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The Jurni suitcase review – the sit-on carry-on case from Trunki

It’s not very often that a new travel accessory comes along that claims to be a game-changer, but the Jurni suitcase – the brand new carry on case aimed at young (and young at heart!) travellers could definitely fall into this category. Not only does it look good – in a bold, slightly futuristic way – it’s geared up to stow away your tech in handy compartments and even doubles as a seat. If you’re feeling a little playful then you can also have a glide round on it too – well waiting around for your flight can get a little dull sometimes! Here’s our Jurni suitcase review…

For starters, the Jurni suitcase has very impressive credentials, produced by the UK based Magmatic, the same company behind the fun kid’s suitcase Trunki. The Trunki was famously rejected by the celebrity investors on Dragons’ Den (an episode we remember well!) but went on to become a huge success. The Jurni was created to give the next generation, their own space when travelling, to sit and have instant access to their travel must-haves and it looks like it’s a very popular concept – the new project was crowdfunded on the Indiegogo platform and raised more than $28,000 of its $30,000 (£20,000) goal in pre-orders in a single day.


We were given a Jurni suitcase to review on our recent trip to Northern Ireland so we got to see for ourselves whether it lived up to the hype…

It’s main features

The Jurni suitcase has been designed to solve a few traveller’s problems. Firstly the fact that airports are getting more crowded so longer queues and lack of seating are becoming more of an issue, secondly most people now need quick access to their travel tech and lastly most luggage lack’s usability once at your destination. So with this in mind the Jurni has these main features…


The design

Jurni case

Jurni is obviously aimed at the younger image-conscious traveller with black as its main colour and a cobalt blue, lava red or fusion pink contrasting colour. It’s has a slightly futuristic look to it and the design is bold enough to make you stand out from the crowd but won’t make you look ridiculous either.

Storage space and functionality

Jurni case reviewed

It has a fairly generous capacity of 25 litres and has a sturdy but lightweight structure and could definitely withstand a few knocks here and there – very handy for the teenage market! The patented design (called the i-Beam) can take up 220lb (100kg) of sitting load and fitting snuggly at the top of the Jurni is splash-proof, easy-to-access pod where we personally stored our iphone, passport and travel documents. This is the detachable bit so we were able to pop it out and keep it with us in our seats while the main luggage was stored in the hold.

Inside the main suitcase the space can be split in half using the movable, coloured shelf which is great for splitting up your used and unwashed clothes. There’s also a zig zag elastic straps on the inside of the door which acts as great place to store magazines etc. Another cool feature is that if you break any parts on your Jurni suitcase a replacement part can easily be sourced and clipped into place where the broken part once stood.

The verdict

Jurni carry on

Although we’re a little out of the target age range (and a little too tall to sit on it without feeling a little awkward) we could definitely see the attraction in the Jurni – we loved the handy, well thought out compartments and the eye-catching design. Having said that though there probably is a bit of room for improvement, one of the main things being the buttons (to open and close the case) were a little stiff and if you had long fingernails you could become dangerously close to breaking them! Overall though it’s quite an exciting piece of luggage and if the popularity of its crowdfunding campaign is anything to go by we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s going to eventually become as ubiquitous as the Trunki!

Jurni retails at £80 find out more at Trunki.com


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