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10 links that will make you a better driver for your next road trip

10 links that will make you a better driver for your road trip

No matter how many road trips you’ve been on, there are plenty of ways in which you can improve your driving skills. Here are another ten links that will help you become a better driver for your next adventure:

1. The car practical driving test


This official site gives you all the information you need to pass your driving test. If it’s quite a while since you passed, it’s a good idea to give yourself a mental refresher every now and again too so why not re-test yourself and see how you’d get on under today’s testing scrutiny?

2. Music in the car

Dog in a car on a road trip



The effects of listening to music while you are driving can be both positive and negative. If it is too loud or too absorbing it can be a distraction but studies have shown listening to music can also relax you and improve your driving skills.

3. Too much routine


This study looks at the effects of having too much routine in your daily commute. It is an example of where familiarity can become a distraction.

4. What’s your starsign?



Believe it or not another study has found that your driving skills might be influenced by your starsign!? Libras, start to pay more attention!

5. Children


One of the most distracting things a driver can be subjected to is a car full of kids. Making sure your little ones are kept occupied while you drive is very important and this link can help.

6. Being attentive

Joshua Tree National Park sunset on GlobalGrasshopper.com


There are plenty of other types of distractions a driver can face and here are this link highlights the top three.

7. Fuel efficiency

There are many factors that affect fuel efficiency, such as engine performance & tyre condition. Regularly servicing your car helps keep your fuel consumption low and your travel costs down. This handy infographic goes into more detail.

What Happens If You Don’t Service Your Car (Infographic)

8. Apps

Apps on a iPhone



There are plenty of apps on the market that can give you real-time feedback about how you are driving and help you work on the bad points and improve on the good.

There are many apps in the market which are quite confusing, but we will suggest you check our top pick OBD APPS

9. Drink driving


It is against the law to be above the legal limit for blood alcohol if you are behind the wheel but even a small amount can impair your driving skills. Learn more with this great driving link.

10. Air Conditioning or windows?

Cool retro car


Making sure your cabin environment is at the right temperature can impact your levels of alertness as well as general visibility so knowing how to use your Air conditioning setting correctly can be very important.

How To Find Your Tire Size?


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