#NoFilter Switzerland competition


In October we were asked to judge the #NoFilter competition with London City Airport here’s a round up of all the lovely contenders…

London City Airport’s #NoFilter project has been championing original travel photography by asking travellers to share their favourite unedited images of Switzerland. With photo filters banned, the images capture the true essence of the country, contributed from local Swiss residents and keen travellers. The following gallery shares some of the best #NoFilter photos from the project, with thoughts from the bloggers involved about what Switzerland means to them:

Lubka’s #NoFilter Switzerland:

“My photos are certainly not claiming to be professional, but I want to share the beautiful city of Geneva nevertheless. The photos I chose capture the everyday life of a working city. I know many see Geneva as a ‘touristic’ place, but together with its classic European architecture and beautiful sights, it is a working busy city with its cosy coffee shops, sheltered bus stops and ornamented buildings.”


Rachel’s #NoFilter Switzerland:

“To be honest, I seldom do much filtering in post-processing anyway. It’s much better that way: time spent in front of the computer tweaking pictures is time I could be spending out and about, doing something else. I’ve visited Switzerland for one of two reasons; when I was studying physics in college, and we took a couple of trips to CERN – where the most exciting stuff is deep underground – and to ski, where the excitement happens on the side of a mountain.”


Taylor’s #NoFilter Switzerland:

“Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have visited Switzerland in the winter and the summer and in each season Switzerland is breath taking! This giant fork is found in Lake Geneva in Vevey. It’s a beautiful place, and on Tuesday and Saturday mornings they have a fantastic market where you can pick up some traditional food. They also have second hand stalls where I fell in love with a vintage fur coat. Fashion lovers, food lovers, and everyone in between, Vevey is a place you have to visit while in Switzerland.”


Ashley’s #NoFilter Switzerland:

“Since moving to Geneva last year, I find myself constantly in awe of the incredible beauty of this country. Whether it’s the stunning, crystal clear lakes or the surrounding mountain peaks, everyday activities such as flying, running, or commuting home from work are more beautiful than anywhere I’ve lived previously. I love this project as it’s made me more conscious of the dependency I’ve developed for filters when using my iPhone!”


Carolyn’s #NoFilter Switzerland:

“Switzerland is one country that needs no enhancement. It’s a land of beauty wherever you look. From crystal clear lakes to snow-capped peaks, fast-flowing streams to flower-filled fields, Switzerland is firmly ensconced as one of the most beautiful countries I have visited. Pretty, gelati-coloured houses brighten the streets of Appenzell, known for its cheese production and, day or night, Lucerne is one of Switzerland’s prettiest cities. The setting sun on a snow-capped Chapel Bridge creates a pretty but eerie illusion.”



Tracy’s #NoFilter Switzerland:

“We’re lucky enough to have several friends living in Switzerland, which means we get to go there on holiday quite a lot. As our friends (unfortunately) have to work while we are holidaying, we usually end up doing day trips around Switzerland, and so we’ve seen a lot of the country (and eaten a lot of delicious Swiss specialities). My first photo was taken from the chocolate train window as we wove our way through the mountains. It’s a landscape which for me is immediately identifiable as Swiss: blue skies, mountains, green grass and water: you can almost smell the freshness through the photo. My next photo is taken from another day trip we made: from Lausanne to Evian across Lake Geneva. The boat ride across the lake takes less than an hour and you are surrounded by stunning views.”



Oana’s #NoFilter Switzerland:

“Switzerland is a very emotionally-charged place for me, full of beautiful memories and still unfulfilled travelling potential. A summer children’s camp in Lausanne was the place where I won my first earnings! They were more like pocket money, in all honesty, and which I spent swiftly on a “chocolat chaud” imagining how life must look like through the eyes of proper posh ladies like the ones in the picture below:”


Uma’s #NoFilter Switzerland:


“Switzerland is a land of dreams and visiting this place on our recent bus tour to Europe was a dream come true. We entered Switzerland and upon arrival visited Lucerne, where we saw the Swiss Lion Monument. Travelling towards the city is the main tourist attraction – a pair of historic bridges named the Chapel Bridge and the Spreuer Bridge. In Geneva, the gigantic broken chair constructed by the carpenter Louis Genève lies right in the heart of city of Place des Nations. It is an impressive work of art designed by Geneva artist Daniel Berset for the NGO Handicap International, sending out a message to remember the landmine victims who have lost their legs or hands in the fields due to the landmines and promotes landmine bans.”

Deeptha’s #NoFilter Switzerland:

“I travelled to Switzerland a couple of years back with my husband and it was a dream come true. With its amazing natural beauty, numerous lakes, stunning mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls and snow-topped peaks, Switzerland offers plenty of photography subjects. We visited Jungfrau which offers stunning and spectacular scenery – scenery which one will cherish for a long time. We visited Geneva; the third biggest city in Switzerland and also the city where you find the world’s tallest fountain. And finally we also visited the Lauterbrunnen Valley which comprises the village of Lauterbrunnen, the Staubbach Falls and a few other small villages.” 



Switzerland has clearly enraptured many a visitor, with sublime mountain countryside that’s wonderful for hiking in the summer, to the fantastic opportunities for skiing in the winter. Whether you choose to hike the trails of Graubünden, explore the alpine capital of Bern, take to the slopes in Verbier or attend Europe’s largest techno street parade in Zurich, Switzerland offers an outdoors escape like no other. Find out more about Switzerland with London City Airport


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