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Top 12 cool and unusual hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is a place where the people are polite and the culture is just a little bit crazy. The Japanese capital has legions of fans (including us) and is often considered to be one of most exciting cities to visit in the world. Innovation and new ideas are actively encouraged but the traditional way of life is still very important here. This is one eclectic list of hotels…

Hong Kong skyline at night by GlobalGrasshopper

Top 10 of the most breathtaking skylines of the world

What makes a great skyline? Is it the height of the skyscrapers? The shade of neon used to light them? Or is it the way the buildings work together to form one complete picture? We think what really matters is you look out across a city and think –‘Wow!’ We’ve looked across the globe to count down what we think are the ten most impressive skylines our great cities have to offer…