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A review of Travelsites.com – the one-stop-shop for travellers

With over half a billion active websites out there, it can be a tad overwhelmingly trying to find the most useful ones, especially in such a huge sector such as travel. For example, you’re thinking about heading away but you have no idea whether you’ll find the cheapest flights on Kayak or Skyscanner and you’re torn between Booking or Hotels.com to find somewhere to stay. Of course, there’s Trip Advisor which compares and ranks hotels and restaurants etc. but nothing out there that actually compares actual travel sites and ranks them accordingly to their quality and usefulness.

Enter the new Travelsites.com website which fills a gap in the market by offering a one-stop-shop for everything and anything to do with travel from which sites to choose to find your holiday rental car to the best travel blogs to find some authentic travel advice. The travel websites listed on their large extensive database are individually handpicked and reviewed independently and then displayed neatly into different categories – best cruise sites, best hotel sites etc. so you don’t have to search for ages to find what you’re looking for. Not only that but they make a promise that the site is 100% free to use, have zero ads and is non-profit.

Another great feature of the site that it can help travellers save on their trip. As mentioned before, each site is carefully reviewed and then ranked and the reviewer also takes into consideration the deals and promotions for the hotel and flight booking sites – the ones ranked at the top are the ones likely to save you the most money on your next holiday away.

Travelsites.com review

I personally loved the one-stop-shop aspect of the website. The site can literally save you hours of time on the internet spent researching websites and trying to find independent reviews. Travel is always fun but everyone knows it’s a pretty tedious task trying to research everything before you get to enjoy the good bit, especially when so many websites are involved in the planning. With Travelsites.com you can just scroll down the categories and very quickly choose the best sites to help you book your trip with no need for any third party agencies.

Innsbruck Austria

I also loved that the reviews have been curated by a travel enthusiast who obviously has a huge passion and a very broad depth of knowledge about travel which gives the site an authentic, personal touch and a very strong trust factor. You’ll have no problem with fake reviews or paid-for-rankings here! The rankings are independent and unbiased which is very refreshing in a world now filled with dubious reviews.

The categories offer a very wide variety of subjects, so apart from the obvious like hotel booking flights and the best car rental website, there’s also categories and rankings for less obvious travel subjects such as the best travel documentaries, the best ride sharing sites and even the best travel Reddits. It’s not always easy to find inspiration for your trip but with this site, you can find many websites that will offer bags of inspiration in literally seconds. It will also help you budget for your trip too by offering sites that give advice on how to manage travel budgets and cash flows. So now there’s no excuse about overspending on your holidays!

Dog friendly travel

Having just started a new Dog-friendly Travel category on this blog and an increasing interest in finding trips where I can also take my dog Rosa (a former stray from Athens, who also happens to be super cute!) my particular favourite is the Travel with Pets category. I’m already a big fan of TrustedHousesitters.com, the website ranked at No.3 in this section but I’ll also be sure to check out BringFido which is ranked number 1 and number 2 PetTravel.com

At the end of the site, it finishes up nicely with a round of the very best sites of the year (across all the categories). Want to know who ranks as the best travel site of 2019? Well, you’ll just have to check for yourself and find out…   

This post is brought to you in partnership with Travelsites.com but all opinions are my own.


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