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Top 5 destinations for the best golfing holiday

Golf Algarve

Not everyone likes relaxing on the beach, here leisure travel expert Paige Hawin chooses her favourite travel destinations for golf fans…

Golfing season is approaching and mad golfers will be rearing at the opportunity to tune up their swing on some of the best golf courses around the world. No single factor makes a destination the best of the best. The top golf courses are however, a significant factor and finding the best for you is important. But if you want a golfing holiday, you want the best package. That means fantastic accommodation and resorts, beautiful backdrops, sunny climates and a host of other attractions. To make life a little easier, here are the top 5 golfing destinations in the world.

The Algarve, Portugal

golf Algarve

Mention the word Algarve and golfing will jump to the forefront of your mind. It is a hugely popular golfing destination. It is definitely considered to be a front runner of all the golfing destinations available in Europe. It is home to world class courses created by the likes of Sir Henry Cotton, Joseph Lee and Jack Nicklaus. It is of little wonder then, that international golfing competitions are held in the country.

Vilamoura is often regarded as the best golfing town in the Algarve with Penina to the West and Monte Rei to the east. Either way, you a spoilt for choice by the sheer number of resorts in the area but my personal favourite is the award winning five star Penina Hotel & Golf Resort where you’ll find over 360 acres of beautiful grasslands. The local towns are are captivating and the climate is enviable. The luxurious resorts offer comfy accommodation, mouth-watering food and everything from the best spas to the best gyms.

Northern France

golf France

The region is a golfing hotspot and no wonder, with a range of top class golf courses. They are usually regarded as the country’s best, and also boast picturesque beaches and quaint little fishing towns, for those who want a relaxed and peaceful break. The region is also known for bursting into life at night time with a selection of bars and clubs. What’s more is the effortless travel to the region via the Eurotunnel. You can travel cheap and bring along all the golfing equipment you need.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is home to more than 120 golf courses, making it a goldmine for keen golfers. With such a vast range, golfers are spoilt with choice and can find courses that are suited to their tastes. Resorts differ in levels of luxury but for a good all rounder try the Barefoot resort. With the amount of courses in this area, you could probably play at a different one each year.

South Africa

South Africa

This may come as a surprise for most people. After all, isn’t South Africa supposed to be revered for its fascinating landscapes and exciting safaris? Yes, that and golfing too. Now you can experience a thrilling game of golf against a beautiful backdrop. Style of accommodation will be unique but still up to a five-star standard. Courses have been designed and influenced by the likes of Gary Player and Retief Goosen.

Costa del Sol, Spain

Spain golf

It dates back to the 1970s but is constantly being updated and improved to bring you the best golfing experience of your life. The golfing landscapes are desirable with huge mountains and lush landscapes. Choose from popular courses, hidden gems or high-class resorts. The climate is beautiful for most of the year and you can immerse yourself in the culture of the charming towns.

Whether you are a fully-fledged professional, an eager beginner or just looking for a relaxing holiday with golfing as part of the fun, you can’t go wrong with these destinations. Play a competitive game of golf and then spend the evening unwinding.


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