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Launch of a revolutionary new Travel App – ToMyCar

Launch of a revolutionary new Travel App - ToMyCar Global Grasshopper

There are hundreds of travel apps launched every year but there’s precious few that really stand out. Enter ToMyCar, a revolutionary new car hire app developed by Europcar, the leaders in car hire services in Europe. Hiring a car when you’re travelling can be a huge hassle especially when you get off your flight bewildered and jetlagged and then you face a huge queue to pick up your car hire keys when you’re just itching to get to your hotel. During the summer in the South of France we even waited an hour and half once to pick up our car hire keys – not a great start to the trip.

ToMyCar harnesses the latest mobile technology to eliminate the stress and the time wastingly long waiting queues. When travellers download the app they can actually locate and unlock their hired car from their phone completely eliminating the need for picking up the keys from the desk and returning them afterwards – potentially saving you a lot of time!

Launch of a revolutionary new Travel App - ToMyCar Global Grasshopper

The app offers customers a VW Golf 7, 1.6D (guaranteed) with a snazzy all inclusive package consisting of a Sat Nav, Mobile Wi-Fi, roadside assistance and zero excess on any potential accidents. To book the car customers can head to europcar.co.uk/tomycar. This is where you can make the reservation and then receive email instructions on how to download the ToMyCar app. The app will provide a map of where you can pick up the car and enable you to download a key to access your car via your smartphone and drive your car to your travel destination straight away. Any vehicle damage that the driver spots before using the car can also be reported via the Travel App.

We personally think it’s a great idea and although it’s only currently available in four UK destinations at the moment – London Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh airports and Excel London there’s plans to roll out to the rest of Europe, so finger’s crossed!

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