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Barcelona - the mediterranean capital of cool

Top 5 reasons to rent a luxury car in Spain

Spain, a beautiful country in Europe, has diverse geography and cultures in its seventeen autonomous regions. The country’s economy is pivoted substantially to the tourism industry that is the third major contributor to the nation’s economy. Spain is a renowned destination for summer tourism and offers diverse activities that cover tourism, culture, sport, or just lots of fun. The country has a huge number of tourists visiting annually from countries that include the U.K, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States, among others, who visit this country for sightseeing, hiking, mountaineering, beaches, dining, shopping, and more sports activities. These are just some of the fantastic things to enjoy in Spain on a family holiday trip. 

Why visit Spain?

Barcelona El Born District on GlobalGrasshopper.com

Think of pleasant family holidays in Spain, and enjoy it differently! One can make his family holiday trip to Spain more exciting than it could be. You can experience a memorable holiday in Spain, especially in famous cities such as Barcelona, Malaga, and Valencia, the largest harbours of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. You could think of a new style of making your family holiday trip so that your family feels more comfortable. You can feel like coming here again and again.

Transport to use in Spain!

Car rental

When you fly to the Spanish land, you just don’t use traditional transportation methods such as taxi, Eurail, bus, or other public transport. The most thrilling part of a family holiday trip is renting a car that you can use throughout the journey. You can make your schedule and choice of spots to visit. If you book a package, you are bound to follow what is included in your tour package. You cannot enjoy the way you want with complete flexibility. Imagine the thrill of driving a luxury car as a part of holiday activities on your Spain tour.

Top reasons to rent a luxury car in Spain!

Spain car rental

Málaga is a harbor city on Costa del Sol, the south part of Spain. It is famous for its beautiful hotels as well as resorts, jutting up from yellow-sand beaches. It is not a destination to be missed during Spain’s trip. Most international tourists are travelling to Spain to visit this city for many reasons. Malaga has many excellent car rental services with a fleet of new models of luxury cars and super luxury cars for people with exceptional preferences. 

There are so many reasons to use car rental services in Spain. Let’s discuss the top five reasons to rent a luxury car in this country during your holiday or business trip.

Flexibility and freedom

Ronda Spain

When you book a package, you cannot travel at your own will. Flexibility within the schedule and the freedom to go to your preferred spots at a convenient time would be your prime consideration when you are on a family holiday trip, as you want to give more enjoyment to your family. It won’t be easy to explore small towns unless you decide a day trip by looking at the maps. When you rent a car, you can explore a small town en-route to your main trip. For instance, you can enjoy the entire beauty when you travel by road from Salamanca to Leon.

Hitting the coast

beautiful beach in Spain

Whether you are travelling to the northern or southern coast in Spain, a trip will take you miles upon miles of abandoned scenery; you can explore only in the car. There are a few unique locations in the north of Spain, such as San Sebastian. When you travel to this location in a car, you can explore some less touristy spots. You will feel so comfortable when you rent a luxury car for these long trips.

Exploring incredible mountains

Pyrenees Spain

You don’t just hit the towns and coasts in Spain as there are more incredible spots in the country. You cannot miss exploring the mountains as well as exclusive hiking trails. Besides, many scenic hikes start from the base of the mountain range. But you need to take a drive to the loveliest Picos de Europa for a mountain range, separated by a spinning and twisting river. The best way to see these stunning spots is by using a luxury rental car for the most comfortable and convenient trip.

An economical and comfortable option

A rented luxury car is an economical option for a lot of comforts. Besides, you can maximize use of your time for more enjoyment in Spain and get around quicker.

No permit required

When you visit Spain, you can also visit neighboring countries like France, Portugal, Andorra, and Morocco. Your long travel will be comfortable in a rented luxury car. Moreover, a rented car doesn’t require a permit to cross the borders.

Wrapping up!

Girona, Spain on GlobalGrasshopper.com

Hope you liked the idea of spending family holidays in Spain in an entirely new way. Spain’s car rental services offer you a more exciting way to travel within the country and across the Spanish borders by renting a luxury car from a range of luxurious, high-tech, superb, sports cars to budget, yet comfortable and executive models of top brands. It depends on your holiday budget, which vehicle you can afford, but you will not compromise with enjoyment. Luxury car rental is very popular in Europe. And it is a unique opportunity for international tourists to plan their holiday excursions in a far more enjoyable way than package tours. You should have no problem driving a car in Spain as the roads are perfect in most cities in this country. Apart from the adverse weather conditions in December, driving is safe on these roads, especially in summer. Car rental is a relatively cheaper option than hiring a taxi or using some other transport, especially when you are with a family or a group.

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