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The best Luxury spa and wellness centers around the world

The best Luxury spa and wellness centers around the world Global GrasshopperPhoto: Stuck in Customs

If you’re looking for luxury resorts for health, relaxation, fitness and wellness around the world then here is a list of the very best.  The properties that we’ve included that go beyond the usual ‘resort with spa’ – all of them offer tailored programmes which will help you make changes towards a healthier lifestyle in unique and permanent ways. Here is my guide to the very best Luxury spa and wellness centers around the world:


I spent an amazing week in the Monchique Mountains of Portugal learning Thai Chi and practicing yoga with Gordon Sillence (the Director of Wellness) and I would thoroughly recommend AlmaVerde as one of the world’s luxury resorts for health, fitness and wellbeing. All of the programmes and treatments at AlmaVerde Wellness Centre are developed following the holistic approach of treating a human body as a whole, looking at all aspects of human mental and social existence.

The Americas

The best Luxury spa and wellness centers around the world Global GrasshopperPhoto: lyng883

The BodyHoliday in St Lucia is great for anyone interested in health and well-being whether you’re old or young, fit or unfit, looking for adventure or relaxation or just looking to rediscover themselves. The resort’s Centre of Health & Well-being, ‘The Oasis’, is the Caribbean’s most award-winning spa. From non-stop relaxation to non-stop activity and anything in between this resort means pleasure, rejuvenation and relaxation. You’ll leave this resort feeling totally rejuvenated both mentally and physically.


Rated as Asia’s Favourite Destination spa by Conde Nast Traveller 2009 readers, Chiva-Som aspires to provide its guests with a total lifestyle transformation to achieve wellness and longevity with a continuing programme of self-improvement. You can also indulge in the award-winning Spa cuisine which uses organically-grown fruits and vegetables from the Chiva-Som garden, proving low calorie, nutritious, gourmet food experience.

The best Luxury spa and wellness centers around the world Global GrasshopperPhoto: Dennis Wong


Here you can get healthy ‘low carbon footprint’ style whilst still indulging yourself. The Ora Ora Eco Spa Resort is an Eco Wellness Resort which combines luxurious private villa accommodation, organic gourmet food and re-juvenating spa and massage treatments. Both the Makai Restaurant and Maora Wellness Centre (where the treatments take place) offer exceptional and friendly service.


Situated near Cape Town, The Hydro has become a world leader in the holistic approach. It aims for a clear mind, healthy body and positive mental attitude. The Hydro has five basic principles; diet to cleanse, treatments to rejuvenate, exercise, relaxation and lifestyle motivation. The knowledge imparted during your stay will continue to enrich and add value, encompassing peace and harmony in the body, mind and spirit.


Scott started his travelling life back in 1999, when he headed off on a solo jaunt to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia with just a backpack, a camera and a spirit for adventure. After that, the travel bug bit hard and now he is always seeking to head off somewhere new. Over the years he has lived in Italy, Qatar, Ireland and the UK but his spiritual home will always be Rome as this is the city which most satisfies his unrelenting craving for culture, good food and football. Scott loves nothing better than to be behind the camera and has also just started his own blog called Bars and Spas. As well as Rome he also counts Melbourne and Tel Aviv among his favourite places and now permanently resides in Dublin. Follow Scott on Google+ and Twitter


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