Unspoilt places to visit in Corfu for travel snobs

If you want to travel to a city that is calm and unspoilt with mesmerizing views of the mountains and sea then you should plan your trip to Corfu, Greece. Corfu is filled with tourists from all over Europe and other continents during summers, so you should avoid planning an expedition in the months of July to September. This trick will let you enjoy Corfu in a better way as there will be lesser crowds in the beaches, restaurants, and shopping areas.

Corfu is a magical island that is filled with cultures and histories. It was one of the hidden gems of the world; however, it has now become a hot spot for tourists. Nevertheless, exploring Corfu, Greece in the months of April to June and in between September and October would be a better choice as the roads would be somewhat empty and you will be able to find the privacy that you need. The climate during these months is favourable and Corfu is filled with lush greenery. Here are some of the unspoilt non-touristy areas of Corfu, which you should add in your itinerary.


Petriti is a small village that is close to Lefkimmi and is located on the eastern coast of Corfu. Tourists do not prefer spending more than a couple of hours in Petriti as it is a bit far from the main town and is a small fishing village. So, if you want to stay in an area that is away from the crowds then Petriti would be an apt place for you.

Here, you can spend time by watching the colourful boats come and go, while enjoying a glass of local wine in the lap of nature. There is a small beach where you can relax on the sunbeds that are available for a price. You can even explore the nearby beaches like Halikounas Beach and Agios Georgios Beach, which is about half an hour away. The excellent restaurants and bars near the Petriti beach offer several seafood delicacies, which should be tried as all of the dishes are a fresh catch.


A small village on the west coast of Corfu, Liapades is a beautiful traditional Greek town. It is about 20kms from Corfu and has a great beach, which does not attract buses of tourists. You can either spend a peaceful day by relaxing on the sunbeds or shop in the nearby supermarkets. There are several restaurants and snack bars that offer innumerable authentic Greek cuisines. You can even take a canoe on rent and explore the clear blue waters of Corfu. There are many small hidden Corfu beaches that can be reached only by a canoe or motorboat in Liapades. The entire area will give you a feel of an authentic Greek village. Visiting the small roads with very less traffic, lovely beaches, trails, and wonderful views of the island will be mesmerizing. The local people of Liapades will happily welcome you and make you feel comfortable at all times.


Close to Liapades village, Paleokastritsa is yet another calm place that would make your Corfu trip amazing. It is surrounded by rocks and mountains and is at a distance of about 25kms from Corfu town. Paleokastritsa beach is perfect for families and is an apt place for snorkelling and scuba diving. Don’t forget to carry the best snorkelling gear you can find so that you can enjoy the clear blue waters completely. There are different kinds of snorkel gears available for sale, and among them, buying an entire gear set will save you a lot of money rather than purchasing each part individually.

You can also rent a canoe, pedal boat, or stand-up paddle, for exploring the beach and its surrounding areas. There are caves close to the beach, which can be reached by boat. Moreover, you can even go to the secluded and breathtaking Paradise Beach by boat. As there are several rocks and caves nearby, they create a natural habitat for various fishes and reptiles.

So, visit these unspoilt places in Corfu, Greece and fall in love with its amazing beaches, marvellous sites, and historical architecture. By escaping the masses, you will be able to enjoy Corfu in a better way. Have fun!


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