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Where did you sleep last night – a traveller’s tale of bad accommodation

Father Ted's house

In this sponsored post Kaylim Rich tells the worst places he’s stayed over the years and the better alternatives you can choose..

I’m not always sure when that moment is exactly; you know, the one when you and your travel buddy decide it’s time to dust off the passport. The newfound enthusiasm that will see you order the chicken over the fish, often comes after a night of sharing old travel stories over a bottle of good wine. Sometimes it’s when you see a plane flying overhead and you wonder where they might be off to. Once the idea is planted, it’s watered by almost everything except your bank balance and then you need to start asking the right kinds of questions: Where are we going to go, when, for how long and are we going to ‘rough’ it, or be served by men in bowties?

Personally, my first few questions will determine where I sleep. This is a biggie to me. I can do a wafer-thin hiking sponge whatsit for a night or two and I’ll sleep in a youth hostel in the room next to the kitchen if I must, but not for the long haul. I’m NO travel snob but who wants to barter for that ‘same same’ t-shirt with 15 minutes sleep? This is where experience comes in. I’ve made too many bad choices, which somehow make for great stories for the kids, many years later, but now that I’m getting older, I’m really keen on a plush bed. So, here’s my ‘worst of the worst’ list…


I stayed in a room above a Bangkok nightclub, yes it was noisy and yes I wouldn’t recommend it. The head board even came off the wall and fell on my head. (This would explain the blood stains I found all over when I arrived; this obviously happened to someone else before me!!)


I’ve been promised the room ‘as seen on the website’ in Argentina to get the equivalent of a World War 2 air raid bunker, with a 24 hour bus stop outside the window. It wasn’t really a window, it was a stroke of architectural genius, that saw a tiny hole in the wall, amplify a 3am busker’s out-of-tune guitar to 1000 Db!

I’ve also been in a room on a Thai island where the holes in the wall where patched by wet toilet paper and the manager warned me to ‘not let any monkey’s in’ and in Hong Kong I’ve been given a bed with Mickey Mouse bedding and an air conditioner that was louder than the airplane I arrived on. I could go on, but I think you get why, that on many of my travels, the economy class seat behind ‘Mr Inconsiderate’ has seen some of my best hours of shut eye.

I’d rather miss all that craziness and rent a house like you can do through housetrip.com. I’d love to read your comments on what you’re prepared to put up with to save some money, so drop them down in the comment section.

Written by guest writer and seasoned traveller Kaylim Rich


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