A quick guide to Montreal, Canada

There’s just something about Montreal that makes it quite unlike any other city in Canada. The something isn’t limited to the sights, sounds and smells of the city, you just seem to feel it wherever you go. Here’s FlightHub’s ultimate guide to exploring all the best that Montreal has to offer.

Take a walk to beautiful Mont Royal

A quick guide to Montreal, Canada Global Grasshopper

Situated in the heart of downtown, this beautiful park is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting the city, no matter how short or long the visit might be. FlightHub suggests starting the walk on up by following the path from Duluth avenue. Follow the winding paths while joggers, families, cyclists and all manner of Montrealers make their way up to the famous lookout. The hike is beautiful no matter the time of year, from the warm summer months the mountain is full of beautiful, lush green leaves. In the fall, watch as the foliage leaves a carpet of golden leaves for you to walk on. If you visit during the winter, take advantage of the fresh powder and bring a sled for ultimate fun in the snow.

Try poutine

A quick guide to Montreal, Canada Global Grasshopper

Knowing where to grab the best poutine is a contentious issue in Montreal. As a poutine mecca, poutine is considered as a gastronomical work of art. Try poutine at La Belle Province, an iconic fast food joint where the dish is both classic and never changing. A poutine from La Bell Pro’ as the locals affectionately call it will leave you feeling full and content. Alternatively check out La Banquise which has over 30 gargantuan combinations of poutine made available to you, who knew fries, cheese and gravy could be combined in so many different ways? FlightHub Review suggests getting the La Elvis, la Duleton or La Taquise if you’re feeling adventurous (and very hungry).

The other option is Orange Julep, an iconic orange stand was established in 1932 and is known as a Montreal landmark for both the structure and their poutine. Open until the wee hours of the morning try their signature julep drink (the recipe of which has long been kept secret), with their perfectly made poutine after a night out on the town.

Visit the Old Port

A quick guide to Montreal, Canada Global Grasshopper

Missing the quaint and beautiful architecture found only in Europe? Then look no further than the Old Port of Montreal. FlightHub thinks a walk around the port is the perfect way to satisfy your European wanderlust while not breaking the bank. Marvel at the beautiful architecture while walking on the narrow cobblestone streets. Pop into warm and inviting cafes or shop in trendy boutiques, the Vieux Port de Montreal has it all.

Get down with Montreal nightlife

A quick guide to Montreal, Canada Global Grasshopper

Montreal is a vibrant city whether it be day or night. With world renowned clubs like Stereo, or Buonanotte, there’s something for everyone when the sun goes down. Make your way to either Crescent Street or St. Laurent Boulevard for prime nightlife spots. Play in some of Montreal’s favourite bars like Le Fitzroy, or Apartment 200. In Montreal, it’s always festival season somewhere so go out and paint the town red!


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