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RueBaRue review – a revolutionary new travel app

RueBaRue review - a revolutionary new travel app Global Grasshopper

We’ve all been there – you’ve booked you flights, found your hotel and now you’ve run out of time to plan what to do when you get there. Well instead of hours of last minute internet trawling (or hiring your very own travel planner) the new travel app RueBaRue allows you to quickly and easily plan out your own trip! You can either by the time saving starter itinerary or – if you’re a bit more of a control freak – make one yourself completely from scratch. It’s the level of detail of RueBaRue which is what is really exciting about this app though. It uses interactive real time technology, which means instead of searching through several different websites to find addresses, directions, how long it will take to get there and the best way, the app cleverly pulls all in the information in a neat, user friendly package.

RueBaRue review - a revolutionary new travel app Global Grasshopper

They have two aims – one to curate information for every destination in the world (using a system of data analysis) and the second to provide travellers with a single tool which enables you to choose and plan your trip itinerary. No more guessing what to pack before you head off, no more wondering how many attractions you can squeeze in a weekend and no more deliberating how to get to one attraction to the next and long it will take – quite revolutionary! At this present time it offers seventeen of the most popular city destinations from around the globe (London, Rome, New York etc.) but more are planned for the future. After a recent but fairly rushed trip to Athens we loved the city so much we decided to head back and see all the main sites properly, so we used the RueBaRue app to plan our itinerary…

Using RueBaRue

RueBaRue review - a revolutionary new travel app Global Grasshopper

We fired up the app, selected Athens as our chosen destination, inputted the trip dates and then it offered us three options. If you’re completely clueless about what attractions to add it’s best to head for the suggestion list of the city’s top attractions. For Athens it features everything you’d expect – the Acropolis, the Arch of Hadrian etc. and a few more you wouldn’t – Lake Vouliagmeni and the picturesque neighbourhood of Anafiotika. You can also filter by popularity, alphabetically or by categories like “family friendly,” “must see” or “art lovers” – we particularly liked this feature as it makes it much easier to sort places you are only personally interested in seeing!

RueBaRue review - a revolutionary new travel app Global Grasshopper RueBaRue review - a revolutionary new travel app Global Grasshopper

As you click in the attraction it shows a detailed description, photos, a map, nearby places and also the recommended length of stay. This another great feature as this is one of the most trickiest parts of itinerary planning! I mean it’s not always easy to guess how long you’ll spend wandering around say…the Temple of Zeus? Well just an hour according to RueBaRue – thanks guys!

RueBaRue review - a revolutionary new travel app Global Grasshopper

Next you can start planning out your itinerary – and as we mentioned before you can either plan a trip from a starter guide of their suggestions or plan a trip from scratch where you can add only the attractions you want to see. Your city trip itinerary is then neatly arranged out for you, but it’s the attention to detail that we were most impressed with – it will add in the time you need to allow to get each attraction, the distance between them and the best method of how to get there (giving you options for either walking, public transport or taking the taxi). You can even set the pace you want to travel around and the interactive itinerary will change according to your chosen energy levels – pretty neat!

RueBaRue review - a revolutionary new travel app Global Grasshopper RueBaRue review - a revolutionary new travel app Global Grasshopper

As fans of under-the-radar places we would have liked to have seen a few more less touristy suggestions on the attractions list and also a couple of restaurants to keep the foodies happy too. Although saying that you’re not limited to just the suggestions from the app – the inbuilt search engine offers you the chance to type in almost any attraction or hotel which will then download all the relevant information for you. It will also send you an alert if an attraction is closed or you’re not allowing enough time between visits and give you a chance to save your trip itineraries too.

Overall it really is a fantastic app – perfect for the directionally challenged and those who are short on time (which lets face it, who isn’t these days?) It’s one of those apps that you can’t believe someone haven’t thought of before – it could literally save you hours of planning! It’s also free to download so if you don’t have a personal travel planner handy on speed dial then RueBarRue can offer a smarter, and much more cost effective alternative!

How to download

RueBaRue is FREE to download in the app store or head to their website RueBaRue for more travel and itinerary ideas.


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