In BIG Pictures: exploring Antarctica

In BIG Pictures: exploring Antarctica

When we were contacted by blogger and award-winning professional photographer June Jacobsen we were truly blown away by her travel photography, especially of the Antarctica. Here’s the story of her journey and some of her favourite shots of the remote frozen landscapes…

I’d been above the Arctic Circle a few times in my life, and lived up there in Norway for a year as a child, even skied to school on occasion. In the last years I started to think more about the Antarctic Circle on the other half of the globe and started to read – and look at photos – blue ice. I love blue ice.

More than a hundred years ago in 1911, Roald Amundsen of Norway was the first explorer to reach the South Pole. His ship was the FRAM. Today, Norway’s ship company, Hurtigruten, sails an expedition ship into polar waters, both north and south – the MV FRAM. I signed on with them for a 2-week trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, first stopping in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then on to Ushuaia at the southern tip of the country, where we boarded the ship for a nearly 2-day crossing of the Drake Passage, arguably the roughest seas in the world. What followed was simply a string of awe-inspiring sights of massive icebergs of varying hues of blue, visiting with three species of penguins that have no fear of man, and Zodiac excursions in the bays and around wind and water-carved ice sculptures. It was a privilege to visit this most pristine and remote place on earth. Truly amazing scenery, extraordinary, and nowhere else like it on earth.

A ship sailing in the Antarctica

An iceberg in Antarctica

Penguins in Antarctica

An iceberg and penguins in Antarctica

A beautiful scene of an iceberg and ship in Antartica

A huge iceberg in Antarctica



A huge ship in Antarctica

Exploring the coastline of Antarctica

A frozen sea in Antarctica

Beautiful mountains in Antarctica

Tall craggy mountains in Antarctica

All words and photos by our guest blogger June Jacobsen. June is a Master Photographer and owner of a portrait studio on Long Island, New York since 1984. She teaches workshops on portraiture and digital photography and gives presentations on the same as well as her travels to Svalbard in the high Arctic, Lofoten Islands, Norway, Galapagos, Alaska, Antarctica and Kenya, Africa. In 2011 she won the National Geographic Expedition Moments Contest. Jacobsen’s book on Antarctica is available as a free eBook on You may view galleries of portraits, nature and wildlife from around the world on the website,


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