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Interview with Deepak Ohri – CEO of the luxury hotel and restaurant chain lebua


In September we were invited to spend the evening at “Breeze,” Frankfurt’s latest stylish restaurant by Lebua Hotels and Resorts. With a progressive ethos and a prestigious collection of five star hotels and fine restaurants in Thailand, New Zealand and India, lebua is a luxury brand that thinks a little differently. Aiming to go beyond simply offering just excellent service and luxurious decor – they seek to combine unique design, ambience and that extra little special something to create an ’emotional connection’ with the customer delivering a personalised, dedicated service to all their guests.

The brains and drive behind the award-winning brand is the CEO Mr. Deepak Ohri, we were lucky enough to meet and interview him at the new luxury Frankfurt bar and restaurant, lebua’s exciting first venture into Europe…

Breeze Lebua

Why did you choose Frankfurt as the first European location for the new Breeze bar and restaurant?

We love challenges! At lebua we like to change people’s habits, we like to create the destinations, create a lifestyle. Our brand is known for this!

Do you have plans to open a branch in London?

Yes we do one day, not New York though the next place will be Philadelphia. The New York Times listed Philadelphia as third in their places to visit in 2015 so we’ll be going there next!

lebua is known to create ‘experiences’ for guests, could you explain a little more about this?

We offer guests something beyond their expectations. We offer exceptional service, ambience, decor and a certain level of confidence. We’re confident in whatever we are giving you is the best, not in an arrogant manner, but in a sophisticated and elegant manner. It’s the combination of all these things which makes our experience stand out.

lebua CEO interview

How did it all start?

We started in 2003 when we found a venue in Bangkok which so very run down that no interior designer wanted to work there at first! Then we finally gathered a team of talented designers and architects from all corners of the globe who understood our vision for the property in Bangkok and together we worked hard to achieve the dream. Our vision was that we wanted to sell an ‘experience’ instead of just a standard bar and restaurant.

What inspired you to go down this route?

I always wanted to live the high life (he said with a chuckle)!

Where did the name Breeze come from?

When you’re creating experiences/emotions then it has be something you can feel. A breeze is something you can feel so that’s why we chose the name.

Breeze Lebua1

Where you inspired by other entrepreneurs before you started the brand?

No I just started talking to people to understand what their need was, I then transferred this to hospitality and catering industry.

When opening bars and restaurants do you think it’s best to partner with already established hotels or stand alone?

Stand alone works best because then you always have your own identify. We are very particular about our identity.

After opening in Philadelphia where are the next destinations on your list?

London, actually we had plans to open a new branch there but unfortunately the location we chose fell through. Monte Carlo and Paris is also next on our list.

You’ve won a lot of awards over the years which one is your personal favourite?

My biggest award is seeing my customers happy!

What’s the most interesting culinary experience someone can expect at one of your restaurants?

We’re very proud of the £15,000 dessert we offer at Sirocco (Oak at Sirocco is listed under The world’s most expensive desserts 2013 by the Telegraph).

Lebua Breeze 8

And finally what is your personal favourite cocktail?

It used to be Hangovertini (which was specially produced by the lebua bar team to celebrate the Bangkok lebua bar starring in the Hangover 2 film) until I tried a saketini! Try it at the Frankfurt bar it’s incredible! 

For reservations head to lebua Breeze Frankfurt. 

We were invited by guests of lebua but all our opinions are our own. 


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