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Traveling to Egypt – a first timer’s guide

Egypt is one of the oldest travel destinations that always inspire people with its historical and religious timelines, temple corridors, and breathtaking pyramids. Linking the Middle East to the North-Eastern part of Africa, the country has some important landmarks in humanity’s history.

With a fascinating history, ancient monuments, stunning beach resorts, incredible freshwater spring oasis, and a large number of natural attractions, there are many fantastic places to visit in Egypt. The capital of Egypt, Cairo, is said to be the place of several Ottoman landmarks, such as the Egyptian Museum and the Muhammad Ali Mosque

Recently, tourism in Egypt has increased to a large extent. Due to this, people have got a greater opportunity to see or visit the beautiful places in Egypt. This post is all about tourism in Egypt.

Are you ready to discover the best places to explore while on a trip to Egypt? Let’s start now!

How to Get an e-Visa to Egypt?

beautiful places to visit in Egypt

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Being one of the most visited countries globally, traveling to Egypt has become quite easy now. How? Due to the Egypt e-Visa program. An electronic entry permit issued by the Government of Egypt to the eligible countries, known as an Egypt e-Visa.

The Egypt e-Visa program has simplified the whole process of getting a visa as you can apply for your visa online. Filling the application form takes just a few minutes and can be done from home or any other place!

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Planning to visit Egypt? Here are the Best Places to See in Egypt!

Siwa Oasis Egypt

Egypt is a fantastic destination known not only due to the historical treasure but also thanks to a lot of stunning natural scenery, a magnificent Nile river, amazing scuba diving centers, and vast tracts of deserts – hence there is something for everyone in this awe-inspiring country.

The following are a few best places that you must see while visiting Egypt:

1.    Giza Necropolis 

The most beautiful place that you must explore while visiting Egypt is the Giza Plateau. Located on Cairo’s Western side, this plateau is known for the three pyramids:

  • the Pyramid of Menkaure,
  • the Pyramid of Khafre,
  • and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Giza Necropolis, also known as the Giza Pyramid Complex, has some big shopping malls, nightclubs, and unique restaurants and hotels.

As Giza is close to the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, most people on their trip to Cairo visit this most recognizable place globally. The incredible size of the Giza pyramids always impresses thousands of visitors each year.

2. Aswan

Aswan Egypt

Another most relaxing place in Egypt is Aswan. Located on the southern tip of Egypt, it is known for the temples of Kabasha and Philae. Aswan is surely a place worth visiting due to its:

  • granite quarries,
  • important archaeological sites (including the Philae temple complex),
  • peaceful aura,
  • and the beautiful Nile Valley scenery.

3. Valley of the Kings

A trip to Egypt is incomplete if you do not explore the Valley of the Kings. Yeah, it’s right! If you want to get lost in Egypt’s stone and sandy enclaves, it’s time to visit the Valley of the Kings.

This great archaeological site contains a massive network of ancient tunnels and tombs under the rocks of the Luxor Mountains. The tomb of the Tutankhamun is the most famous tomb in the Valley of the Kings and a great place to explore.

Apart from Giza Plateau, Aswan, and the Valley of the Kings, there are some other incredible places that you must visit in Egypt.

These include:

  • Siwa Oasis
  • Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Saqqara
  • Alexandria
  • Hurghada
  • Dahshur
  • Luxor
  • And much more! 

Final words

Egypt has been attracting thousands of people from all over the world for several years. There are spectacular temples, tombs, and scripture carvings that always capture the imagination of travelers.

So, what are you waiting for now? If you plan a trip to Egypt, you must explore the best places in the country, including Giza Plateau, Aswan, Valley of the Kings, Alexandria, Siwa Oasis, and much more!

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