Top 15 of the Best Beaches in The Bahamas

The idyllic paradise-like cluster of nearly 700 islands nestled neatly in the Caribbean are on many a traveler’s bucket list. And with good reason, it’s home to some of the most gorgeous scenery and beaches in the world.

From white sandy beaches where wild pigs room and swim to a wonderful beach which is filled with pink sand, here are the best and most beautiful beaches to explore in The Bahamas…

1. Pig Beach Exuma – the famous beach known for its super cute swimming wild pigs

Pig Beach Exuma

Pig Beach Exuma

This beautiful beach is a beach on an uninhabited island in Exuma. The reason it is often known as Pig Beach is because it is populated by some actually very cute feral pigs! 

Now it’s a very popular tourist attraction with many people visiting wanting to swim with the pigs. There are estimated to be between fifty and sixty pigs on the island and a few other different animals can be found there too including cats and goats.

The beach has been featured in a number of television series and is incredibly popular on social media which can mean it can often be quite busy now.

2. Pink Sands Beach – one of the most unique beaches in the world

Pink Sands Beach Bahamas

This gorgeous and unusual beach is one of the highlights when visiting the Bahamas.

Lying on the east side of the small but very beautiful Harbour Island it’s three miles long, the beautiful stretch of sand has this unique color because of crushed seashells.

There’s accommodation on the island as well as other pretty beaches, a few marinas and a coral reef which is home to stingrays and turtles.

3. Lucaya Beach – one of the most popular beaches in the Bahamas

Lucaya Beach Bahamas

This is one of the most popular tourist beaches in the Bahamas and it is easy to see why. Located in Lucaya just south of the center of Freeport, it is absolutely stunning.

The white sand stretches for acres and many people participate in water sports including snorkeling here. It is the perfect beach to visit if you like long walks along the coastline and there is plenty to see and do.

The beach has multiple bars, shops and restaurants and there is even a dive center close to the beach for those willing to give the watersports a try.

4. Cable Beach – a 22 km stretch of white sand beach 

Cable Beach Bahamas

If you are looking for a beautiful beach that is perfect for the whole family, then Cable Beach is the beach for you. The water is clear and transparent, clean, and warm and the sand is bright white.

It doesn’t get as busy as some of the other nearby beaches which makes it perfect if you want to chill out and relax. It is a lovely place to go snorkeling and see some fish too.

However, it is very important to note it can sometimes get busy with jet skis and different boats as there are some resorts close by.

5. Cat Cay – two beautiful islands in the Bahamas known for their gorgeous beaches

Cat Cays Bahamas

An island known for huge Bluefin tuna, the beach here is breathtaking. However, it is important to note that this is a private island so you must be a member or a guest. The sea is stunning, a lovely turquoise color and the beach is well worth visiting if you have the opportunity to do so.

You will often be able to see creatures such as starfish, small fish, and stingrays.

There are plenty of isolated places on the beach where you can relax and lots of shallow wading pools if you want to dip your toe in.

6. Taino Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in The Bahamas

Taino Beach Bahamas

There are many reviews of Taino Beach online which declare not only its beauty but how quiet and peaceful it can be.

If you want a beach where you aren’t going to be bothered, then this might be the beach for you. It has many remote stretches of sand meaning you can easily spread out from other visitors and there are plenty of places to get either sun or shade.

The beach itself is usually very clean and has fine white sand.

The water is a stunning clear blue color, and you can often paddleboard or kayak in the area.

7. Lighthouse Beach – known for its soft, powdery, blush-rose sand

Lighthouse Beach Bahamas

Known for being one of the most impressive beaches in The Bahamas, this is a seemingly endless stretch of soft blue-rose sand located on the unspoiled long, thin paradise-like island of Eleuthera. 

8. Coco Plum Beach – is an impressive beach on the northeastern outskirts of Big Exuma

Coco Plum Beach Bahamas

The beach offers plenty of free parking which makes it great for visitors however it is generally quite quiet. The beach is quite narrow, but it is miles long and some people say that it is more like a long stretch of sand than a beach.

You will have the opportunity to see a number of creatures including jellyfish and birds but be careful of the poisonous Portuguese Man O War jellyfish which can sometimes be found in the area.

There is a well-maintained restroom facility if required which not all beaches in the area have which is great.

9. Stocking Island – boasts the some of the world’s oldest fossils 

Stocking Island Bahamas

The beaches of Stocking Island are absolutely incredible. With clean sand a bright blue sea where the water is clear but calm, there truly is no better place to be.

You can take advantage of paddleboarding or surfing activities, perhaps even kayaking or snorkeling, or you can simply chill out and relax. Many people visiting choose to play games or chat with the locals and there are some fabulous eateries to take advantage of too.

With amazing views both of and from the island, this really is a place worth visiting with plenty of unique wildlife to be seen too.

10. Love Beaches – one of the best beaches to explore in The Bahamas

Love Beaches Bahamas

Located close to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, it is just a 20-minute drive and is a snorkeling hotspot. There happens to be a cove here which is pretty safe, making it great for kids and families.

The beach has beautiful white sand and has a large coral reef with fascinating wildlife quite close to shore, as well as magnificent bright blue waters.

The beach can be quite quiet despite its proximity to the capital city, and it has some wonderful amenities including a bar which serves delicious food. You can also easily access Wi-Fi in the area.

11. Cabbage Beach – a popular white sandy beach

Cabbage Beach Bahamas

This is a very popular beach to visit in the Bahamas, Cabbage Beach is quiet and amazing for the whole family.

The views are absolutely incredible with fantastic eateries a short walking distance from the beach.

Some visitors have said that this is a must visit beach if you are in the Nassau area and it is easy to see why with the clean sand and clear aqua water.

You don’t see quite as much sea life when visiting this beach as you do on others, so this is worth bearing in mind if you are planning on going snorkeling.

12. Fortune Beach – a tranquil beach known for bright blue-green water

Fortune Beach Bahamas

The perfect place for a relaxing beach day out with the whole family. Like many other beaches in the Bahamas, this beach is absolutely beautiful.

It has the wonderful Banana Bay restaurant located nearby which has many glowing reviews and offers gorgeous views of the sea.

There is plenty of beach to walk on and you can walk out quite far, even to the sandbank, due to the water being quite shallow.

With plenty of soft white sand, a clean beach, and clear blue waters, this is a beach well worth checking out. It can be quite quiet too.

13. Junkanoo Beach – a Bahamas beach popular with spring breakers

Junkanoo Beach Bahamas

With previous visitors calling the beach ‘scenic’, you know what to expect with this beach. It is kept clean, it’s pristine and has incredibly soft sand. You can find shade under the coconut trees and relax whilst others play around you.

With a variety of bars along the beach, you can easily stop and enjoy a drink whilst taking in the beautiful view of the sea. The beach can get very busy due to its proximity to the city but is a great place to visit.

Make sure to rent chairs and umbrellas if you are staying for a while.

14. Xanadu Beach – an attractive beach in The Bahamas which offers a great range of water activities

Xanadu Beach bahamas

This beach was once best known for its watersports and had many tourists visiting it, but it has become more deserted in recent years since the local hotel closed down after hurricanes.

It is a beautiful beach and the perfect place if you are looking for somewhere quiet. It is more than likely you will have the beach to yourself.

The tide is usually calm, and the waters are crystal clear. Due to the area not being as busy as it once was, it is advisable to take your own snacks or drinks as there isn’t anywhere to buy any.

15. Ten Bay Beach – an extremely picturesque beach on the Caribbean side of Eleuthera

Ten Bay Beach Bahamas

With shallow waters which are absolutely perfect for wading out in and plenty of shade thanks to the trees, this is a popular beach for a reason.

It can get busy but is never overcrowded and offers plenty of opportunities to see sea life. Ten Bay Beach is a great beach to relax on and you can even go snorkeling if you so wish.

This is a great beach for solo travelers, couples, and families alike as there is plenty to see and do. The water is clear and warm, and it is incredibly easy to spend a whole day here.

16. Jaws Beach – once the filming site for one of the “Jaws” movie 

jaws beach nassau bahamas

This is a wonderful place to get some peace and quiet. The water is pretty and peaceful, but the beach is quieter thanks to being a little out of the way.

There are restrooms available but no eateries, so it is worth bringing snacks and drinks if you are planning to visit.

Many visitors choose to snorkel here thanks to the crystal clear waters but there is not much else to do here. If you are looking for a place to swim peacefully or chill out with a good book, then try this beach as it can be pretty secluded.

17. Castaway Cay – a very scenic private island which is an exclusive port stop

Castaway Cay Bahamas

The numerous beaches at Castaway Cay are only available for use by those on a Disney Cruise so this is worth bearing in mind.

They have been featured in plenty of films include Splash and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. There are three beaches for guests – one that is exclusively for the use of families, one exclusively for cabana guests, and one exclusively for adult guests.

If you happen to be heading on a Disney cruise that stops in at Castaway Cay, definitely check it out. It is absolutely breathtaking and is well worth visiting.

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