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The Pacsafe citysafe 200 bag review

The Pacsafe citysafe 200 bag review

Wondering what to pack on your next city trip? Although it’s a lot of fun, travelling is almost never foolproof and one of the biggest concerns when wondering what to pack before your travels to keep both yourself and your valuables safe in a city or country you’re unfamiliar with. There’s plenty of secure anti-theft backpacks on the market but if you’re more of a flashpacker than a backpacker, or just prefer to pack for your short and sweet city breaks, then finding that ideal piece of compact luggage which is both stylish and practical isn’t always easy. Well enter the innovative Pacsafe Citysafe 200! The company prides itself on creating “smart travel gear” and aims to fill that huge hole in the market with practicial anti-theft products for travellers you wouldn’t actually mind been seen accessorising with!

The brand has quickly gained a good reputation in luggage and travelling circles and their products are also very well-travelled – they are available to buy in 33 countries across the globe and make everything from backpacks to camera bags to accessories. The anti-theft handbag Pacsafe Citysafe 200 is a product we’ve been eager to try out and review for a while now…

About the Pacsafe Citysafe 200


The Pacsafe Citysafe 200 is essentially an anti-theft handbag in a classic yet contemporary shape which aims to keep your gear safe whether you’re window shopping in London’s Oxford Street, catching rays in the Algarve or posing on Rome’s Spanish steps. Not only is it easy on the eye but it very discreetly hides its innovative anti-theft technology.

It features stainless steel wire inside the straps and Pacsafe’s standard eXomesh, which is essentially a slash-proof material built into the bag to prevent anyone from surreptitiously ripping or slashing your bag open. Another cool feature is the RFID-protection which prevents a digital form of theft, basically ensuring no one can scan and copy/duplicate your chipped bank cards without you knowing.

It also comes equipped with a turn and lock security hook which makes it possible to attach your bag to a table or chair (to prevent swiping) and the zippers are handily also puncture-resistant. Some bags even feature the very clever Roobar locking system (which locks down zippers), other bags have interlocking zipper pulls (also making it harder for pickpockets) and multiple compartments can be locked together with just one padlock.


The awesome bits of Pacsafe Citysafe 200

  • First thing – the space. The compact bag has a good amount of space because the design is more like a messenger bag than a purse. This is a good thing – when you’re travelling you need to be able to fit all your essentials in as well as be safe and secure! The large main compartment is big enough to accommodate an iPad and the outer zipped compartment is the perfect space for a phone, keys and sunglasses. It also has a long, open, tubular compartment where you can stash your umbrella.
  • Next up is the organisation. The main compartment and zippered compartment aren’t the only features, it also has an internal ring for a key clip or wallet chain, and the best part, another specific compartment inside that is RFID sealed. Pacsafe never wants to let you down on safety so it seems to have covered all bases. There’s also an extra hidden pocket inside the zippered outside where you can stash smaller items.
  • Now, the look. It’s actually very easy on the eye and is a very refreshing change for a bag to look good and but be functional too, especially for female travellers. Just like the other bags in the CitySafe Collection, the Citysafe 200 is beautifully made and comes in a choice of funky colours.
  • Not forgetting the practicality. The bag is made from water-resistant material – essential for both days out in the rain and on the beach!
  • Finally, and this can’t be overstated the security! I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth restating here. With all the safety features it offers, thieves would probably have to set the bag on fire to get inside it!

Room for improvement?

Even though the Pacsafe Citysafe 200 does have many great features there is still a bit of room for improvement. Firstly it’s not the lightest bag in the world but this is purely because of all the safety features it offers so this is a trade-off. Also the price, although it does offer good value for money, might be a little out of some traveller’s price range. Lastly, it’s a small thing but the material – although very aesthetically pleasing – does seem to attracts a lot of lint. This isn’t a huge drawback but it’s probably something to keep in mind as you travel (and especially if you have a pet).

The Pacsafe Citysafe view conclusion – should you pack it for your trip?

Overall though it’s a great bag and we would definitely recommend it. It ticks soo many boxes where personal belonging safety is concerned and looks good too! Although saying that you still obviously need a little common sense, you will need to remember to remember to keep it zipped up and – of course – don’t leave it anywhere unattended. Buy or find out more about the Pacsafe Citysafe 200 here.

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