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Dealing with embassies while traveling

Travel tips – dealing with embassies

The globe-trotters who move around the world frequently always need to be prepared for the unanticipated. Your co-travelers may fall sick, you might lose your passports and there may be other emergencies happening. Events occurring in other places of the world also set an impact on travelers. For crises, both small and big, the best resource available for travelers outside their home country is the embassy or consulate.

Embassies are organizations set up in foreign countries and they provide help to people who wish to communicate with their homeland. Consulates are also similar but they are placed partly in tourist places so that they can easily manage the issues that travelers are subject to.

Learn about embassies by getting online

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One of the wisest things to do before planning your trip to a foreign land is checking out the website for your home country’s consulates and embassies. You may resort to the consulate finder online where you get a comprehensive list of the worldwide embassies from which you may choose your country.

By clicking on the link of your home country’s embassy at the place you’re traveling, you can get details on its location, the contact number of the embassy, travel advice, and much more. For all those problems that can’t be solved by embassies, the website can take you to the right direction. Embassies aren’t able to arrange visas for you but the websites will offer links to the government sites that deal with immigration and visa.

Call the embassy if you lost your passport

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The type of assistance that is available may differ from one embassy to another. However, as long as passports are concerned, the American embassy in Paris offers help with stolen or lost passports. In case an American citizen lost his passport while in Paris, he can apply for a new passport via an embassy.

The German embassy in London issues a temporary passport which is valid for at least one year. Applications have to be filled in person and it is vital to note that some nations accept a temporary passport as a valid document for traveling.

British consulates and embassies, on the other hand, don’t issue passports as they are under the jurisdiction of Her Majesty’s Passport Office. Nevertheless, if your passport gets damaged, stolen, or lost during traveling, you can certainly apply for urgent travel documents through a consulate or an embassy.

Tying the knot overseas – know what an embassy offers you

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If you’re someone who is looking forward to getting married in a foreign land, you should know what an embassy has to offer you. Did you know that the British embassy in Brussels has the right to issue certificates for your marital status or help you with a copy of documents like a passport which is necessary while getting married in Brussels?

While in Sweden, the British embassy in Stockholm can offer you document and notary services to only the British citizens. But it can’t offer any services provided by the local notaries.

Other country’s embassies may not offer this kind of help with tying the knot in a foreign country. For instance, the embassy of the UK’s Tel Aviv will advise you to consult with Israeli authorities to know more about the laws of local marriage. A marriage conducted there should be recognized by the United Kingdom.

Know how embassies help you when you deal with an arrest

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Generally, an embassy won’t be able to help you in getting out of jail in case you get arrested in a foreign country. In spite of knowing that, the foremost step to take while dealing with an arrest is to call an embassy.

For travelers traveling from the UK, their embassy will try their best to get in touch with you within 24 hours of informing them that you’ve been detained. In fact, there are several embassies that provide a special prison pack from British citizens. These packs explain to you the prison and legal system for individual countries through stages of being accused to being arrested and sentenced to imprisonment.

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For citizens of Canada, an embassy will let your family and friends know about the event of your arrest and also acquaint them with the different ways they can help you in this situation. Through the embassy, you may speak to your lawyer and also your friends and family members. Canadian embassies also make sure you get equitable treatment, provide you with details on the local prison and judicial system, deliver important letters in case there’s no system of postal service, convey telephone messages and also help you with electronic transfer of funds.

Anyone who is traveling with children should do comprehensive research on embassies that have peculiar rules for traveling with minors. Since you’re traveling abroad, protect your belongings and buy adequate international property insurance coverage.

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