Surprisingly romantic Brit getaways

Surprisingly romantic Brit getaways Global Grasshopper

The words British and romantic might not always go together but you might be pleasantly surprised, here guest author and UK travel writer Susie King talks to us about her favourite home-based romantic getaways…

If you’re after a romantic few days away with your other half, you’ve no doubt been bombarded with ‘unbeatable deals’ and ‘bargain prices’. However, a few days abroad can soon add up very quickly when it comes to money, as there are so many things you need to buy, like baggage, transfers and insurance. Therefore why not think about a lovely few days in the UK? Whilst it may not automatically scream ‘romance’ and ‘passion’, if you do some research, you can soon find some amazing places that definitely beat travelling abroad. Here’s a list of my favourite idyllic spots in UK that may give you a surprise…

The Cotswolds

Surprisingly romantic Brit getaways Global Grasshopper

Ideally situated in Gloucestershire and approximately an hour away from London if you should fancy a day trip to the capital, the Cotswolds is a quintessentially perfect English destination. With fairy-tale thatched cottages, cobbled streets and cosy pubs at the foreground of a beautiful countryside backdrop, you’d be forgiven for feeling like you’d stepped back in time in the best way possible. There are also lots of things to see and explore there too, like Blenheim Palace where Winston Churchill was born, and Jane Austen’s family home.

The Lake District

Surprisingly romantic Brit getaways Global Grasshopper

Okay this probably isn’t that surprising as this is arguably one of the most picturesque destinations in the UK. Cumbria’s valleys and beautiful villages are the perfect choice for those looking for a romantic weekend. The Lake District has a long history in inspiring the works of many literary greats, including Wordsworth and the children’s favourite – Beatrix Potter.


Surprisingly romantic Brit getaways Global Grasshopper

Although a relatively small city, Chester has plenty to offer for tourists. Located close to the border of Wales, and close to other major cities including Liverpool and Manchester, Chester is a fantastic option if you’re looking for something up north yet away from the hustle and bustle of bigger city life. There’s plenty to keep you occupied, whether it’s shopping in the cobbled streets or a day out at Chester Zoo. The story-like city will be the ideal place for your short break in the UK.


Surprisingly romantic Brit getaways Global Grasshopper

One of the most beautiful spots in Wales is the lovely town of Llanberis, ideally located at the foot of Wales’s tallest mountain; Snowdonia. Therefore you can’t really get much better in terms of scenery, as you are surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes seemingly whichever way you turn. There are a whole host of niche cafes and shops to enjoy in the day time too as you stop for a break when exploring.


Surprisingly romantic Brit getaways Global Grasshopper

Scotland’s capital is a great diverse and interesting city which would be ideal for those looking for some excitement and activity as well as scenery. The famous Edinburgh Castle is a must-see on your trip, and afterwards you can treat yourself to a glass of local whisky at one of the many bars or pubs. If you’re hoping for a treat from your other half whilst you’re away, be sure to head to the New Town where it’s the best for shopaholics.


Surprisingly romantic Brit getaways Global Grasshopper

Belfast is an additional, really interesting city that is just waiting to be discovered by you and your partner. It’s growing rapidly in popularity in terms of weekend getaways as it’s significantly cheaper than its neighbour Dublin, but with just as much charm. It’s a fairly small city and you can easily explore the whole of the centre on foot which will save on money when it comes to transport, too. Make sure you visit some of their 5 Michelin star restaurants for a guaranteed great eat.


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