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How to keep your money safe while travelling

How to keep your money safe while travelling Global Grasshopper

Imagine you are in a foreign country where you hardly know anyone. Perhaps, you are on your dream vacation and have saved boatloads of money for this much-awaited trip. But, god forbid, your ATM card gets stuck in a money-vending machine. Or you are being mugged and robbed off your possessions. Everything, your cash, credit and ATM cards, is gone. This could be your worst nightmare, right?! So finding ways to ensure the safety of your money at all times and having backup plans in case of such untoward happenings is something you shouldn’t overlook. Here are a few tips to consider how to keep your money safe while travelling.

Store your money in different places

How to keep your money safe while travelling Global Grasshopper

When it comes to travelling, the golden rule is never to keep your money in one place. Just carry enough cash to meet the day’s expense and leave the rest in your room, preferably in your hotel’s safety locker. Secret pant pockets, bra stashes, and underwear pockets are also a few of the options to consider. This way, you will be able to fall back on these resources in case of emergency situations. And remember not to reveal these secret spots in public places. That will certainly call for trouble.

Take advantage of online money transfer

Online money transfer is a secure, hassle-free and cost-effective option to move your money abroad. You can either opt for direct cash or bank account transfers. However, for the latter, you should have a bank account in the country you are travelling to. Online financial companies like Azimo provide convenient ways to transfer money to most countries. Be it Europe, America, Africa or Asia, you can easily get more cash as you travel. This will certainly reduce the burden of carrying a large sum of money while you journey around the world. And even if something unlikely happens and you get stranded, online money transfer could be your saviour.

Carry a fake wallet

If you are travelling to places with higher risks of theft and robbery, keeping a dummy wallet is something you should consider seriously. Just fill a wallet with local currencies and sample credit cards and make it look genuine. This fake wallet will help you buy some time as you can throw it away (of course, after some initial resistance!) while you get mugged.

Use debit & credit cards with care

How to keep your money safe while travelling Global Grasshopper

From making a reservation to shopping something expensive, these plastics are absolutely helpful for money-free travelling. However, always have access to emergency phone numbers and financial information to immediately block your cards and notify your bank and local police if they are lost. And never leave your credit and ATM cards lying in the open even in your hotel rooms. Also, avoid using those secluded ATMs whenever possible.


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