Caribbean Liming in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Caribbean Liming in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Another installment from our trip to Saint Vincent and The Grenadines (SVG) as part of Liming Live week, here are a few highlights from our time exploring the island of St Vincent…

I wasn’t entirely sure what day it was, but I was lying, wide awake, in a bed once slept in by Johnny Depp, wondering when I would ever sleep again. I had hoped to sleep soundly after the tough ascent and descent La Soufriere Volcano, but it didn’t seem to be happening. I listened to the incredible noise of the night; animals and insects croaking and calling, and waves crashing against the beach. Sleep suddenly seemed underrated.

Young-Island-Cottage 6

My cottage on Young Island – along with its celebrity endorsement – was a beachside retreat, with a private deck, a hammock and a mini pool. Young Island is separated from the St Vincent mainland by a tiny strait of water, and the on-call boat zips guests across in no time. On arrival we were warmly welcomed by Ivan holding a tray of rum punch cocktails – something we became quite accustomed to by the end of our week.

Young Island beach

Young Island is a lush tropical private island with a swim-up bar, sandy beaches and fantastic outdoor dining. The friendly staff serve up the best of Vincy cuisine, and mix fine drinks. With only 29 cottages, a tennis court, lagoon pool and small spa, the island feels remote, but not cut off.

Dark View Falls, St Vincent

Our St Vincent tour took us to Dark View Falls – a 100ft waterfall dropping into a shallow pool on the leeward side of the island. Crossing the rope and bamboo bridge over a fast flowing river, we walked the short trail to the falls and cooled off in the water.

Dark View Falls snail

The lush vegetation surrounded us, giving a secluded feel to the place, and we spotted a beautiful – almost luminous – blue snail on the rocks, temporarily diverting our attention from the volcano-formed falls behind us.

St-Vincent Liming Week

Back on the coastal road, we weaved our way around the island, with taxis and trucks swerving in and out as traffic slowed. For a nation well-versed in the art of Liming, the Vincy people like to get to their destinations quickly.

Kingstown St Vincent

Kingstown, the capital of St Vincent is a bustling town and main port – hot and noisy, it buzzes with cars, buses, carts and a constant soundtrack of booming bass, engines and horns. Cruise ships drop passengers for a few hours, but the town is mainly frequented by locals – trading and shopping. Kingstown is known as the ‘City of Arches’ and its colonial past is evident, not just in the architecture.

St-Vincent Liming

St Vincent’s rustic charm is very easy to love – the laid-back way of life, the fine food, and the stunning scenery all make for a perfect alternative to the usual Caribbean haunts.


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