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Blue Lagoon - spring and spa breaks

6 unique spa retreats around the world

If the Christmas festivities have taken their toll you maybe thinking of getting healthy again for your New Year’s resolution. To help you on your way, here are six remotely located unique spa retreats…

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

Located above a gap in the Euro-Asian and American tectonic plates; the Blue Lagoon resort in Iceland benefits from unique geographical features and phenomena. Naturally-occurring geothermal waters, rich in natural minerals, are used in the spa treatments offered in the Blue Lagoon including in-water massages. The water is naturally heated by underground lava fields, making the therapies 100% organic – with thousands of visitors returning year after year to enjoy the healing qualities of the area.

Integratron, California, USA


Set in the middle of the Mojave Desert of Southern California, Integratron is a healing house developed by aeronautical engineer and UFO enthusiast George Van Tassel. Created for sonic healing sessions, the Integratron is located above a powerful geomagnetic vortex. Designed to be acoustically perfect, the tabernacle offers physical and spiritual healing to all visitors.

Solarium, Royal Caribbean

The Solarium aboard the upcoming Anthem of the Seas from Royal Caribbean

The Solarium aboard the upcoming Anthem of the Seas from Royal Caribbean is an adults-only spa area incorporating healthy eating menus, regenerative pools and spa treatments to be enjoyed hundreds of miles from land. The tropical island-themed area is designed to feel a hundred miles from the rest of the ship.

Float Gardens/Spa Wellness, Amsterdam


The brainchild of Studio Noach, Float Island is (unsurprisingly) a floating island in the waterways of Amsterdam. The man-made islet has been designed to provide spa treatments and wellness therapies for visitors within the beneficial hydroponic systems of the Dutch waterways. The eco-friendly island has been developed from buoyant recycled polystyrene to help regulate the spa’s temperature and create a more comfortable, peaceful environment.

Galos Salt-Iodine Caves, Chicago, USA

Salt spa cave

The Galos Salt-Iodine Caves in Chicago, USA, have been designed to replicate the healing powers of the Black Sea in a manmade, technologically-advanced wellness centre and spa retreat. The spa is attributed with helping visitors overcome a wide range of ailments from respiratory disease to cardiovascular problems and rheumatism. Treatments available in the caves include balneotherapy, thalassotherapy and climatotherapy.

Tschuggen Bergoase, Switzerland

Spa Switzerland

Set amongst the snow-capped mountains of the Swiss region of Arosa, Tschuggen Bergoase is a geometric spa retreat built upon glass protrusions erupting from the foot of a mountain. The retreat combines incredible views of the snowy surroundings with a wide range of spa and medical treatments such as detoxifying mud therapy.



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