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Top 10 countries for great higher education opportunities

Your education is your passport to a better and prosperous future. Once you are finished your schooling, you might want to seek higher education abroad. Doing so gives you the chance to travel as well as gain the knowledge you need to graduate with an internationally recognized degree.

Deciding to study in a foreign country is a monumental decision, and it’s essential that you make the right choice. You need to go to a country that has a solid reputation for providing excellent higher education opportunities. Not sure where to start looking? Here are ten countries you might want to consider.



The Swiss are not known only for their chocolate as they have a sound higher education program too. Although quite small in geographical size, Switzerland has several world-class universities where students can specialize in a variety of fields. Both the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology are among Switzerland’s finest institutions.


Christianshavn, Copenhagen on GlobalGrasshopper.com

Denmark has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, which speaks to its commitment to education. They offer graduate and postgraduate study options at their universities, and the degrees offered are recognized internationally as being of outstanding quality. Examples of Danish universities include Copenhagen University and Aarhus University.

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United States of America

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America has one of the biggest bases of higher education institutions to choose from, should you choose to study there. It has several distinguished universities, known as Ivy League schools, including Harvard and Princeton universities. The competition for acceptance to these institutions is fierce, and the courses are demanding but it becomes easy if you use expert writers from Aresearchguide.com for all your assignment writing needs. Being able to say you’re a graduate of one of these schools gives you an international advantage.

United Kingdom


The UK boasts some of the oldest universities in the world, and they are richly steeped in history. These include Oxford and Cambridge Universities, both of which have outstanding international reputations. However, there are lesser-known universities in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland that offer top-quality degree courses. These include St. Andrews University in Scotland, King’s College in London, and the London School of Economics.


Australia has a good balance of private and public universities. In recent years, the government has invested billions of dollars in improving the management of its tertiary education institutions, including the quality of education they offer. Some of the country’s better-known universities are in cities like Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. As an international student, you can also expect great help from professional writing service AU Edubirdie. The writers there can help you with essays, term papers and other English writing requirements at affordable prices.


Houses Finland

Much like its Scandinavian counterpart, Denmark, Finland also has a network of diverse universities, offering a variety of courses. The Finns take all levels of education seriously, and due to their outstanding work, the country’s literacy rate is close to 100%. Finland has traditional universities and universities of applied science. The country has universities in different cities, such as Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, and Oulu.

The Netherlands

Dutch education is well-known around the world for its constant adaptation to a changing world. Similarly to Finland, the Netherlands’ higher education system is divided into two types of institutions. The first is research-oriented universities, while the second is higher professional education institutions. The country has well-known universities in the cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, and Delft.



With its rich Asian influence, Singapore boasts one of the best education systems in the world, including its post-school education institutions. Their curricula are well-developed in both structure and quality, which gives students access to thorough coverage of their chosen field. Among the universities, you could look at attending are the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University.


cool and unusual hotels in Montreal

Canadian universities have an exceptional reputation, and the country is well-known for taking on international students, as part of the country’s equality mandate. The two official languages spoken in Canada are English and French. Which of these two is dominant depends on the area of Canada you’re in. Among the country’s list of outstanding universities is McGill, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Toronto.


Another Scandinavian country, Sweden, has many higher education institutions and invests a lot of money in education. It also has an almost 100% literacy rate, which speaks to the quality of education the Swedish government provides. The country has universities in major cities, such as Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund, and Gothenburg.


Before you make your choice of which overseas university you want to study, there are some critical factors to consider. The geographical location is the first, as you might be excited to study in a foreign country, but you don’t want to be on the other side of the world from home.

The second is ensuring that there isn’t going to be a language barrier that will hinder you in your studies. Finally, find out about the fee structures and accommodation options to make sure you’ll have somewhere to stay when you get there. Many universities offer scholarships to international students, so be sure to find out about them before you apply.

Written by our guest blogger Elizabeth Skinner. Elizabeth is an online tutor for competitive exams helping international students to get a place in their favorite universities abroad. She also works as a freelance academic writer covering subjects in management and sciences. In her free time, she loves to work on her YouTube channel, play board games and learn pottery.


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