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The secret to booking cheaper travel deals online

Any observant web user will realise travel companies have quite a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to squeezing as much money out of you as possible. One little trick hits the pockets of people who hesitate on booking up their dream holiday. For example if you check out a price online with travel booking sites (from everything from airlines to city tours) the prices often mysteriously increases the next time you return to the website to make an actual booking.

It used to be thought of as a bit of an urban myth, but many websites do actually place cookies on your computer (this is how they magically remember your name and address details). We did a little experiment for ourselves recently to see if this does really happen. We first looked at a flight on a well known airline booking website and the first price was £187, but when we browsed a couple of sites and then went back into the original site, only a few minutes later the price had changed to £212!

The secret to booking cheaper travel deals online Global Grasshopper

If you want to erase the crumb trail, one proposed antidote would be to delete browser cookies, before, during and after shopping but to be honest it’s a pretty annoying and painful task for even the most Internet savvy. There is a more simple solution, Tunnel Bear VPN enables you to browse privately with just one click. The application sits on your desktop and works like an extra layer of protection – the private browsing options takes care of clearing the cookies, cache, passwords etc. putting you back in control of your web browsing! It’s also a VPN service with a sense of humour with a loveable giant-sized animated bear and plenty of play on words, like instead of sleep mode it goes into “hibernation” – very cute! 

One of the biggest benefits of private browsing for travellers is this means no more mysterious price hikes when you return to book that flight/holiday/trip/tour you’ve been previously browsing. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Features of Tunnel Bear

  • Fun and simple to use Virtual Private Network service.
  • Browse the internet with more privacy.
  • Tunnel around censored and blocked websites.
  • Allows you to access things you might have trouble accessing from abroad like films, TV, Music, Downloads – very handy for travelling!
  • Can be used on a laptop, iPhone or iPad.
  • There’s a new app for iOS and Android which are now available for download where you can connect, reconnect and stay connected for 24/7 mobile browsing privacy.

Download a TunnelBear!


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