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Beautiful places to try out your Euro language skills

Beautiful places to try out your Euro language skills Global Grasshopper

Many people around the world can speak a second language and it is certainly a useful skill that can help you get ahead, whether you are an avid traveller or fancy working abroad. For many students, old or young, learning a language while sat in a classroom can be a tricky feat. While learning from a textbook or an audio programme will certainly help you pick up the basics if you are new to a language, it can be said that immersing yourself in culture and surrounding yourself with people who are native speakers is best best way to explore your ability to speak another language. Learning a European language? Here’s some of the best places to practice it…

Normandy and the Opal Coast

Beautiful places to try out your Euro language skills Global Grasshopper

While many people head straight to the bright lights of Paris, there are so many other gorgeous areas in France to explore and practice your language abilities. Normandy has huge historical and cultural significance and has built itself a reputation for great food and drink that is all produced locally. This provides a great location to be welcomed by friendly locals while visiting all that Normandy has to offer, including the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, the home of Claude Monet and the Museum of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Likewise, the Opal Coast in the north of France is a charming and picturesque area that offers endless educational excursions to help you connect with the historical value of the area. Get involved in the French culture on the Côte d’Opale by visiting a traditional snail farm or French bakery and pick up a few French phrases along the way. The Opal Coast perfectly combines learning and leisure for a brilliant trip away.


Beautiful places to try out your Euro language skills Global Grasshopper

Barcelona is a stylish and animated city that could keep anyone busy. Representing Antoni Gaudi’s impressive architecture, Barcelona is a Spanish hub of history and culture whether you’re exploring the Gothic Quarter or enjoying a selection of Spanish cuisine at the local tapas bar. Enhance your Spanish skills while exploring the stunning La Sagara Familia or wandering down La Rambla. As Barcelona is part of the Catalonian region, you also have the option to delve into the Catalan language which developed independently from Spanish. Have fun and you will soon find yourself engrossed in the laid back Spanish way of life!


Beautiful places to try out your Euro language skills Global Grasshopper

Berlin is steeped in history but also offers valuable opportunities to grasp the German language. Surround yourself with chances to volunteer your language skills by visiting the Reichstag or visit one of the many museums that document Berlin’s story, such as the Allied Museum or the Holocaust Memorial. Germany’s capital city is a fascinating and captivating place that will enable you to learn traditions and values as well as the language itself. With so many things to see and do, you’ll probably end up picking up a lot more German that you first anticipated!

By exploring these exceptional cities you are opening yourself up to a world of prospects when it comes to absorbing a second language, or maybe even more if you are feeling ambitious! These cities offer a unique and dynamic experience, and if you want to get the most out of a trip abroad, these cities are brilliant in every way from interesting sights to vibrant and fascinating history.

If you’re looking to organise a trip and a take a class of students abroad, it may be worth considering booking it through a specialist travel company that can help you soak up the culture of another country while ensuring an educational value.


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