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Leaving the 9 to 5 behind

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to enjoy almost total freedom? I’m talking about being able to see the world, really living life to the max. The opportunity to explore the path untrodden or relax at 5-star resorts at your own pace, on your own terms. Exclusively for our Global Grasshopper’s, I’m here to share my secret with you…

“3-4 weeks vacation time per year. That’s it, that’s your lot. That’s only around 5% of the year, that you actually spent on enjoying yourself! – NO THANK YOU”

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! Let me share a personal story with you, about how a chance encounter with a stranger first opened up the doors to the amazing nomadic life I enjoy now.

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As times are changing, it’s becoming easier and easier to make money online. Back in 2015, I found a system, that has helped me fund my adventures all around the globe. In the video below I’m sharing my story, on how I’ve made thousands with Trade2Travel.club..

These days I don’t have to worry about waking up early for my commute, desperately trying to make time for friends and family, working 9-5 day in, day out. That’s in the past now…With Trade2Travel.club, I can travel the world without any economic worries!

Leaving the 9 to 5 behind Global Grasshopper

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Nb. Trade2Travel.club has limited spots available so make sure that you get started ASAP

The service/club is free service and they only make money when their members make money too. You can create an account for free, but in order to get started, you need to deposit $/£/€/250. This money is used for your trades, and can at any time be withdrawn by you. You can learn more about the software here.


More about my story and how it all began…

Leaving the 9 to 5 behind Global Grasshopper

Let’s rewind, in a previous life I used to be a data analyst and let me tell you, it was as bad as it sounds. I had been there for around a year when I decided to take a break, I had wanted to see Bali for a while so I packed my bags to escape the 9-5. I stayed at a pretty cool hostel in Seminyak by the beach, it was a quiet area but just a short walk down the sand was a much more exclusive looking resort and a handful of shops and bars. Cosy!

So there I was, relaxing, enjoying the sun, thinking this is the life! But…there was a nagging feeling growing as time went by that my short time in paradise was going to be over. The illusion was fading (I’m sure you know that feeling)… what to do, what to do? I took an evening stroll down the beach hoping to shake off the feelings. Before I knew it I was walking along the front of the fancy resort next door and someone caught my eye.

A young guy, I never did ask his age but he couldn’t have been more than 30years old, sat alone with just his laptop and a pineapple smoothie. I’d spotted him here a few times already and was intrigued. I wandered over trying to catch his attention, “what brings you here?”, “what do you do?”, I asked. He glanced up from his laptop briefly, “give me a minute, sorry”. Curious I walked around to have a look at what he was up to. *It looked like a whirlwind of information, charts, graphs but I recognised one word at least, Bitcoin!*

We got to talking and James (our mystery man) explained that he was trading Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for a living. “You can work on the beach?”, I asked, incredulous. “I work when I want, where I want, and only for myself. Give a man a laptop and I shall teach him how to fish”, he replied barely managing to hide his smile. Now I was seriously interested.

Leaving the 9 to 5 behind Global Grasshopper

Sign up page on Trade2Travel.club. Creating an account is free…

I’d heard about trading and Bitcoin before but never taken a deeper look. James showed me how simple it can be and explained that with a little time and patience anyone could do this. He pointed me to a website called www.Trade2Travel.club which he recommended for beginners, and I set up an account to see what it was all about. I think he had started out with something similar.

It took 5 minutes to signup and get started. James explained to me that trading is as simple as predicting that the price will either go up or it will go down. There are some logic and intelligence involved and I could immediately see how rewarding this could be. James revealed that he was making thousands of dollars a month from this without leaving his sun-lounger. I didn’t need to ask for proof…the resort he was staying at was already way out of my price range at the time.

*Fast forward to now and let me tell you…this works*.
If you can afford to risk a small amount of money (the minimum starting balance is $250 to get going I believe) then I highly recommend giving it a try. It funded many of my early adventures and I may not have been here where I am today without it.

This isn’t a get rich quick though (well, not overnight at least), you will need to have a little patience and learn some new things. But it’s really not as complicated as it might seem. Personally, I don’t trade much these days as we’ve got so many other things to do, but this unlocked doors for me at a time when I really needed options. I felt it only right that I pass this gem on to others looking for a route to something more special in life.

I never would have seen myself doing this in a million years if it wasn’t for that chance meeting on the beach…

James, wherever you are adventuring today, I salute you. Thanks for showing me Trade2travel, thanks for showing me the good life!

Leaving the 9 to 5 behind Global Grasshopper