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Exploring Prague – the launch of the new Skoda Fabia

Last week we were invited to explore the city of Prague to celebrate the launch of the new Skoda Fabia. As one of their best-selling cars, a redesign was definitely inevitable, and we were lucky enough to test the cars before they hit the market in October. Kirsty Leanne a travel blogger from the KirstyLeanne blog went to the launch on our behalf and also explored the beautiful city of Prague. 

Skoda arranged a massive three-day event with 40 talented influencers from different countries, starting with a family style evening meal at our first hotel, the uniquely and creatively designed (and very cool) Mama ShelterAfter a quick introduction and briefing from the team, we were left to enjoy our starters, mains and desserts like a family, helping ourselves to all of the dishes from the middle of the table. Outside, there was a street artist creating a unique recreation of the Skoda Fabia, giving us our first real look at the car.

The next morning we were encouraged to get breakfast before 10am, then head to one of Mama Shelter’s conference rooms for a quick briefing of the day’s events. Afterwards, we were assigned our Skoda Fabia’s for the weekend and made our way outside to see the cars for the first time.  

Exploring Prague - the launch of the new Skoda Fabia Global Grasshopper

Exploring Prague - the launch of the new Skoda Fabia Global Grasshopper

The first thing on our itinerary was a short drive to the Skoda Auto Digilab, the heart of the future of the Skoda. It was short ten-minute drive, but gave us chance to test drive the cars and see some of the Fabia’s incredible new features. When we arrived at the Skoda Auto Digilab we were split into four groups, where we were given four different, informative presentations on advancements within the company. These included how their technology is being used to grow their initiatives, as well as information on their car share programs – HoppyGo and UniQway.

Exploring Prague - the launch of the new Skoda Fabia Global Grasshopper

After the presentations had finished, we made our way back to the Fabia’s in groups, ready for the hour drive to the Skoda Museum in Mlada Boleslav – where we were greeted with an incredible buffet lunch.

Exploring Prague - the launch of the new Skoda Fabia Global Grasshopper

Following lunch, we were escorted to the Mlada Boleslav Aviation Museum in some of the old Skoda Classics, where we were given free time to explore the museum and try out the flight simulators, ready for the real thing later that afternoon. One of the things Skoda had organised as part of this incredible event, was a flight in an old Russian (11 seater) plane over the Skoda museum and plant. We were split into three different groups, assigned a time and before we knew it we were flying over the museum, giving us a real idea of the magnitude of Skoda as a company.

Once we’d experienced the incredible flight over the Skoda factory, we had a little bit of free time to check into our new hotel, La Romantica, before we made our way back to the museum for an amazing three-course evening meal. Once the meal was over, we had the chance to tour the museum after hours with our own personal tour guide.

Exploring Prague - the launch of the new Skoda Fabia Global Grasshopper

It was incredible to hear the story of Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement, who built the company based on the terrible customer service they received when one off their bikes broke in 1895. Skoda originally sold push bikes and motorbikes, and didn’t actually start manufacturing cars until 1905. We were able to see how the cars had evolved from the 1900’s right up to the cars we know and love today.

After the museum tour we shuttled back to our hotel as we had a busy day ahead of us the next day. The next morning we all met for breakfast before hopping back in our Fabia’s for the day. We had free range to explore the city of Prague for the next 6 hours, getting to know the new Fabia inside out.

Having never visited Prague before we decided to head to some of the city’s most popular spots, starting with the stunning Charles Bridge. With about an hours drive back into the city, we made the most of driving around in the car. Once there, we parked up, wandered from one side of the bridge and back again (taking in the incredible views) before heading to our next destination.

One place that was recommended to us as a must see was the John Lennon Wall, a fascinating mural filled with Beatles lyrics and quotes. The wall itself no longer has the original Lennon mural on it as it has been covered by the layers and layers of graffiti on top, however, it was still incredible to see so many people adding their own messages to the wall.

Exploring Prague - the launch of the new Skoda Fabia Global Grasshopper

After visiting the John Lennon Wall, we made our way to the Wine Food Market, which had been recommended to us for lunch by the Skoda team. When we arrived it was exactly what we had expected, an indoor market style restaurant, with several different stations to order from. The food was incredible and it was great to catch up with the other groups to see whether they had any recommendations for our last few hours in Prague.

Exploring Prague - the launch of the new Skoda Fabia Global Grasshopper

After lunch, we drove to Prague’s Old Town, a stunning area of the city that was like something out of a postcard. We took a slow stroll around, spending our last hour in the city enjoying a cold drink outside in the sun.

Exploring Prague - the launch of the new Skoda Fabia Global Grasshopper

Soon enough it was time to head to the airport for our flight back to London. Although it was a short visit to Prague, we’d like to thank Skoda for giving us a chance to learn more about their history, test drive the new Fabia and for the chance to explore an incredible city.

All words and images by guest blogger Kirsty Leanne. We were a guest of Skoda but as always, all opinions are our own.


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