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where to charter a sailboat this summer

Travel tips – where to charter a sailboat this summer

When traveling abroad we want to get the most out of our holiday, this means experiencing all the country you are in has to offer. If you are a sea lover then an idea we love is renting a sailboat charter. Imagine sailing in the Caribbean sea or bobbing along the Mediterranean on your own private boat. 

Benefits Of A Sailboat Charter

A sailboat in the sunset

There is no better feeling than your hair blowing in the wind and being surrounded by beautiful ocean waves being at peace. Charting a sailboat with or without a captain gives you freedom like no other, forget about hotel rooms or villas and try something new. Just think how amazing it would be to wake up in a new location every few days but not having to repack every time you are on the move.

What you get out of a sailboat charter is your choice, you can use it as a place to relax, sunbathe and enjoy the serenity of sailing on the sea or take the opportunity to learn new skills, where you could one day sail a charter boat yourself without a captain.

The best locations  to rent a sailboat


How to charter a sailboat

Miami is a popular destination especially if you are into the nightlife atmosphere. There are some great places to dock your sailboat along the coast, these include Coconut Grove Marina, Miami Beach Marina and Miamarina at Bayside. 

Coconut Grove is the sailing capital when it comes to Miami. You will find many sailing events happen here such as Miami Sailing Week, the Columbus Day Regatta and the Orange Bowl Regatta. They also have the opportunity there to take sailing lessons and if you are experienced and staying in a hotel nearby you could always rent a boat for the day.


Sailing in the Caribbean

Can you imagine anything more dreamy than sailing around the Caribbean? You can make that dream a reality by choosing to  rent a sailboat in the Caribbean. The Caribbean comprises over 7000 islands, so there is no way you could ever be bored here. The popular sailing destinations in the Caribbean include Barbados, St Lucia, and Jamaica. Each destination offers a different culture, foods, and experiences, what they do have in common is the warm Caribbean sun, which if we are being honest is enough to convince us.


Sailing Holiday

If you fancy somewhere in the Mediterranean then there are so many countries you could visit on your vacation. Sicily in Italy is the perfect place for food and romance, whereas Ibiza in Spain is great for if you come more alive at night. Exploring the likes of Santorini, Majorca, Rhodes, Corfu, Capri, Malta, Sardina and the many more islands and countries the Mediterranean has to offer makes a trip to remember.

We think you should experience new things in life and sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to do this. What better way to start living your best life than by having a one-of-a-kind vacation chartering a sailboat in the Caribbean, Mediterranean or wherever your heart desires.

Ever since he was knee-high to a grasshopper Michael has always been a sucker for an adventure. As a kid he was lucky enough to live for many years in a handful of exotic far flung locations including Hong Kong, Pakistan, Kenya and Tanzania and since then he’s developed a taste for seeking out new cultures. So much in fact he now travels the world as a trading digital nomad, exploring sizzling street markets in Bangkok to random back alleys in Sri Lanka and everything in between! He also has a special fondness for Cohibas, street food, playing carrom, and fine wine and knows his clarets from his chiantis. He counts Cuba, Amsterdam, Laos, Cambodia and Italy as his favourite destinations.


  • Mojoblogs

    30 April, 2021 at 10:45 am

    I am excited to travel again. These places are all so dreamy and look like paradise. Thank you for another great post. I am excited to read more of your posts. 🙂

  • Akshay Sawant

    5 April, 2021 at 11:37 am

    Hi Becky,
    I was so surprised after reading this post that how beautiful is to going to the sea and taking a trip using a Charter sailboat in the summer season. Thank You and keep traveling!


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