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Flight hacking with Jack’s Flight Club

If you love travelling you’ve probably spent quite a few hours searching around for the cheapest flight fares. Of course, you can perpetually monitor flight search aggregators or airlines’ websites in pursuit of bargains but what if there was a much simpler solution? Enter Jack’s Flight Club, a newsletter style service which has been creating quite a buzz over the past few years, probably because they’ve been able to save their members quite a significant amount of money. Sound too good to be true? Read on…

What is flight hacking and how does it work?

Flight hacking is the art of finding cheap or discounted airfare. You may or may not be aware, but sometimes airlines arrange secret sales, have solid price drops, or even simply make a mistake on a fare. When such things happen, it becomes possible to get tickets up to 90% cheaper than their regular price.

Jack Sheldon, the founder of Jack’s Flight Club, has fully mastered the art of flight hacking. He cottoned on to the idea after noticing that airlines offered tickets at sometimes unbelievably low prices so this gave him the idea about curating and passing on these deals. The cornerstone of Jack’s Flight Club is software that scans offerings from a multitude of airlines, both premium and low costers, on various destinations to dig out massively discounted tickets. More than an ordinary fare comparison service, instead of just showing you the advertised prices, Jack rummages through the web to discover fantastic proposals the flight services are hiding from you.

Thanks to this form of flight hacking, you can make a return trip from London to Los Angeles for just £199 or fly from Manchester to the Canary Islands and back at a hard-to-believe price of £31. Whenever Jack and his software spot such great deals, he shares them with his million-plus subscribers.

How can you become a member?

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If you want to join all you need to do to join the club is to share your email address and wait for Jack and his team to notify you of the flight fare deals they unearth. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up and you can get a couple of deals straight to your inbox on a weekly basis absolutely for free. If you want to go further you can opt for the Premium membership where you can expect multiple more offers to be dropped into your inbox (see the what’s the difference between premium and free heading).

It’s also worth noting that the service is not affiliated with any airline or flight booking service and they don’t receive a commission when you purchase tickets. Their goal is just to let you know when there are fantastic deals to be had – fares several times cheaper than regular prices. For example, a normal price for a return flight London to Tokyo is £725. Jack managed to find it at a price as low as £258.

What kind of deals can I expect?

Jack’s Flight Club started as a cheap ticket search service for UK and Ireland international flights but has since grown bigger and now covers flights from/to Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. As for destinations, Jack’s Flight Club will help you get to multiple locations in Europe, Asia, Northern America…basically everywhere in the world. The great thing about the service is that it normally supplies you with deals that are 3-10 months out so you don’t have to pack your bags the last minute to get on a plane for cheap.

Jack’s Flight Club notifies you about crazily cheap tickets as soon as they find them. You should keep in mind that great flights sell like hot cakes so you won’t have much time to ponder. Sometimes, when a deal is too good, especially if it is an error fare, an airline may recognize tickets as invalid. However, cancelling a ticket can mean is a huge reputational damage for aviation companies, therefore approximately 60% of the time these mistake fares will be honoured.

What’s the difference between premium and free?

I’ve already mentioned that Jack’s Flight Club has two types of memberships – free and premium. The difference is in the number of alerts you will get weekly and extra perks. The membership is very affordable – the annual subscription costs only £35. You can also choose shorter-duration plans: 3-month memberships are priced at £12, and a 6-month newsletter dispatch costs £19. There is a 30-day refund policy in place, so if something is not to your liking you can get your money back risk-free.

Standard members normally receive 1 or 2 notifications every week while paid subscribers get up to 5 newsletters weekly. The figure may vary depending on how many bargains Jack is able to find. Along with extra offers, premium subscribers are notified of free-level deals one hour before they are dispatched to other members. When flight bargains sell out at the speed of light, it is vital to be one step ahead of fellow travellers.

Another benefit of Premium memberships are newsletters with short-haul flights to the best places for weekend breaks. You will also be able to filter deals and get emails only regarding a selected departure airport, while free members will receive flight alerts for all airports in the UK and Ireland.

The bottom line is that Jack’s Flight Club will supply you with some fantastic deals for international flights that are a fraction of the cost of regular prices. Jack doesn’t collaborate with booking services or airlines so there are no hidden fees or pitfalls. The service is easy to use and each newsletter comes with clues to how to book particular flights. Overall I  personally think it’s a great service for UK travel lovers, also check out their guide on how to use the Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Flights.

This post was brought to you in partnership with Jack’s Flight Club but all our opinions are our own.


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