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  • The Mercure #6FriendsTheory competition – what happened next!

The Mercure #6FriendsTheory competition – what happened next!

The Mercure #6FriendsTheory competition - what happened next! Global Grasshopper

Back in January we posted about the fun and intriguing competition launched by the large hotel chain, Mercure. The international competition was based around the famous theory of six degrees of separation. First suggested by Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy, he theorised that everyone is only six or fewer steps away (by way of introduction). The competition offered one lucky winner a chance to set out around the world to test the legendary theory and we were very intrigued to find out what happened…

The Mercure #6FriendsTheory competition - what happened next! Global Grasshopper
Well, after a huge international casting call and hundreds of video applications later, lucky Ludovica Loda a 21 year-old Italian lady was finally selected. After winning the competition she embarked on an exciting 46 day trip around the world which took her to the home countries of the five friends linking her to Nigel, an Aboriginal from the Bundjalung tribe in Australia. Starting in Rome, her journey took her to Paris, Berlin, London, Rio, South Africa, Bali and then finally Byron Bay, Australia, staying in all Mecure hotels.
During the whole trip, Ludovica had literally no idea where she was going, she only knew she was travelling to test the #6degreestheory. In each of the destinations she was guided by Mercure hoteliers who told her where should would meet a new friend of a friend who revealed her next destination while a production team filmed her incredible encounters.
The Mercure #6FriendsTheory competition - what happened next! Global Grasshopper
Packed with unforgettable experiences, we have to admit we were pretty envious of her journey as her travel tales include an initiation to graffiti in Paris, wild nights in Berlin, samba lessons in Rio and bivouac classes in South Africa! Not bad huh?
Since May 13th, Mercure have been unveiling the web series of Ludovica’s trip on their Facebook page so the “Six Friends” community have been able to follow a new episode of Ludovica’s adventures every two days! Curious? We definitely are!
Watch the The Six Friends Theory web series trailer now:

Web Série

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