City spotlight: San Francisco

City spotlight: San Francisco Global Grasshopper

Stretching over an area of about 47 square miles, San Francisco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America. With some of the most recognizable attractions and stunning architecture, history and natural beauty, San Fran and its surrounding areas attract thousands of visitors each year.

Getting to San Francisco

City spotlight: San Francisco Global Grasshopper

Many private travelers come to San Francisco both for business and pleasure. Unlike commercial flights which mainly use San Francisco International (SFO), charter flights can utilize much smaller airports like Oakland International (OAK) and San Jose International (SJC), as well as even more convenient options like Palo Alto (PAO) and Sonoma County (STS). Click here to learn more about private charter flights.

Here are some of San Francisco’s most notable attractions and locations:

The Golden Gate Bridge

City spotlight: San Francisco Global Grasshopper

A simple fact that defines the beauty of this monumental site is that it is one of the most photographed tourist sites on earth. The golden gate bridge is an engineering marvel and has been declared one of the ‘Wonders of the Modern World’ by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Opened in 1937, the bridge joins the city of San Francisco to Marin County, California.

Napa Valley

City spotlight: San Francisco Global Grasshopper

Only a few miles north of San Francisco is the storied wine country region of Napa Valley. Wine connoisseurs and recreational tasters alike will fall in love with Napa, as it offers more than 400 wineries of varied style. Napa is not only renowned for wine-tasting but also for its rich landscapes, fine dining and relaxed atmosphere. Visitors to Napa can also enjoy a range of outdoor activities like biking, hiking and even hot air ballooning.

Palace Hotel, San Francisco

City spotlight: San Francisco Global Grasshopper

A historic landmark hotel in San Francisco and also deemed one of the Historic Hotels of America, the Palace Hotel traces its roots back to 1909. This lavish hotel offers 553 refined guest rooms with exuberant furnishings and amenities. Make your visit an unforgettable memory at the Palace, which offers 3 elegant ballrooms and 53,000 square feet of meeting space with 4 high-caliber boardrooms. A perfect hotel to host elegant meetings or cater special events, the Palace hotel offers something for all kinds of guests.

Alcatraz Island

City spotlight: San Francisco Global Grasshopper

A former federal state penitentiary, Alcatraz Island has been declared a National Historic Landmark. This secluded island in the heart of the San Francisco Bay is famous for once housing some of the most notorious prisoners in US history. Alcatraz has been the subject of several notable books and films, mostly related to daring escape attempts by inmates. With the penitentiary decommissioned in 1969, the island has now become a hugely popular tourist destination in San Francisco.

San Francisco visitor lifestyle

City spotlight: San Francisco Global Grasshopper

San Francisco is home to some of the most beautiful hotels and restaurants in America. With several five-star hotels and gorgeous rental properties peppering the Bay area, guests can surround themselves in luxury and convenience. Additionally, San Fran is renowned for its international cuisine, with amazing restaurants and noteworthy chefs established there. The city plays host to a variety of food festivals and patrons can satisfy almost any craving with the right recommendation.

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  • Lukasz Basisty

    16 August, 2014 at 7:48 am

    I genuinely feel San Francisco is the best city for tourists in California. I prefer it more than Los Angeles because unlike the glamour of Hollywood in LA, there is much more variety to be experienced in San Francisco. Moreover, SF is far cheaper than most of the other American cities.

  • Sarah

    23 July, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Alcatraz is the insider’s secret to visiting San Francicso. We loved to take our out-of-town guests there…you get a cruise on the Bay as well as some entertainment in the re-telling of the stories from ‘The Rock’. What are your favorite places to visit in San Francisco, why?

  • Jay

    22 July, 2014 at 11:28 pm

    San Francisco is another destination on my list of places to go. I hear it’s a city rich with culture. I am so looking forward to visiting soon. Of all the places I’d like to visit, the Golden Gate bridge is near the top of my list. I hear that it’s the perfect place to see the sunset…or sunrise…I forget which. lol


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