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Keeping entertained while travelling

Keeping entertained while travelling Global Grasshopper

Guest writer and long-term traveller Sophie Watkins tells us how she fights the boredom while on the road…

Travel is easily one of the most fun things you can do in life. However, while you may love the end destination, travelling itself can be something of a bore.

With seemingly endless flights, lengthy train rides and extended bus journeys, this isn’t really surprising. That’s why I’m sharing my favourite tips to keep you entertained, comfortable and refreshed during your travels….


Keeping entertained while travelling Global Grasshopper

In the past, most people tucked a packet of cards and a book in their hand luggage to keep them entertained. However, the advent of new technology has significantly altered this.

A tablet computer is one of the best ways to keep amused during a journey. Not only can you play a wealth of games, you can access thousands of apps, listen to music, review your photos and watch movies – perfect if your tastes differ from the in-flight movie!

Due to their recent surge in popularity, the price of tablets has dropped significantly. Take a look at the range of tablet computers available at Viking: they have something to suit all budgets, from the affordable Busbi device, to big-name brands like Apple. Whichever one you go for, make sure you invest in a protective case to keep your device safe.

Finishing your book mid-flight can be a nightmare, as you will have to find alternative ways to keep busy. You could pack more than one book, but it’s an unnecessary weight to add to your already bulging hand luggage. Instead, why not invest in an Amazon Kindle?

This clever device can hold thousands of books and store its charge for about eight weeks. It also has an anti-glare surface, even in sunlight – perfect for extended vacations to sunnier climes!

One thing travellers miss most about home is their music collection. However, portable devices like the iPod and MP3 player have changed this. Load them up with all your favourite tunes and pick up a pair of quality headphones – having them break on you mid-journey is a no-no! Beats by Dre are a popular choice, providing excellent sound quality that can drown out even the most annoying of passengers.


Keeping entertained while travelling Global Grasshopper

If you’re travelling in economy class, you’ve probably had to compromise on your comfort for a great price. With limited leg room and unpadded seats, you’ll need to enhance your comfort however you can.

Sleeping while travelling is a great way to catch up on some much needed rest, but it can often result in stiff, aching necks. Avoid this by investing in a neck pillow; simply slot it around your neck for extra support during your snoozes. These are relatively cheap to buy, with retailers like Soak & Sleep offering this memory foam one for just £6.50.

When flying, you can often find that the cabin is quite cold – especially if you’ve decided to travel in shorts and t-shirts, ready for arrival at your sun-drenched destination! A blanket can help to keep you warm during the journey, but packing one in your bag can take up a lot of space. Most airlines allow you to buy a good size, foldaway fleece blanket during your flight that you can reuse again and again.


If you’re travelling with kids in tow, you’ll know how difficult it is to stay clean. All it takes is one messy sandwich or a spilt drink for you to arrive at your destination looking far from presentable.

To help keep clean, you should always pack some wet wipes into your hand luggage, so you can tackle any mess that may occur. Travel-size packs, like these from Boots, are available to help you save some crucial space too and are a great way to refresh during the flight.


  • Avatar

    Tiana Kai

    13 January, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    Instagram saves me…when I have wifi. I’ve always used photography as a boredom killer, so it comes in handy now that I can share my travels with more people thanks to the internet!

  • Avatar

    NZ Muse

    10 January, 2014 at 1:35 am

    The internet is a wonderful thing. Basically everywhere has better and faster and cheaper internet than in NZ, so we were hardly ever stuck for entertainment while travelling RTW.


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