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Best airport hotels around the world

Best airport hotels around the world Global Grasshopper

The Benefits of Airport Hotels

If you’ve ever been on a long haul flight, you’ll know how tiring it can be. Sure, it’s great when you actually reach your destination, but just getting there can leave you feeling shattered!  There are so many things to be done before you can even leave; travel insurance to buy, passports to locate (and renew if necessary) and pets to foster out to temporary homes. Then there is the long drive to the airport. We may have sat navs in our cars these days, but it is all too easy to take a wrong turn. Besides, driving a long distance will still leave you feeling worn out, even when everything goes to plan. So you are not going to relish sitting around waiting to board your plane when you’ve finally arrived…

Best airport hotels around the world Global Grasshopper

However, there is an easier way of doing things, which is why thousands of travellers will book a room in one of the many airport hotels when they are planning their trip abroad. You might still have the long drive to the airport, but you will get a great night’s rest once you’ve arrived, and that will mean that you feel totally refreshed when it comes to boarding your plane.

Money Saving Potential

Airport hotels also come in handy when trying to get the best price for a flight. Many of the cheapest  flights leave very early in the morning which means staying overnight at a nearby hotel and catching your flight early in the morning can often save you a lot of money.

Best airport hotels around the world Global Grasshopper

Airport accommodation can be found in most major tourist cities, but it is always advisable to book it plenty of time in advance. Not only will booking in advance guarantee you of a room, it can also mean a lower price. Some airport hotels will offer a discount to their guests if they are making an online reservation ahead of their day of departure.

To help you with your stay, here are some of the best airport hotels in the major cities around the world, specially chosen for their good value and location.

New York

  • Holiday Inn Express – JFK Airport
  • Fairfield Inn – JFK Airport
  • La Guardia Airport Hotel – La Guardia Airport


Paris (Charles de Gaulle Airport)

  • Comfort hotel CDG
  • Park Inn Paris
  • Novotel Paris CDG Terminal


  • Hotel La Conchiglia Rome Airport
  • Hotel Euro House Rome Airport
  • Courtyard By Marriott – Rome Airport


  • Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport
  • Mercure Hotel Narita


  • Plai Garden Boutique Guesthouse
  • Miracle Suvarnabhumi Airport

Hong Kong

  • Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel


  • Mercure Sydney Airport
  • Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport


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