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The best vegan restaurants to visit around the world

It’s no secret that there has been a worldwide rise in ethical plant-based eating. More and more people are making the choice to not consume any animal products and becoming more conscious about their eating and lifestyle habits.  In the US alone, veganism has increased from 1% of the population in 2014 to a whopping 6% in 2017 and it’s still rising!

Even as little as 5 years ago vegans would be pretty hard pressed to find restaurants that cater to their diet. Their restaurant experience would usually involve sitting at the table, stomach grumbling, asking if they can order the only salad on the menu with no cheese. But with the global rise of veganism, there are more and more plant-based restaurants popping up around the world.

So never fear my vegan friends, you are no longer confined to your own kitchens slaving over your mushroom quinoa burgers.  You can now leave your homes and enjoy eating out with plenty of options to choose from. Here is a list of the best vegan restaurants around the world by location…


Brammibal’s Donuts, Berlin

Whoever said you can’t start with sweets is a total liar, sweet are good anytime. Period. Brammibal’s Donuts is the first of its kind, being the original all-vegan doughnut shop in all of Europe. They opened their doors in 2015 after consistently selling out every market stall and now it’s not uncommon for the joint to be packed out daily. From your PB & J to maple smoked coconut they have everything for your ethical sweet tooth cravings.

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Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam

Easily one of the best vegan restaurants in the world! The name says it all; this place makes all of your junk food favourites, all 100% vegan. The Staringplein shop is right near Vondelpark so you can have a delicious vegan feast with a view too.

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Purezza, Brighton & London

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up pizza. Purezza is the first plant-based pizzeria in the UK, aiming to make their vegan alternatives even better than the traditional ones your nonna used to make. These cruelty-free Italians have made vegan cheese that is tastier than the original and less than half the calories!

Hendersons of Edinburgh, Scotland

Originally a vegetarian restaurant and after realising they were 90% on their way, Hendersons took the plunge to become fully vegan in 2015. Come to this quaint cobbled part of Edinburgh and enjoy not only fully vegan meals, but also vegan wine, beer, cake and fair trade coffee.


Working Amazing, Melbourne

This mobile food business has everyone following their Facebook page to find out where they’ll be next. Perfect for the new vegans or someone who is having some lingering meat cravings, Working Amazing re-creates non-vegan food so it has the ethical twist. Expect guilt free; bacon and egg rolls, Peking duck pancakes, chicken nuggets and the ever popular chilli cheese nachos. Awesome!

Little Shop of Plenty, Perth

Definitely deserving of a place on the best vegan restaurant list. You won’t leave this place feeling short of a million bucks, the Little Shop of Plenty believes the key to looking and feeling your best is eating minimally processed fresh whole foods. Completely vegan and mostly raw, it’s incredible to see how creative the café is with their menu options.


LN Fortunate Coffee, Kuala Lumpur

With over 1300 vegan restaurants in KL city alone, LN Fortunate Coffee is one of the highest rated vegan restaurants on Happy Cow. This place is owned and operated by passionate vegans, which comes as no surprise with their name standing for “Loving Nature”. They place vegan twists on your favourite Asian dishes such as; curry noodles, nasi lemak and miso noodle soup while also giving some more western alternatives like lasagne, pizza and burgers.

North America

The Acorn Restaurant, Vancouver

Constantly appearing in the top vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vancouver, The Acorn Restaurant provides a luxurious and tasty brunch menu. Perfect for a date or for a catch up with friends, the restaurant is beautifully presented with a warm wood design, potted plants and sexy lighting. With 6 of the 8 brunch items being vegan (the rest, vegetarian) you know you won’t be left stuck without choice.

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South America

Teva, Rio De Janeiro

With its subtle plant-based ethic and incredible quality food, Teva could turn practically anyone vegan and have them coming back for more. Well known for sourcing their produce from local vendors and adjusting their menu to keep it seasonally current, their ingredients are high quality and make for a cultivated dining experience.


The Greenside Café, Johannesburg


The Greenside Café turned completely vegan six years ago and is located right next to their store which sells all vegan products. These guys are serious about saving the planet; they plan to educate people about ethical meal choices by making healthy delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes. They certainly seem to be succeeding having won a ton of people’s choice awards over the years.

Written by our guest blogger Mosh. Mosh is a blog writer, a dog lover, burrito enthusiast and globetrotter. She spends her time vagabonding around the globe chasing music festivals, performance and art. She overthinks a lot and fills her brain with as many podcasts and books as she can. She also likes to comically rant about the things she learns on her own website, Mosh in the Big Smoke. 

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