Top 15 of the best small dog/pet carriers reviewed!

Top 15 of the best small dog/pet carriers reviewed!

Having your favorite pet with you all the time is every pet owner’s dream but is sometimes difficult to happen in reality. Airplanes, restaurants, malls, and many other places restrict your pet from coming in. The best solution we find to this is to buy the best small dog carrier. Small dogs can be tricky to take care of and are very delicate too. For this reason, a good, reliable small dog carrier can surely help you out. You can find airline-approved carriers, as well as waterproof and rip-proof carriers too. Depending upon certain factors and aspects, you can decide the best most suitable small dog carrier for your pet too. Also check out our top dog travel bags

Things to consider when buying

Top 15 of the best small dog:pet carriers reviewed!

Is it fit for purpose? 

You will find a wide range of dog carriers in the market that each has unique, distinctive features. The carrier you will choose for your pet will hugely depend on how you want to use your bag, what are your pet’s needs and where you will be using the bag. Features such as size and weight capacity are all important considerations to match your purpose. 

Is it easy to clean?

Pets make a lot of mess for their owners to clean alter. Go for a bag that is made with durable material that is also easy to clean. You can opt for machine-safe carriers, so you don’t have to scrub thoroughly by hand. 

Is it durable? 

Buying a pet carrier is a long-term investment and is going to stay in use for a long time. Therefore, make sure that the bag is made with a good quality bag that can be relied upon for a long time. Waterproof, rip-proof bags are commonly available and should be your first choice. 

Safety aspects 

Your pet’s comfort and safety come first. You can look for strong and sturdy shoulder/carry straps, built-in leash, and padded insides of the bag to ensure safety and comfort for your pet.  

Will your dog fit?

All carriers have different dimensions, as well as weight holding capacities. Always measure the size of your pet and weigh them correctly to ensure that they match with the size of the carrier. This is a very important consideration as it will impact your pet’s comfort. 

Comfort for the dog

Fleece beds, mesh windows, and water absorption capability all guarantee comfort for your dog. You should match the feature of the carrier with your dog’s preferences and likes and dislikes. Mesh windows are some of the most important features to consider here since they allow better air circulation. 

Does it have added extras?

To make the most out of your investment, and add value to your money, make sure to check for extra added features. These could be a leash, food and water bowl, mesh windows, extra handles and carry straps, and also color variety. 

The best small dog/pet carriers reviews

1. Dog Carrier Backpack, by Pet Deluxe

This dog carrier by Pet Deluxe features solid construction. It measures 16.2″ x 9.45″ x 12.1″ and can hold a weight of up to 16 pounds. It is a great choice for either small dogs or cats too. 

One of the most distinctive features of this bag is its mesh fabric window. The window allows good air circulation for your pet and also lets them have a good look outside. The mesh is on the top and on the sides of the carrier. 

In addition to these features that allow comfort for your dog, the bag also lets you carry it very easily with the built-in leash. The leash already comes inside the carrier and easily attaches to the carrier so your pet can be secure. 

Other than this, the carrier comes with extra features and add-ons such as the fleece bed, removable base insert for your pet to stand on, and an adjustable shoulder strap for you as well. The carrier is available in 3 different sizes. 


  • Can be carried in multiple ways
  • Approved by most airlines. 
  • Waterproof construction.
  • Good airflow with mesh windows.


  • Size might be misleadingly small. 
  • No color options. 

2. EliteField Deluxe Soft Pet Carrier

If you want to have a pet carrier that offers versatile color options with great performance, then this EliteField Deluxe soft pet carrier is the perfect bag for you. It is available in a range of 6 unique colors that truly stand out in the market. 

The bag measures 18″L x 10″W x 11″H. The carrier is meant to add great value to your money with important extra add-ons such as the washable soft bed cover that allows great comfort for the pet. In addition, the bag is supported from the inside with a hard support board that prevents it from losing its shape. This makes it a long-lasting and durable product. 

All these brilliant features are backed by a 3-year warranty. Plus, you also get a money-back guarantee with the purchase of this outstanding carrier. The easy-to-clean carrier is also made with really durable material that is waterproof, making it resistant to pet’s urine and any other mess. The incredible design of this bag also features a storage pocket for your pet’s accessories. 


  • Extra add-ons like soft bed cover. 
  • Backed by a generous warranty. 
  • Storage pocket for extras. 


  • Not specifically approved by airlines. 

3. Friends Forever Airline Approved Small Pet Carrier 

The “fun size” dog carrier by Friends Forever is an airline-approved bag that comes with incredible features to guarantee comfort for both you and your dog. The bag measures 16.5″ L x 9″ W x 9.75″ H in size and can hold a weight of up to 16 pounds. 

In addition to this, the bag also features a convenient design built with great quality material that is very easy to clean. With a fully adjustable, sturdy, and padded shoulder strap, the bag is highly convenient for traveling purposes. 

Moreover, it also has a removable and washable inner base that supports the bag as well as your pet. With this bag, you will load your pet inside from the front opening only. It also has polyester mesh windows that ensure better air circulation and hence guarantee comfort for your pet. 

All these incredible features come supported by a 1-year warranty. 


  • Backed by a warranty. 
  • Adjustable shoulder strap. 
  • Mesh windows for air circulation. 
  • Easy to clean. 


  • Front-loading only. 
  • No color variety. 

4. AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

The AmazonBasic pet carrier is one of the most exceptional products in the market when it comes to build quality and functional, comfortable design. The bag has a weight capacity of holding up to 22 pounds. It is available in a range of 3 sizes to cater and fit different pets. 

Moreover, it has mesh windows on all sides that make it truly comfortable and safe for the pet. It also features a machine-washable pet bed made with fleece that guarantees comfort and convenience to your pet. 

The bag is also very easy to clean, and with its compact size, it’s also easy to store and carry around. With mesh windows on all its sides, your pet will not feel confined or left out and will get a good look at the outside. Plus, the bag is also really travel-friendly since it has a versatile range of carrying straps, which include an adjustable shoulder strap and two-hand carry straps. 


  • Available in more sizes. 
  • Washable fleece bed. 
  • Easy to carry design. 
  • Mesh windows. 


  • Not waterproof. 

5. Slowton Pet Carrier

If you want you and your pet to be totally free and comfortable throughout your vacation trip this time, then this Slowton pet carrier is the answer. This is a hands-free style carrier that attaches to your body and carries the pet right with you. 

It has a weight capacity of up to 15 pounds. It comes equipped with a fully padded, really comfortable shoulder strap that buckles down around your body. The sling-style carrier can easily be adjusted according to your body. Moreover, it also has safety features such as the front hook that attaches strongly with your pet’s collar strap. This helps keep the pet in place safely.

The carrier’s most distinctive feature is its breathable, soft, and comfortable cotton built that is meant to last you a long time. And while this machine-washable carrier does a brilliant job in carrying your pet in a hands-free style, it also has high-quality zipped pockets all over to help you store your pet’s accessories and even keep your own belongings. 

The carrier is easily foldable and is therefore also easy to store. 


  • Easy to store. 
  • Comfortable padded shoulder strap. 
  • Adjustable opening. 
  • Wide range of colors. 
  • Extra zipped pockets. 


  • Only for one size of small animals. 
  • Limited weight capacity. 
  • Not airline approved. 

6. YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Carrier

Sling carriers are the best way to have your pet by your side everywhere you go without confining them into a bag. This sling carrier by YUDODO is an amazing product for your small dog with its leather and mesh construction that is meant to guarantee comfort to you and the dog too. 

The carrier has adjustable straps. It measures 38.6-46.5 inches long and has a maximum weight capacity of about 5 pounds. It is also available in a wide range of 6 unique colors that you get to choose from. 

In addition to this, the carrier also features comfortable padding and support on the shoulder strap to guarantee extra comfort for you as you carry your pet around. This sling carrier is a great, economical choice for day-to-day use. However, it might not be the best for traveling long distances. 


  • Easy to store. 
  • Comfortable padded shoulder strap.
  • Breathable construction. 


  • Not airline approved. 
  • No extra pockets. 

7. Petsfit Dogs Carriers Backpack 

The Petsfit dog carrier is made with high-quality material that is meant to last you a long time and make your investment worth it. The bag is made with PU and EVA mesh that guarantees good airflow within the bag. It has a hexagonal zipper style made with high-quality nylon teeth and a metal zipper. 

The bag measures 16”H*10”W*13”L and has a capacity of holding up to 15 pounds of weight. The EVA construction makes it an eco-friendly carrier, perfect for those who want to remain environment-friendly while maintaining comfort for their pets. 

The lightweight carrier also has versatile carry handles, including backpack-style straps and a carry handle on the top. This extraordinary bag is backed by a return warranty that lasts for about 30 days. In addition to this, it also has extra add-ons such as the built-in teether that keeps your pet safe and comfortable inside. 


  • Backed by a return warranty. 
  • Travel-friendly design. 
  • Good ventilation with mesh windows.
  • Made with eco-friendly materials. 
  • Lightweight and compact. 


  • No size variety.
  • No color variety. 

8. SlowTon Pet Sling

If you are traveling through an airplane but want to carry your pet along, this sling carrier by SlowTon Pet carrier is the perfect solution. The carrier is available in a variety of 3 colors, including red, purple, and blue. In addition, it is made with highly comfortable, padded material that makes it an ideal bag for traveling purposes. It is a lightweight product that weighs only about 13 ounces.

It has adjustable shoulder straps that contain good quality of padding that offer comfort to you as you carry your pet. The extra accessories of this carrier are also exceptional. It has an adjustable safety hook for your pet that guarantees security and comfort at the same time.

The easy to store, easy to wear sling carrier also has incredibly positioned zipper pockets. These pockets let you store your belonging as well as your pet’s accessories. The whole carrier is built with high-quality, breathable cotton.


  • Good quality construction.
  • Good weight capacity of 13 pounds. 
  • Versatile zipped pockets offering ease. 
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps. 
  • Good color variety. 


  • Might be tiring for the owner. 

9. Louie de Coton Small Dog Carrier

Speaking of versatility, this Louie De Coton small dog carrier is a perfect choice. The carrier has an exceptional range of different patterns and prints that make it the perfect choice for people who want a bag to match their pet’s style. The carrier measures 14 x 9.5 x 4 inches in size and has a weight capacity of about 12 pounds. 

Moreover, the bag is made with handcrafted, breathable, and durable material, including soy-based foam. This comfortable, fully padded bag features a soft, fleece pet blanket. It also has mesh sides and mesh pockets that are the best for storage and making the bag breathable and hygienic. The side pockets allow you a lot of space for storing your personal as well as your pet’s belongings.

The pooch bag is the most outstanding product in the market due to its versatile range of handcrafted style and prints. It also has adjustable shoulder straps that also make it truly travel-friendly. The versatile carrying styles of this bag also make this one of the best. 


  • Travel-friendly design. 
  • Mesh windows for breathability. 
  • Padded structure offering comfort. 
  • Side pockets for storage. 


  • Pricier alternative. 
  • No size variety. 

10. K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Carrier

If you have to drive a lot around the city with your pet on the passenger seat, then this K&H Pet products carrier is your perfect travel companion. The carrier is meant to perfectly fit in car seats while offering safety and comfort at the same time. 

The bag features 3 doors for entry, which makes it very easy for you to put your pet inside easily from any direction. Moreover, it is available in 3 different sizes, so it can also be used by owners of bigger dogs. To allow your pet comfort and prevent them from feeling confined and catastrophe, the bag also has mesh windows on the sides. Along with this, it also has sturdy clips that attach to the seatbelts, and a strap that goes around the headrest for easy and reliable installation. 

The car seat pet carrier is the perfect solution if you are looking for a reliable carrier for traveling in cars. The bag is very safe and reliable, with its versatile carrying handles and clips that attach to the car seat securely. In addition to this, it is also very easy to store as it has a collapsible design. 


  • Collapsible design allows ease of storage. 
  • Safe and reliable installation. 
  • Available in 3 different sizes. 


  • No color variety available. 

11. PetsHome Dog Carrier

From size variety to color options and durable built, the PetsHome Dog carrier is a prime example of an all-in-one package. The carrier is available in 2 different sizes, measuring 14.96” x 7.87” x 10.24 (small) and 17.33” x 9.25” x 11.81” (medium). The small size has a weight capacity of 22 pounds while the medium one can hold up to 33 pounds of weight. 

In addition to this, the carrier has a hard-sided construction from the outside, which prevents it from losing its shape or getting damaged easily. However, it has padded, soft interior construction to guarantee comfort for your pet. The most distinctive part about it is its built-in leash that secures your pet inside the bag. 

With 3 mesh windows on the sides and a full zip opening on the top, the bag is really great at providing good ventilation to your pet and not confining them into one closed space. It is also foldable, which means storing it when it’s not in use is also an option. 


  • Foldable design. 
  • Size variety available. 
  • Available in lots of colors. 


  • Not many extra add-ons. 
  • Pricier. 

12. OMORC Pet Carrier

If you are looking for the perfect, most comfortable, and spacious pet carrier for your pet, then this OMORC pet carrier will work really well for you. The pet carrier stands out in the market for its expandable design. It has an incredibly spacious design that features mesh windows for better air circulation. 

The bag is also really portable and hence travel-friendly with its adjustable shoulder strap. It’s a good choice for carrying pets in any airline. It has a solid construction with a strong, stable microfiber frame that prevents the carrier from collapsing or losing its shape. 

With a user-friendly design, it expends from the sides as you open the convenient zippers. This provides more room for your pet to get comfortable in. 

Some extra added features of this bag that put great value to your money are its built-in pet leash that keeps your pet secure inside the bag. Plus, it can also be attached to your car set, making it more multi-functional. 


  • Multi-functional design. 
  • Approved by airlines. 
  • Stable and strong frame. 
  • Mesh windows for good air circulation. 


  • No color options. 
  • No size variety. 

13. Suncast Portable Dog Crate

If you are seeking portability in a good quality dog carrier, then the Suncast portable dog crate is a great option. The crate-style dog carrier is one of the safest and most durable products you will find in the market. 

The carrier is built with wire and resin and is, therefore, really durable. It has an interestingly colored exterior, too, with a brown and light blue combination that stands out. The crate-styled carrier has a capacity of holding up to 30 pounds of weight and measures 23″ x 15″ x 12″.

Other very distinctive features of this incredible carrier include a removable rooftop that allows you to clean the carrier easily. It has strategically designed windows for better ventilation too. The crate-style carrier is also very quick and easy to install since it has clipped attachments. These can be unattached as well for storage purposes. The installation also requires no tools. 

It has a carry handle on the top, which makes it a portable crate carrier. With a food and water bowl included in the package, this carrier is meant to add great value to your money. 


  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Good weight capacity. 
  • Durable construction.


  • Not airline approved. 
  • No color options. 
  • No size variety. 

14. Petmate Two Door Top Load

The Petmate Two-door crate style pet carrier is built with strong and durable material, which is complemented by an interesting range of colors and size options. The carrier can be found in 2 sizes, including a 12 inch and a 24-inch crate.

It is an airline-approved carrier, which makes it a great choice for you if you are going to travel by air with your pet. The crate has a carry handle on top, with grill windows on the sides and front that allow your pet to have a good view of the surrounding with good ventilation as well.

In addition to this, the carrier is also suitable for securely placing them in cars. It is built with plastic kennels that do not have any sharp edges and therefore ensure safety and comfort for your pet. 

The carrier is also available in 4 different colors. 


  • Comes from a reliable, marketing-leading brand. 
  • Durable construction.
  • Safe and comfortable design for the pet. 
  • Ergonomic carry handle for better portability. 


  • Some user’s pets got scratched and hurt from the inside of the carrier. 

15. X-ZONE PET Airline Approved Pet Carriers

The airline-approved pet carrier by X-ZONE PET is available in two sizes, where the medium size measures 17″L x 11″W x 11″H, with a weight capacity of up to 15 pounds. The carrier is available in 9 color options. 

It has an extendable design, where mesh fabric windows open sideways to create more room for your dog to roam around in. The carrier also has an adjustable shoulder strap along with two smaller hand carry straps. Furthermore, it is also incredibly easy for storage as it folds down and decreases in size. 

The size of the bag is suitable for fitting under any airline’s plane seats. It can also be fastened with a car seat, making it a versatile, multipurpose bag. Plus, it adds great value to your money with its extra features, such as the removable and washable fleece bed. The oxford fabric construction also makes this bag a rip-resistant carrier. 


  • Rips-resistant durable built. 
  • Waterproof construction. 
  • Comes with a fleece bed that is removable. 
  • Easy to carry. 
  • Approved by airlines. 


  • Rigid sides can be inconvenient. 


The reviews for the 15 best small dog carriers mentioned above should help you out in deciding which suits you the best. The carriers are all different than one another in terms of their construction quality and design. It is important to consider the key aspects such as the size, purpose, construction quality, and portability of the carrier to ensure comfort for your pet. 


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