Top 15 of the best dog/pet first aid kits 2019

Top 15 of the best dog/pet first aid kits 2019

We’re all aware how crucial it is to have a well-equipped first aid kit with us at all times. Whether we are traveling, or we are at home, first aid kids are a must-have. But often, pet owners make the mistake of not keeping a first aid kit, particularly for their pet dog. A good dog first aid kit is just as important as a first aid kit for humans. It’s the first thing you will need to use when your pet dog gets hurt in any way physically. The best dog first aid kit can be a difficult choice to make. So, if you are convinced that you do need a first aid kit for your dog to ensure safety and quick medical measures, then this article will help you out. Take a look at some of the best dog first aid kits available in the market. Also check out our top dog travel bags

Factors to consider when buying a dog first aid kit

best dog first aid kits reviewed

You will come across a variety of different and unique dog first aid kits in the market, which is why it is important to make the following considerations before choosing the best, most suitable first aid kit for your dog.

Is it fit for purpose?

The kit you are buying should be suitable for your particular usage and purpose. For example, if you need a first aid kit for traveling or outdoor purposes, you will need to make sure that your product is lightweight, portable and is built to last in several types of conditions. 

Does it have all the essential features?

The essential features of any first aid kit include a helpful user manual that guides you on how to use it. Other features such as secure locks, medical equipment such as scissors, and a good amount of bandages should also be present. You can also ask a vet about which supplies you should have in a kit. 

What are the extra features?

Many kits come with sturdy cases that also have a carry handle on the top. The carry handle is an extra feature that provides extra functionality and makes the product diverse. Therefore, you should look for such features to ensure that the product is multipurpose and fits all your needs. 

Does it add value to your money?

Whether you are spending $20 on the kit or $50, always make sure that it adds value to your money. Do not go for a rather flimsy product that won’t even last you a year, and will hence increase the cost by having you re-purchase another product. Warranties, money refund policies, user manuals, customer support, durable construction, and added accessories are some ways in which you can add value to your money. 

Is it approved by the veterinarians? 

Always remember that the first aid kit for your dog is the first and very important step of healthcare. Therefore, make sure that the one you are buying is appropriate for your dog and will do what is expected of it. The contents of the kit, the durability, and the quality should be approved by a vet in order for it to remain effective. 


1.Pawly Pet First Aid Kit

Whether you need a first aid kit at home or for traveling purposes, the Pawly Pet first aid kit will be great. The most distinctive feature about this kit is that it comes in a fully waterproof case, which makes sure that the contents inside remain protected from any damage. Whether you are hiking, camping, or at home, this kit will work its way through. 

Moreover, the kit includes a total of 40 items. Out of these 40, some are bandages, wipes, lancets, syringes, and vet wraps. In addition, it also has extra added features and accessories, such as the tick remover. 

The kit weighs about 440 grams, which makes it reasonably sized that you can also carry while traveling. Also, it has an emergency blanket for dogs as well. This can surely come in handy as a pre-vet emergency solution in all types of situations. 


  • Waterproof. 
  • Lightweight and compact. 
  • Includes a tick remover. 
  • 40 high-quality items. 


  • No carry handle or travel-friendly added features.   

2. Pet Evac Pak, LLC Premium Big Dog Emergency Survival Kit

The Pet Evac Pak dog emergency survival kit is specially built to meet the needs of hikers and campers who have dogs with them. The kit comes in a travel-friendly bag and is usable for dogs that are between 30 and 70 lbs. 

In addition to this, the kit includes a thermal blanket for your dog that can prove to be quite handy when you are traveling to areas with unpredictable weather. Other contents of the kit include collapsible food bowls for your dog, wraps, cotton swabs, cold pack, hydrogen peroxide spray, and blood clotting powder. 

And that’s not all. This incredible survival kit is a complete package that does more than just being a pre-vet emergency set up. It has extra features in a wide variety that include a waterproof cardholder that will be highly functional for you. Moreover, it also comes with disposal bags and rope toys, and also includes an LED light for safety purposes. 


  • Comes with several safety features such as LED light and ID cardholder. 
  • Perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking. 
  • Durable and long-lasting built.


  • Quite heavy (so not the most portable option).  

3. Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit for Dogs

The Deluxe Pet First aid kit is a compact and lightweight kit that can be your dog’s hero in any situation. For home use, the kit is easy to store. With its carry handle at the top and a weight of only 2 pounds, it is also very easy and convenient to carry. 

The kit comes with 60 pieces inside. These include vet-approved items that can prove to be highly beneficial and healthy for your pet in times of emergencies. The items include sterile gauze pads of 2 sizes, emergency blankets, self-adhering wraps, tweezers, and even a digital thermometer. With this kit, you will not have to invest separately in medical equipment as all the essential things come with this product. 

Another very distinctive feature of this kit is that it comes in a waterproof case. This makes it usable in all kinds of conditions and also ensures protection for your items inside. The vet-approved first aid kit is surely going to work great for all kinds of dogs and environments. Its extra features like the tweezers and a user manual in waterproof covering add great value to your money too. 


  • Waterproof case. 
  • Carry handle ensures portability. 
  • 60 pieces included. 
  • Comes with a user manual.


  • Slightly pricier than other products. 

4. Pet Evac Pak, LLC Premium Small Medium Dog Emergency Survival Kit

This is again a smaller-sized survival kit by Pet Evac Pak that is equipped with similarly excellent features. The kit comes with a 5-year shelf life food and water. This feature allows you to feed your dog with food and water even when you are traveling. 

Furthermore, it comes with a travel-friendly bag that has a red and black exterior. Not only is the exterior attractive and eye-appealing, but it also consists of multiple emergency tools such as rope toys, vet wraps, and even bowls for food and water. 

Also, it includes essential medical equipment such as alcohol swabs and tweezers. All these brilliant features come all together in a well-built, sturdy bag that has an overall weight of 9.1 pounds. 


  • 5-year shelf life food ensures convenience. 
  • Comes with essential and extra medical equipment. 
  • Appealing exterior.
  • Premium quality bag. 


  • Heavyweight 

5. OneTwoThree Pet First Aid Kit

It is crucial to make sure that the first aid kit you are going to buy is approved by qualified professionals. Therefore, this OneTwoThree first aid kit is a great choice if you want to use the safest items for your dog’s health. 

The kit measures 22 cm x 17.5 cm x 7 cm. It lets you keep all your items inside organized and arranged with the help of practical compartments and portions for everything. 

You will also find the kit to be outstanding in the market for its unique yet attractive appearance. The colorful combination and an easy-to-use zipper will help you use it easily, while also not scaring or causing anxiety to your dog when it’s near the kit. It is also equipped with a practical design for traveling purposes with its carry handle on the top. 

The product is also meant to add great value to your experience and money with excellent customer support it comes with. Along with the kit, the company also provides extra added features and accessories such as the digital thermometer and a 1-year warranty. 


  • Backed by a 1-year warranty. 
  • Vet-approved items.
  • Carry handle on the top. 
  • Comes with a digital thermometer. 


  • None found! 

6. WildCow Emergency First Aid Kit for Dogs

For hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts, one of the key features they look for is a good camouflage print on their stuff. Therefore, this WildCow first aid proves to be a great option for everyone. The kit is available in a range of 4 colors, out of which 2 are camo prints. The camo pattern is available in gray and tan colors, while the other two colors include a solid tan and solid green.

Other than an outstanding appearance, the kit also comes with 40 pieces inside. These include nail clippers, cotton swabs, gloves, scissors, an emergency blanket, tweezers, and alcohol-free cleansing swaps. 

We highly recommend this kit for travelers and outside enthusiasts as it is the easiest to carry kit in the market. It has durable handles that can just be hung on your back, and you are good to go. It also comes with a 100% waterproof construction made with 600D Oxford material to keep the items inside safe. 


  • High-quality waterproof material. 
  • Available in 4 colors. 
  • Great for hiking and camping purposes. 
  • Vet-approved items included. 


  • Might not be great for home use. 

7. PushOn Dog First Aid Kit

A key step towards using the first aid kit properly is to be able to understand the severity of the condition. Therefore, the electric thermometer that comes with this first aid kit is what makes this product stand out. The thermometer can be used to understand the condition of your dog accurately. 

The kit comes with a camouflage pattern that is perfect for hiking and camping purposes. Plus, the bag has an easy-to-carry design that weighs about 11.2 ounces. It consists of 12 items that can be hugely functional in emergencies and injuries of all kinds. The items include swabs, alcohol pads, gloves, tweezers, and 30 band-aids. 

In addition to this, the kit is also equipped with 2 carry handles that allow ease of portability. One outstanding feature of this kit is its adhesive strip that lets you easily attach your dog’s leash, and can even attach your backpack with the kit. 


  • Easy to carry. 
  • Lightweight and compact design. 
  • Includes an electric thermometer.
  • Easily attaches to a dog leash. 


  • Limited items than what other more affordable products consist of. 

8. Tactical Freedom Pet First Aid Kit Dog

Designed by professional vets, the Tactical Freedom first aid kit for dogs is one of the most reliable products in the market. Its most distinctive item is its self-adhering wrap that is made with premium quality materials to ensure that it does not stick and pull on your dog’s hair. 

Moreover, the first aid kit is backed by a generous warranty that lasts up to a lifetime. This further increases the reliability of this first aid kit. It consists of a bottle of saline, tape, gloves, and an antibiotic ointment as well. These extra items are hugely beneficial for your dog. 

The kit only weighs about 4.8 ounces. As a result, it is actually very travel-friendly. 


  • Lightweight design. 
  • Safe to use self-adhering wraps. 
  • Comes with a number of useful and practical items. 
  • Made with vet-approved items. 


  • Might be smaller in size than other competitor’s products, which might make misplacing it easy. 

9. Pet saver Dog First Aid Kit for Adventurous Dogs

If you are looking for a first aid kit that will not only provide safety for your pet but will also look great, then this Pet Saver first aid kit is the answer. It has a unique turquoise-colored exterior that is pleasant to look at. 

In addition, the kit consists of 39 medical supplies, including sterilizing objects too. The supplies include 10 antiseptic swaps, 2 wooden tongue depressors, cotton ear swabs, and 1 tick remover as well! The diverse range of medical supplies in this kit is truly impressive. 

This kit, with its exceptional exterior and lightweight construction of 2 pounds, also ensures that all your supplies remain organized with the numerous compartments inside. 


  • Unique exterior. 
  • Compact built. 
  • Includes 39 items. 
  • Adds value to your money with extra accessories like tick removers. 
  • Travel-friendly.


  • No waterproof case. 

10. Rayco International Ltd Pet First Aid Kit

The Rayco International Ltd first aid kit is built with high-quality, reliable, and lightweight, water-resistant material. The water-resistance of the kit ensures that the contents inside are safe and protected. In addition, it includes exceptional safety features, one of which is the LED emergency collar. 

Moreover, styptic pencils, gloves, bandages, and antiseptic wipes are all included inside the bag. Furthermore, the bag is very easy to use with a smooth zipper. It is also equipped with a carry handle that makes it a good option for travelers and on-the-go people. 

The bag weighs about 1.4 pounds and measures 8 x 3 x 7 inches in size. This makes it compact and lightweight.


  • Water-resistant bag ensures durability and safety. 
  • Emergency safety features such as the LED collar. 
  • Comes with 1 collapsible water bowl for your pet. 
  • Carry handle, and lightweight design ensure travel friendliness. 


  • Plastic tweezers are not steady enough. 

11. M.I. Pet’s – 76 Piece Pet First Aid Kit

If you want the most dog-friendly, easy-to-use, and quickest first aid kit for your dog, then the M.I. Pet’s first aid kit is your answer. It has a cute, appealing design on its cover while having an incredible range of 76 items inside. 

The 76 items include a range of important medical supplies such as elastic bandages, triangle bandages, cotton swabs, and sting-relief pads as well. Another important item in this kit is its foldable water bowl, with a carabiner clip that ensures that you can feed your dog easily.

We recommend this product to people who frequently travel with their dogs. The small, compact design of the kit with all the essential to extra features makes it a great, value-adding product. Undoubtedly, with this kit, you will be able to keep your dog safe in all kinds of situations. 


  • Comes with 76 items. 
  • Foldable water bowls allow you to feed your dog even on-the-go. 
  • Durable hard case featuring a sturdy nylon covering. 


  • No tick remover tool. 

12. Natural Dog Treats Pet First Aid Kit

Be well equipped to take care of your dog, whether at home or while traveling with this Natural Dog Treats first aid kit. The kit is one of the minimalistic, yet one of the most highly functional products in the market. 

It is best known for its pocket-size design. The kit weighs about 81.6 grams while measuring 15 x 11 x 2.5 cm in size. This makes it highly compact and lightweight, making it a great choice for travelers. 

We strongly recommend this unit to be used for every day and daily purposes. Since this kit is available in rather a small size and is easy to use, it will offer a great level of safety and protection for your pet at home and everywhere else you may travel. 

Don’t let the small size of this extraordinary kit lead you to believe that it does not have enough items. As a matter of fact, you will find all essential tools in this kit that include tweezers, cleansing swabs, tape roll, elastic bandages, and a tick remover as well!


  • Pocket size makes it the perfect companion for traveling. 
  • Lightweight and compact. 
  • Includes all the essential tools. 
  • Recommended for daily use. 


  • Does not include any major extra accessories. 

13. Bob & Charlie’s Premium Pet Travel First Aid Kit

A pouch-sized, travel first aid kit for your dog is a brilliant idea if you want less space to be consumed and need to carry the kit everywhere. Therefore, we think that the Bob and Charlie’s premium pet travel first aid kit is a brilliant choice of product for its excellent quality features. 

The kit has a cute and interesting exterior, with a light blue colored appearance featuring white colored labels on it. The bag is fully waterproof, ensuring that the products last you a long time. The kit specifically includes just those items that are approved by professional vets. These include alcohol swabs, plastic bags to cover injuries, microporous tape, and conforming bandage. Plus, the kit also comes with a blanket and a pair of latex gloves. 

From pods of saline to a pair of scissors, this small-sized kit is an all-in-one package. It will not fail to ensure the safety of your pet while costing lesser than other higher-end kits. 


  • Relatively affordable. 
  • Small and lightweight design. 
  • Perfect for travel, home, and daily use. 
  • Includes vet-approved items. 


  • No tick remover. 
  • Might not be for larger dogs. 

14. Adventure Medical Kits

The Adventure Medical Kits first aid kit outstands other products in the market in multiple ways. Firstly, it has a unique appearance. With an attractive green and yellow colored exterior, the kit is the best way to keep your pet calm and patient during an injury. 

It consists of a range of items that can surely come in handy for all occasions. The list of items includes sterile gauze dressing, confirming bandage, ripple antibiotic ointment, and triangular bandages. It is also backed by a detail instructional manual that can surely help first-timers. 

Other than that, the bag has 2 carry handles on the top. These will let you carry the bag everywhere you need to without any hassle or worry. The kit also comes with a tick remover. 


  • Unique color combination. 
  • Range of useful essential equipment like different types of bandages. 
  • Carry handle ensures portability. 
  • Antibiotic ointment ensures better medical care. 


  • Only one size is available. 
  • Not truly waterproof. 

15. AKC Pet First Aid Kit, Red (46 Piece)

Nothing beats a well-built, widely diverse first aid kit that includes 46 essential and extra tools like the AKC Pet first aid kit. It has an all-red exterior with a paw-like figure printed in the front. This gives it an interesting look that your dog will also enjoy. 

The kit is also travel-friendly, considering its sturdy carry handles on the top. It is particularly great for everyday use, but its good quality built also makes it a good choice for traveling purposes. The zippered case houses the 46 pieces, which include swabs, tick removers, and many other essential tools. 

Moreover, the kit is also lightweight, making it more travel-friendly. It weighs about 1.5 pounds and measures 11.5 x 2.5 x 8 inches in size. 


  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Good looking exterior. 
  • Affordable than other alternatives. 


  • Not waterproof. 


By now, if you are convinced that you need to get a first aid kit for your dog, you can easily shortlist the best products for yourself. Your budget, purpose, usage, and personal preferences, such as color and size, should all be taken into consideration when making the decision. A vet-approved kit should always be your top priority since it helps you with taking the right precautionary and urgent steps in emergencies and keep your pet safe. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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