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Private jets – not just for rock stars & billionaires?

Private jets – not just for rock stars & billionaires? Global Grasshopper

Aside from being incredibly cool, private jet travel offers a world of convenience and luxury that many people do not fully appreciate. For most private flyers the main points of attraction to charter aviation are time savings, trip flexibility and comfort. When using an air charter service, you can utilize almost any regional airport available, never have to wait on security or check-in lines and have massive amounts of cabin space and private bathrooms to stretch out in.

Read on for a few types of events that private travellers not named Justin Bieber often fly for:


College Graduations – Many proud parents encounter scheduling nightmares during graduation season. With most of these milestone events happening on the same summer weekends in all areas of the country, many families are forced to split up or select only a portion their kid’s ceremonies to attend.  Commercial travel, apart from being entirely unreliable, often simply cannot accommodate the tight scheduling requirements of a multi-stop graduation tour. On the other hand, private jet travellers can completely tailor a weekend flight itinerary to meet almost any demanding timeline.

Romantic Getaways – A perfect romantic getaway can only be achieved when your special one receives the absolute luxury that they deserve. You can’t get this kind of luxury in a crowded commercial flight. Soak in the view of the exquisite beaches of Hawaii or go on a shopping spree in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, all by your own private charter flight. What better setting for a romantic date?These and other unique, luxurious experiences are at the disposal of private travellers.

Family Vacations – Planning a ski trip or outdoor excursion with your family can often lead to massive headaches and logistical issues. Such trips that involve loads of gear and often happen in remote places can be a nightmare to plan and execute. With a private jet charter, your family can load all their skis, bags and equipment into a dedicated cargo area, and then fly direct to the closest regional airport to the final destination. Kids will never ask ‘Are we there yet?!’ when strapped into a huge leather chair watching TV or playing Xbox.

Flying in a charter plane makes travelling convenient and comfortable, to say the least.  With total flexibility to land at thousands of local airports not accessible by commercial airlines, private travellers save hours of time and heaps of stress. Whether for a family event, business engagement or simply as an experience itself, private jets offer a major upgrade to any travel experience.

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