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5 reasons why you should visit Lapland in the summer

When it comes to planning summer holidays many travellers tend think of beach holidays but if you’re looking for something a little different this year, a trip to Finland’s northern region of Lapland will make for a holiday experience quite unlike any other. With lush and vibrant landscapes, fun outdoor activities, reasonable travel prices and encounters with exotic animals like reindeer, Lapland holidays just might become your new norm! Here are five great reasons to visit Lapland this summer…

To get closer to nature


Lapland offers visitors a range of outdoor experiences to enjoy, from panning for gold to hiking through the wilderness of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. There are also plenty of wilderness cottages that can be rented out, where you can enjoy a relaxing sweat in your home sauna then a swim in the cool waters of a lake.

Experience the culture of Lapland’s capital


The city of Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland, and while it’s only home to some 60,000 people, it features a unique social scene. Explore the local restaurants that serve up tasty delicacies from the Sami culture (think smoked salmon and the famed cloudberry), and then round off the evening at a local bar or nightclub.

Visit Santa’s village


For those travelling with children, a trip to Lapland is bound to bring you to Santa Claus’ Village, the official home of the jolly old man in the red suit. Be sure to stop into the local post office, where you can see elves busy at work, and even get the chance to spot Santa himself – a unique experience both in summer or winter!

Discover the heart of the Sami culture


The region of Inari is the most sparsely populated in Lapland, and the home of the Sami culture. A trip to this region of Lapland will allow you to visit some of the culture’s most sacred sites, including Ukko Island, where you can explore caves and summit its rocky peak. Be sure to also stop-in at the Siida Museum, which gives a detailed history of the Sami and the surrounding landscape.

Cruise on an old ice breaker


The Sampo ice breaker has retired from its day job of ploughing passageways through thick Arctic ice, but today visitors to Lapland can still board this historic ship and enjoy a four-hour cruise that features a traditional Lapland meal, and ice-swimming—don’t worry, they provide special dry-suits for the chilly waters!


Scott started his travelling life back in 1999, when he headed off on a solo jaunt to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia with just a backpack, a camera and a spirit for adventure. After that, the travel bug bit hard and now he is always seeking to head off somewhere new. Over the years he has lived in Italy, Qatar, Ireland and the UK but his spiritual home will always be Rome as this is the city which most satisfies his unrelenting craving for culture, good food and football. Scott loves nothing better than to be behind the camera and has also just started his own blog called Bars and Spas. As well as Rome he also counts Melbourne and Tel Aviv among his favourite places and now permanently resides in Dublin. Follow Scott on Google+ and Twitter


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