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5 cool USA gems to visit in the summer

It’s heating up and we’ll soon be experiencing this year’s summer. So why stay at home? If you’ve got the methods, it would make sense to try out somewhere a little bit different for your holiday. Truth be told, if you’ve got to pick anywhere, the United States is probably the way to go. You’ve got New York’s parks in summer, Las Vegas for something dry and glamorous, and you’ve got funky Miami if you want some sun, sea, and sand. So which place is best? You’ll have to find that out yourself ultimately, but here are a few ideas to get you started. Just make sure you’ve got all your paperwork and visas sorted, then pack your bags!


5 cool USA gems to visit in the summer Global Grasshopper

Ever a favourite of family holiday-goer favourite, Orlando is chock full of stuff to do. It’s also the perfect place to enjoy spending time in the sun, with beaches and pools being found without any difficulty. Want to do something a bit more exciting? You’ve got the option of the Disney parks or the Universal Studios park, along with tons of other awesome stuff to do.

New York

5 cool USA gems to visit in the summer Global Grasshopper

New York is a bustling metropolis which becomes very hot and humid in the summer. If you’re used to cooler climates, then this is going to be a nice change of pace! You can sightsee along the river, shop along the city’s main avenues, and meet people from all over the world. What’s more, New York has so many restaurants that you could eat three meals every day from different restaurants, and you still wouldn’t be able to try them all. It’s a food lover’s paradise!


5 cool USA gems to visit in the summer Global Grasshopper

Perhaps you didn’t realise that Hawaii is a state of the U.S and that it’s just like travelling to the mainland! This little tropical paradise is one of the most beautiful states, and can be found in the Pacific. It’s got beaches for days, and if want to get out into nature and go hiking, then you can do that too. Covered in mountains and hills, there are tons of hiking trails to explore. And the fact that you’re spending summer in what’s basically paradise? That’s the dream!

The Grand Canyon

5 cool USA gems to visit in the summer Global Grasshopper

America has a huge amount of National parks, but the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most impressive. Known for its amazing scenery and rugged terrain, this park brings in tourists throughout the year. If you’re taking a road trip or visiting just for this, it’s going to be something to remember. You could hike it, or take an aerial tour of it, and you’d have the most memorable holiday of your life.

Washington D.C.

5 cool USA gems to visit in the summer Global Grasshopper

The capital of the U.S.A might not have been on your list of places to visit. Truth is, it’s full of iconic landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House. If you’re infatuated with all things American, this is the place for you to visit. It’s also full of bars and restaurants, so you’ll never run out of things to do! It’s a centre for those who want to get a feel for the local culture and knowledge – you can find the Smithsonian and the National Art Gallery in Washington DC as well as everything else. It’s not to be missed.

Got enough ideas?

Feel like you’ve got a few ideas for holiday inspiration now? Why not go on a full road trip and experience all of these places on your one holiday? It’s never been easier to travel to the U.S. and once you’ve made sure you have permission to travel, you’d better be prepared to have an amazing time.


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