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Where to backpack in Canada

When you start planning your backpacking trip, you will probably ask yourself: Eastern or Western Canada? Canada is so big and has so much to offer you that you will probably not be able to cover both areas in one trip.

Most travelers choose a self-drive tour of Canada, and we think that is the best way to see Canada. Although you have a lot of freedom of movement with a motorhome, you can see the landscape and hold it where you want. 

Sometimes you have to maneuver a motorhome quite a bit to drive over the mountain roads and through the towns. Besides, you spend part of your trips in Canada shopping, cooking, washing up, making beds, charging batteries, emptying the toilet, filling the water tank. 

When you travel by rental car, you stay in cozy cabins, lodges, bed & breakfasts, giving your trip a special flair. Now, let’s discuss how you can travel across Canada and what each area has best attractions to offer. 

How to get a Canadian visa?

Every traveler visiting Canada must first obtain an appropriate entry permit to cross the country’s border. The easiest way to do that is by submitting an online form. Simply visit and apply online within a few minutes from home.

Things about eTA to Canada that every traveler should know about:

  • eTA is a multiple-entry permit
  • Canadian e-Visa stays valid for 5 years
  • each visit can be as long as 6 months
  • allows tourism, business, and transit travel
  • is electronically assigned to your passport, there is no need to print it out

Most eTA applications are approved within a few minutes from submitting the form. The additional approved eTA copy will be delivered directly to the applicant’s e-mail address in a PDF form!

Canadian eTA allows its holders to explore this vast country for whole 5 years from issuing. Read on to decide which part of Canada should you visit first!

Western Canada

Prince Albert National Park Canada

Hikes through the mountains, whale and bear watching tours, as well as many other activities and excursions, make your round trip to the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta in popular Western Canada unique.

The National Parks Jasper and Banff, a drive on the scenic Icefields Parkway, and a visit to the pulsating metropolises of Vancouver and Calgary round off your trip through the west of the country perfectly.

Eastern Canada

Beautiful architecture of Quebec City at night, Canada

The provinces of Ontario and Québec in Eastern Canada are also worth seeing. This region is known for extensive lakes, charming small towns, and fascinating flora and fauna. A French influence characterizes Québec in particular.

Montréal and Québec big cities attract tourists with beautiful old towns, museums, and culinary delights. 

Ontario’s capital, Toronto, is one of the world’s foremost fashion centers and offers excellent shopping opportunities. A visit to the thundering Niagara Falls should also not be missed on your trip through Eastern Canada.

Canada’s Prairies

The so-called prairie provinces invite you to visit Saskatchewan and Manitoba, especially along the famous Trans-Canada Highway with numerous outdoor activities – pure nature and a cowboy feeling included.

Polar bear watching should be on the itinerary in the fall, and in the Summer months, there is the opportunity to watch beluga whales in the Hudson Bay in Northern Manitoba.

Atlantic Canada

Bay of Fundy

In the East of the country, you will find the Atlantic Canada region, which consists of the provinces Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

Special highlights are…

  • A visit to Halifax.
  • Whale watching in the Bay of Fundy or on the coast of Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
  • A view of the picturesque coastal towns.
  • A visit to Peggy’s Cove.

Peggy’s Cove is the most photographed lighthouse in North America.

Canada’s North

In the far north is the Yukon. Here, you can marvel at the highest mountains in Canada, impressive glaciers, and the Northern lights. The gold rush and the culture of the First Nations shape the region to this day.

Final words

Canada Flag waving

Each Canadian region differs; however, all of them offer unforgettable landscapes to admire and attractions to try for all visitors.

Make sure to get your eTA to Canada to stay in the country even for 6 months at a time and explore its vast regions as much as possible!

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