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Free family holiday activities which will keep everyone entertained

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Holidays with your loved ones can provide some of the most cherished moments of your lives, but they nearly always require meticulous preparation. First of all, there is the issue of cost. A family of three, four or even five members can literally explode the parent’s budget, especially if you want to do more than just relaxing on the beach. Next, there is the problem of recreation – not everyone in the group will have the same interests! The solution is to find family activities that are completely free…

Free family holiday activities

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Yes it is possible to find them! If you pick your travel agent well, then some do offer packages of free activities. These activities in most cases include games, sports and numerous other options designed to keep every single member of the family entertained, regardless of his or her age. Here’s some examples of free activity packages in both very different types of destinations…

Free active packages – The Alps


The Alps are an excellent destination for families who seek a tailored combination of leisure and adventure. AlpineElements.co.uk for example offer holiday packs in the Alps with numerous free activities either for a certain number of days (or throughout the whole holiday) including:

  • Mountain and road biking –  the hotel you choose offers all the necessary equipment (like bikes, helmets etc.) as well as proper instruction and guides that will take parents and older children to some of the most adventurous single tracks in Europe. The smaller children are guided through “safer”road routes.
  • White water rafting – rafting can be fun for all members of the family in the Alps. Safety measures are excellent, guides and instructors are highly skilled and will take you to rivers that are ideal for your age, skills and physical fitness.
  • All mountain pro bike experience – more unconventional biking routes are also available so you have a chance for some serious downhill or free ride mountain biking on“pro bikes” (which look more like motorbikes)!
  • Kayaking and paddleboarding – explore serene lakes and tranquil rivers.
  • Nordic walking – walking and hiking with Nordic walking poles can prove fun for the whole family, regardless of age and physical strength. The Alpine views are simply stunning, expect scenery like mountain’s forests, canyons, cliffs and lush green slopes.
  • Swimming – in hotel pools, many also have their own on-site spas.
  • Fitness clubs and kids clubs – to keep all ages entertained.

Free active packages – Greek beach holidays

Pelion Greece

Greek beach holidays, the perennial favourite of many a family – are filled with resorts offering their guests multiple free family activity packs. These can include:

  • Dinghy sailing – sail your small and easily manageable boat to the emerald Mediterranean waters. Tutors will fill some possible gaps of inexperience.
  • Windsurfing – which always includes tuition and the necessary equipment.
  • Kayaking and paddle boarding –  with suitable vessels of all family members.
  • Mountain biking and guiding.

Romantic Europe Greece

  • Sailing cruises.
  • Beach fitness clubs – these often include Zumba and many more.
  • Kids Clubs –  designed to entertain children from 4 to 12 years old.
  • Theme nights and other social events.
  • Club facilities – for your favourite sports, such as tennis, swimming etc.

Agencies will usually suggest to you an initial activities pack, but you will have the opportunity to replace some activities with others that interest you most. Family holidays can be a lot easier than you imagine – just find a trustworthy travel agency, pick the destination and choose the list of activities that will keep all family members entertained throughout the whole holiday! Enjoy!

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