your dog to wear out after only little use. Invest in a product made from good quality material which is able to withstand rough usage as well, so it lasts longer.

How comfortable are they?

The comfort of the product should be your foremost consideration. At times, the unit may be stylish and durable yet extremely uncomfortable to wear, and such a product is utterly impractical and a waste of money. Thus, look for a product that is constructed of breathable material, and that is waterproof. Ideally, shoes should be quick-drying, so if your dog does step into a puddle, they won’t stay wet for long. Furthermore, they should be fleece-lined as well.

Do they look good?

The aesthetics of the product do make a big difference after its comfort and durability. Look for a product that has multiple colors and styles available so you can pick your favorite or buy multiples of a design in different colors. This shouldn’t be hard as there are many products offerings a plethora of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from.

Do they carry any special features?

It’s always nice to get a little extra than what you’re expecting; thus, be on the lookout for shoes that offer added features such as a guarantee, easy returns, or maybe greater attention paid to detail. All of these things summed up offer great value to your product and are always a great touch to a good product.


Here are some of the best dog shoes or paw protectors in the market, which we’ve researched for you, so you don’t have to go through heaps and heaps of products on your own. Plus, many products don’t stand true to their claims, which can be a waste of your money. These, however, won’t leave you disappointed and thus are definitely worth checking out. You will notice that quality and reliability are consistent throughout all these products, so you’ll be good, despite choosing any of them. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

1- QUMY Dog Boots:

It is very important for the shoe’s design to have enough sizes so it can fit a variety of dog paws. Fortunately, that is the case with this product. It has a wide size range with considerable differences between the sizes so you should be able to find a size suitable for your pup. If your dog is between sizes, opt for the bigger one.

Stability and good traction are what we look for in a shoe; with this product, it’s provided by the anti-slip and rugged sole. Furthermore, these shoes are easy to put on your dog, so you don’t have to spend 15 minutes trying to get them in the shoes which are uncomfortable to put on. The wide split seam opens easily to allow that. 


  • Highly versatile as they come in a wide range of size 
  • Has a wide split seam opening which makes it easy to put on and take off
  • Features a tough, anti-slip sole, providing stability and traction
  • Soft, breathable and washable shoes with embroidery which makes it look very stylish 


· Not long enough to cover the carpal pads for some dogs

2- Fantastic Zone Waterproof Dog shoes:

These shoes are highly convenient as they feature a very practical design, which is simple yet stylish due to the attention paid to detail. They have a wide seam opening, which makes them easy to put on your dog. Meanwhile, the reflective straps are adjustable thus can secure the shoe in place without any fear of it slipping off throughout the day.

The overall construction is lightweight and breathable; thus, it is highly comfortable for the dog. It can be easily hand washed and cleaned. Moreover, apart from the well-constructed design, it is pretty cute as well as it has pretty embroidery and comes in a stylish red color.


  • Features a wide seam opening which allows easy wear and easy removal of the product
  • Reflective straps are adjustable and thus can secure the shoe well without the fear of it slipping off
  • Lightweight, comfortable and easily washable by hand which makes them practical and convenient
  • Features a cute design with embroidery which makes it highly fashionable


· The inside of the shoe remains damp and takes longer to dry

3- MOREZI Breathable Pet Paw protectors:

There aren’t numerous products out there in the market which promise comfort and durability and are concerned with customer satisfaction. You get a money-back guarantee with this product and can easily return it if you have any complaints.

The product itself is great. It is exquisitely crafted with high-quality materials to provide great stability, durability, and good traction. It also has reflective straps, which make it easy for one to adjust the shoe, according to the paw size of the dog, and make it secure, so it doesn’t keep falling off. In addition, the shoe is comfortable to wear as it is made to be soft, breathable, and elastic.


  • Comfortable to wear as it is soft, breathable, and elastic
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee thus is highly reliable
  • Features reflective straps which are adjustable to provide the desired tightness to secure the shoe
  • High quality sole made to work in harsh conditions such as hot pavements, snow, grass, light rain, etc.


· Has limited sizes for medium and small dogs

4- My Busy Dog Water-Resistant Dog Shoes

If you love to dress your furry baby up and are looking for a product that has multiple color options to choose from, this unit is for you. These shoes feature a very cute design and come in four different color options. The size range is pretty good as well, and you should be able to find one for your pup easily.

Furthermore, this product is highly convenient and practical, as well. Apart from good looks, the design is sturdy and made from high quality materials that allow it to survive harsh snow, hot pavements, grass, mud, etc., thus elongating the life of the shoes. These are pretty easy to clean as well, making these a great pick.


  • Tough, anti-slip material provides greater stability and traction along with protection from sharp thorns, hot pavements, etc.
  • Highly versatile as it comes in a wide range of sizes
  • Comes in a number of different colors to choose from
  • Shoe easily expands to fit the paw as it has a wide seam opening 


· Not suitable for deep waters as the paw doesn’t dry quickly with these on

5- PETTELEUR Breathable Dog Hiking Shoes:

This unit is made of Lycra fabric, which is highly durable and can withstand adversities, such as extreme temperatures, hot pavements, muddy sidewalks, grass, etc. You won’t have to keep putting them on repeatedly as they can be secured in place with the help of adjustable straps.

The fabric is not only durable but also soft and comfortable to wear as it is flexible and breathable. Furthermore, their soles are tough and do not slide, thus providing great traction. They come in a ton of sizes, making these shoes highly versatile. And you would easily be able to find the perfect size for your dog. They can also be worn indoors to protect the furniture. More so, they are available in two different color options.


  • Soles are tough and do not slide, providing good traction.
  • Soft, flexible Lycra fabric, which is breathable; thus, the shoes are comfortable.
  • Rugged and strong material effectively protects against hot pavements, ice, etc.
  • Straps are adjustable, securing the product well, so it doesn’t slide off.


· The Velcro isn’t long enough.

6- BMART Waterproof Dog shoes:

Owners of small dogs often find it hard to find the right size for their pet as any shoe design carries sizes for medium-sized dogs and large dogs but not so many for small dogs. However, with this product, you can find one for your dog easily. It comes in a range of different sizes to choose from, making the product highly versatile. The sizes aren’t the only thing offering variety; in fact, the color selection is pretty great too. You have five different color options to choose from, all of which are gorgeous colors.

As far as the overall construction of the unit is concerned, this product is a gem. It is made from a sturdy and durable material that can withstand harsh temperatures and protect against sharp objects. Furthermore, the product is crimpling proof and rainproof, as well.


  • Available in an array of colors and sizes to choose from.
  • Features good crimple resistance and rainproof material.
  • Sturdy and durable material protects paws from sharp objects.
  • Keeps the paws dry and comfortable in wet weather.


· Sizes can be slightly misleading.

7- Pet Favorites Pet Dog Sporty Shoes:

These adorable shoes are available in two different color options to choose from. However, the highly impressive feature of these is their extensive size range, which is versatile. So, with these shoes, most people are able to find the perfect size for their dogs.

Furthermore, the construction of this unit is flawless. It is made to be highly comfortable as it features a soft and breathable material, yet it is durable and strong at the same time and can withstand hiking, running, and high temperatures easily. The unit keeps the paws dry and warm, so they remain hygienic and comfortable even though it isn’t waterproof as per se. 

Not to forget, they are highly multi-functional as they can be employed for hiking, running as well as normal use.


  • Come in a wide range of sizes to choose from.
  • Designed to work as hiking boots, running shoes, or for normal use, thus are highly multi-functional.
  • Can keep the paws dry, warm, and comfortable.
  • Non-slip and highly durable, providing great traction and stability.


· Not waterproof.

8- ECtENX Dog Shoes:

If you want a product that is constructed to be stylish and durable, this product is the one for you. It offers three different color options to choose from. The overall look of the shoe is incredibly stylish and a fashion statement in itself.

However, what the shoe offers is more than just looks. The pair is highly durable and sturdy as it is made from high quality oxford fabric, which makes it waterproof and thus able to withstand damp and dry weather alike. It keeps the paws of your pup dry and comfortable. More so, the product is very soft and breathable.

The sole is another great feature of this product as it is anti-slid and provides stability and protection.


  • Offers a stylish design and comes in three different color options to choose from.
  • Made of waterproof oxford fabric so it can hold up against the changing weather.
  • Anti-slip sole provides great stability and traction.
  • Has two straps to secure the shoe in place, so it doesn’t slide off.


· Has limited sizes.

9- KOOLTAIL waterproof paw protector:

KOOLTAIL is a highly reliable brand that is recognized and renowned for creating some of the best paw protectors for dogs in the market. These are some of the best ones. This unit comes in various sizes; thus, you’ll be surely able to find one for your pup. The product itself is pretty stylish and good looking.

Moreover, it is a lot more than just stylish. It works exceptionally well. It is able to withstand harsh temperatures and conditions easily. It can work on hot pavements, snow, grass, mud, slippery floors, etc. without any troubles.

Overall, it provides an excellent grip and traction as it has a thin rubber around the bottom of the product, which makes it easy to walk with on slippery surfaces. Thus, it is ideal for you if your dog is constantly slipping on those tile-laminated floors or even hardwood floors.


  • Available in various options to choose from, thus are highly versatile.
  • Made of tread material, which makes them waterproof.
  • Has straps to secure the socks to the paws.
  • Thin rubber around the bottom improves the dog’s traction on slippery surfaces.


· Some buyers complained of the Velcro ripping.

10- Pihappy winter dog boots:

If you’ve been looking for great boots for your dog to get it through the wintertime with ease, this unit is a great choice. The overall construction is highly durable and long-lasting. These are constructed from thick yet lightweight, superior quality materials, which makes them warm and fuzzy for cold temperatures.

The slip-proof sole is also durable and provides great traction and stability, which allows the dog to walk on slippery surfaces with ease. The overall design is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, which makes it a great fashion staple for your pup.


  • Skid-proof and durable sole makes them highly stable and provides great traction.
  • Warm and fuzzy plus highly comfortable great for winter wear.
  • Adorable design available in three different color options to choose from.
  • Highly durable and wear-resistant as they are made from great quality material.


· Velcro seems to be of cheap quality.

11- Jim Hugh Dog boots:

This unit features a tough anti-slip sole, which gives great stability and traction to the dog. This feature makes it perfect for the elderly and walk assistance dogs, which require more grip and strength.

Furthermore, many dogs tend to bite off their shoes or, at times, cause great damage to them; however, fortunately, this unit is resistant to that. Therefore, this pair is highly durable and long-lasting and perfect for dogs who typically are annoyed by their shoes and want to get rid of them shortly.


  • Tough, anti-slip sole, which provides greater stability and traction.
  • Adjustable, easy elastic band, so the product becomes easy to put on.
  • Non-slip, bite-resistant, and wear-resistant nature adds to its durability.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors to choose from, making the pair versatile.


· Available in limited sizes.

12- LONSUNEER Paw Protector:

If you’ve been looking for a shoe pair for your dog, which is perfect for everyday use, then this unit is perfect for you. These shoes are a delight to put on as they have a very ergonomic design, which takes a few moments to put on your dog, making them highly practical.

Furthermore, the unit has wide, elastic, and reflective straps that secure the product in place very well and aid in looking for the shoes easily at night time.


  • Skid-proof and durable sole capable of providing great traction and stability.
  • Easy and quick to put on, taking the struggle out of the process.
  • Wide, elastic, and reflective straps secure the product in place well.
  • Flexible, roomy, soft, and comfortable to wear.


· Not waterproof enough.

13- Bark Brite lightweight paw protector:

If you’re looking for a product that protects your senior dog against all sorts of harms and provides great traction, then this pair is the best one for you. The lightweight neoprene construction makes it comfortable to wear and breathable as the unit has ventilation holes for maximum breathability.

Furthermore, apart from being a delight to wear, these shoes give great traction to your dog as they have a durable sole and puncture-resistant tread. In addition, these shoes are highly durable and work great in a number of environments, including hot temperatures and wet or damp environments.


  • Made of lightweight neoprene material, which makes the shoes breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • Comes with two reflective straps for better visibility and easy adjustment.
  • Sole is durable and has a puncture-resistant tread with aids in traction.
  • Durable construction and sturdy nature give the best performance in hot temperatures and protect against sharp and abrasive surfaces with ease.


· Sizing instructions are misleading.

14- HaveGet Waterproof Dog Shoes:

If you have a hard time putting shoes on your dogs as they just won’t stay still, this pair is the perfect one for you. These shoes are so incredibly easy to put on that it’s just a matter of a few seconds. The ease of putting it on and taking it off just makes it highly convenient for many dog owners.

Furthermore, this product has highly durable soles that don’t wear out any time soon and are anti-slip; thus, they provide great traction and stability. The shoes, overall, can withstand adversities such as high temperatures or extremely low temperatures with great ease thanks to the sturdy and strong material they are constructed from. They are also waterproof and quick-drying, which provides added comfort.


  • The pair comes in a great range of sizes to choose from, making it highly versatile.
  • Soles are highly durable and anti-slip, which provides great traction and stability.
  • Design opens at the back of the ankle, so it is easy to put on and take off.
  • Made from waterproof material which keeps paws dry and warm.


· Easy to slip out off for dogs; thus, you have to keep putting them on.

15- LOOBANI PadGrips Dog Paw Protector:

There aren’t many products that are catered to senior dogs or those with arthritis or some disease. Fortunately, this product is a savior for many. If you’ve been looking for a product that provides great traction and greater stability than most of its counterparts, this one is for you.

Apart from being highly stable, this pair is also very durable. You won’t have to fret about it wearing out soon as it is constructed with great quality material which makes it long-lasting and sturdy. Furthermore, the product is soft and breathable with rubber spots to provide greater friction and grip.


  • Comes in a variety of shades to choose from.
  • Soft and breathable rug with heavy rubber spots for greater fiction.
  • Designed for senior dogs that need greater traction.
  • Prevents slipping on hardwood floors and tile-laminated floors.


· Starts skipping off when they are wet.


It can surely be overwhelming to decide upon one product for your furry baby when you simply have so many options to choose from. However, remind yourselves of all the factors you need to consider before buying shoes for your friend. A little bit of extra research may sound excessive, but it will make sure that the product you invest in is customized according to your needs and is exactly what you’re looking for. Dog shoes and paw protectors aren’t terribly expensive, and you should be able to find ones in your price range without an issue.


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