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The most extraordinary places to stay around the world for travel junkies

‘Adventure’ Travel, ‘ Experiential’ Travel, ‘ Exploratory’ …Travel – the tag words are endless, yet the challenge remains the same – finding a truly extraordinary lodging in places less explored. The lovely folks at Untrodden – a company made up of curious explorers and adventurers who like many of our team, like nothing better than journeying to rural locales that are beyond the beaten path — places that are out of the way or overlooked by mainstream travellers have chosen their collective favourite most extraordinary places to stay around the world guaranteed to please even the most hardened travel snobs out there…

Malibu Airstream Trailer

Stripped down and past its aluminum studs, this vintage beauty has been redesigned into a large studio with three large frameless glass panels that slide open to a huge cantilevered deck with unrivaled views of County Line beach, the Channel islands, Catalina and Deer creek canyon.

Low impact Eco Villa Patagonia

Situated in a private reserve overlooking Torres del Paine National Park, Awasi Patagonia has just 12 guest villas and a main lodge. Each villa is assigned with a private guide and 4WD vehicle so guests can explore Patagonia at their own pace, visiting where they want, when they want.

Private Island Ecolodge Nicaragua

Jicaro Island is one of the Isletas (small islands) in Lake Nicaragua, designed as an eco-lodge with low negative impact on the environment and high positive impact on the local community. Jicaro is a secluded island getaway, ideal for an out of the ordinary sustainable and luxury vacation travel.

Adventure Outpost in British Columbia

Set at the foothills of Mount Stephens along the Great Bear Rainforest coastline of British Columbia, Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is an exclusive fly-fishing and wilderness adventure destination. Founded more than 30 years ago, the resort is a mecca for anglers, mariners and adventurers alike. With the use of Helicopters and Boats, Nimmo Bay customizes adventure holidays to match anyone’s wildest desires.

Legendary Mountain Den Alaska

The Don Sheldon Mountain House may be the world’s most spectacularly situated cabin. Perched on a 4.9-acre rock and ice covered outcrop located at the 5,800-foot level, in the middle of the Don Sheldon Amphitheater just above the Ruth Gorge, it is surrounded on all sides by towering granite walls and glaciers flowing off the flanks of Denali, less than 10 miles away. It’s used primarily from March through October by photographers, skiers, mountaineers, and anyone who wants to get far away from the world.

Gorgeous stone house on the edge of nature, Turkey

“The Edge”. The name says it all, as you’ll feel like you’re at the Earth’s edge. Your home will be a cozy stone house, mixed with the endless sky and the extraordinary blue of the Mediterranean, atop a cliff overlooking a magnificent, serpentine scene.

Unique designer hotel, Iceland

The hotel’s location relative to the “Golden Circle” route makes ION the perfect base from which to explore Iceland’s rich heritage, diverse flora and fauna, and opportunities for extreme adventures. Guests can enjoy Hengill volcanic area, Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station, the river Öxará, Gullfoss waterfall, the hot springs area of Geysir, the Kerið crater and many other natural wonders; just to name a few.

Luxury Tent Camp, Utah, USA

Under Canvas Moab is located on 40 acres 7 miles north of Moab, Utah, just moments away from the entrance to both Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. With views across the desert towards Arches, the camp blends into its dramatic surroundings where deep canyons and towering plateaus create a raw landscape of immense power.

Intimate Island Retreat, Indonesia

Nihiwatu is an intimate island retreat where ancient tribal culture uniquely forms the backdrop to an experience of unregulated freedom, understated luxury and unforgettable memories. They call it “the edge of wildness” and with good reason. Perched on the dramatic coastline of the Indonesian island of Sumba (a one-hour flight from Bali), Nihiwatu offers an exotic combination of remote location and understated hedonism.

Adventurous ship exploring, Iceland

With captain Sigurdur Jonsson as your trusted compass, a pair of steal-hulled, arctic sailboats under foot, and an intoxicating arctic landscape on your horizon, there are few experiences on this planet that so beautiful mix adventure, comfort, and a yearning for exploration like the Aurora and the Arktika. The northwestern coast of Iceland and the Forbidden Coast of East Greenland are your natural playgrounds, and Siggi will ensure any adventure on your fleet comes with a healthy dose of Icelandic lore and culture.

About Untrodden

Untrodden is for independently-minded travellers who seek authentic and unique experiences and are averse to the mass-produced, homogenized, and cookie-cutter. Inherently curious about the world around them, our travelers welcome the itch to discover and explore with arms wide open and long for a heightened sense of connection and understanding. They dream of leaving behind their urban dwellings, disconnecting from the world (or dare we say “reconnecting with”) in exchange for a simpler yet richer environment where the soul is alive and awake.

Because finding the world’s best, “off-the-beaten-path” accommodations is a daunting, time-consuming, and frustrating process, their hard working team of passionate travelers, writers, and developers felt compelled to act. They constantly and obsessively scour the world for inspiring and original places to stay and have designed our digital marketplace so as to showcase and celebrate those properties that most appeal to the wanderlust in us all.

They aim to weave together the world’s most inspiring, authentic, and remote destinations — on all seven continents — into a delightful discovery and booking experience, so as to inject the romance, excitement, and serendipity of exploration back into travel. Find out more on their wonderful travel site Untrodden.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Untrodden unique lodging among places less explored, hand picked by explorers for explorers. 


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